Summary: Sacrifices are a necessary evil, every soldier worth their title know this. AU set after invasion features an emotional vulnerable Nightwing, heroes to concerned with their own grieve and a manipulative Deathstroke.

Author note:

There was little confusion about the timeline so here we go:

- Dick's parents die and he becomes Bruce's protegé

- he gets shot by the Joker and has a falling out with Bruce

- he becomes the leader of the teen titans

- he becomes Nightwing

. Tim Drake is the current Robin of the Young Justice

- Terra will be ignored, sorry but I just don't like her

. Wally became a side kick shortly after Dick, so they are very close

- sorry if any of you are confused, but I know very little of canon and grew up with fanon, focused on the interaction between Slade and Dick

- maybe I should move this into the Teen Titans section, but it was inspired by fanfics in this section where Dick was treated badly by the other heroes because of his decision