Mending the Tears


Naruto x Sakura x Hinata

Minato x Kushina x Mikoto


Story Start


Sat in the middle of a massive room was a single desk. A mahogany desk with phone book high papers, two pens and pencils neatly sat on the other side, and a single computer. It was a smooth and freshly crafted desk. Sitting at the desk was an old man, clear skin with short crystal colored hair and square framed glasses. He was writing out a memo of sorts when an ethereal figure phased into his room.

It had a violet oni shaped face with sharp teeth. The horned creature's body composed of a white cloaked that enshroud most of its forms with the exception of black, razor clawed hands. "The humans have gone too far!" despite having a tongue the other worldly god spoke through telepathy. "They dared to give me pale imitations of life and stole four of my souls. They flood the world with the departed souls and in their arrogance threatened to rip a thread in the reincarnation cycle."

"It is quite concerning old boy." Despite his age of an elder, the man spoke with the voice of a young man. "I have already taken the measures to take care of the problem. Then again you must know that I already knew."

"Jikangami, I should have known you would have begun another one of your games. "

"I'm due a vacation old boy. I've already set my eye on a particular project. Have you ever heard of the Child of Prophecy?" the man asked as he continued to write out memo after memo.

''I've heard of it. The so called destined child is changed at hands every generation. What does that have to do with anything?"

"I've decided to take interest in one of the children. Our troublemakers will be pursuing this child as eight out of ten realities result in him being a jinchuuriki of the 9th shade." The Time God explained as he continued writing.

"Aah yes, one of the mortals stolen from me summoned me to sealed half of its power into a newborn child. Now, when you said you've taken an in interest in the boy?"

A mirthful laughed escaped the old man's mouth. "I don't mean by means of being a mentor. I have all of time to watch after. Do you really think I can shirk my duties for one mortal? No, by taken interest, I mean I shall give him the tools by the means of resurrecting three souls to help shape his destiny. Which is why you're hear old boy. I've been going over many timelines and I've decided on the most interesting point of time with three mortals. At the very least it'll prevent this mockery for our authority over death."

"And what is the name of these three souls you wish to use?" as long as the mortals who were causing him quite the headache were dealt with, he suppose he could depart with three measly souls.

"Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, and Mikoto Uchiha. Those three souls will be our catalyst." The time god announced as he finished writing his last memo.


Chapter End


Another story that was commissioned to me. Once again, I haven't been waiting as I will be spending the next week and a half making Valentine's story which I will mass post on Valentine's day. As always, particular stories being made or focused on are being commissioned via points on deviantart. Find me on there and contact me for further information.