It's louder this time, what is that?



With great effort, Soul opened his eyes to see a blurry vision of the one calling his name.

"Maka?" He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, "What is it?"

"It's… I'm sorry, you know…. It's just…." Soul's eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, and he could clearly see now that Maka was very nervous.

"What is it Maka?" he repeated.

Maka brought her head down between her shoulders, like a turtle hiding in its shell.

"The storm." She whispered.

It was then that soul noticed the distinct sound of rain falling hard on the roof. Soul slowly turned his head to his window, which was currently covered by blinds. But despite them, Soul still saw the flash of lightning.

The thunder fallowed quickly after, and Soul turned back to Maka just in time to see her squint he eyes closed and clench onto he forearms in a self-protecting hug. She slowly opened her eyes and looked apologetic towards Soul. He sighed; there was no way he would be able to deny the deep green puppy eyes.

"Okay com'on," Soul sat up and got out of the bed. He turned and grabbed his pillows "Go get yours." He said.

Maka gave a weak smile, a nod, and hurried out of the room. Soul slowly made his way to the living room, picking up any sort of pillow he found along his way. He thought about how brave Maka is, but in the face of some thunder and lightning, she becomes so…

The corner of his lips tilted into a small smile. One a person keeps to themselves.

Once soul could carry no more, he entered into the living room to already find Maka setting up what pillows she found. Together they created a nest of pillows on and around the sofa. Once satisfied, Soul took Maka's hand and pulled her down to sit beside him. It was amazing how much more comfy the sofa felt in these rare moments, as if the world knew they needed to sink down into a warm and safe place, and granted them just that.

Maka scooted close to Soul and gently rested her head on his arm. "Thank you Soul," She said softly, and closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Soul could feel her tension untangle as she exhaled. It was back in an instant when the sound of thunder rolled loud and long across the sky. Without much thought, Soul knew exactly what to do. He removed his arm from under Maka's head and placed it around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. She sank deeper down, and relaxed once again.

"Thank you."

Soul remained quiet, and just sat a little deeper himself. He was very tired and his eyes were begging to rest, although he allowed them no such mercy.

As the storm continued, every off sound it made would make Maka to become tense, than slowly she would relax again. It may have only been minutes, but it felt much longer to the sleepy Soul. Once he began noticing that Maka would no longer stir to the sounds, he himself began to drift.

And as he was being pulled deeper into his subconscious, and the line between reality and dream faded, Maka intertwined her fingers with his.


He smiled.