A/N: Just an early Valentine's day fic with the turtle-tots! Enjoy!

Mikey sat at the kitchen table surrounded by paint. In front of him was a piece of paper with a heart drawn on it. Using his fingers he began to color in the heart with pink and red.

When he finished the heart he took his small hand and painted it orange. When he was done he pressed it into the paper, leaving his hand print.

"Leo! Raphie! Donnie!" Mikey called to his brothers.

"What do ya want Mikey?" Raph asked, "and how did you get paint on the back of your shell?"

Mikey turned to head to see, "I don't see it…."

"Well it's there," Leo said, "did you get any on the paper?" Leo joked as he could see spots of red and pink all over Mikey's face including his orange mask.

"You all have to close your eyes! No peaking!" He said smiling.

His older brothers humored him with some reservation.

"Now stick out your hands!"

First Mikey grabbed Leo's hand. "Mikey what are you doing?" Leo asked as Mikey painted it blue.

"No questions!" Mikey declared.

"But…" Leo began

Mikey took Leo's hand and pressed it into the paper as well. "You can open your eyes, but don't tell the others!"

Leo opened his eyes and smiled. He nodded with approval.

"All right Raphie you are next!" Mikey said going to grab Raph's hand, but Leo stopped him.

"Raph, let him do this, do not hurt him," Leo instructed knowing the temperament of his brother.

"Fine," Raph moaned as Mikey began to paint his hand red. "You better not be licking my hand!" he snapped.

"Raph, just wait," Leo said.

Mikey took Raph over to the paper and placed his hand on the paper as well.

"Okay now open your eyes, but don't tell Donnie yet!"

Raph opened his eyes, he figured out what Mikey was going.

"Okay Donnie you're next," Raph said laughing.

"Do I have to?" Donnie said, scared by the tone of Raph's laugh.

"Yes, you do!" Mikey yelled grabbing his remaining brother's hand and painting it purple.

"It's wet…" Donnie said a little worried

"Don't worry Donnie," Leo said reassuring his brother.

After Mikey placed Donnie's hand on the paper he allowed him to open his eyes.

"See!" Mikey said smiling! "It's a valentine for Master Splinter! I just can't spell valentine. Can you Donnie?" Mikey looked with pleading eyes at his brother.

"Yes I can," he said.

"Well! Here write it! Mikey said handing Donnie a marker.

"What should I write?" Donnie asked.

"Happy Valentine's Day Master Splinter," Leo narrated.

Once Donnie was done they all wrote their names under their hand prints.

"Mikey the 'e' goes the other way," Donnie said once Mikey finished his name.

"Whoops," Mikey said shrugging.

"Mikey you should take a bath before Master Splinter sees you," Leo said, ushering his brother to bathroom.

The next day was Valentine's Day and after breakfast they four brothers instructed their father to remain at the table, while they went and got something.

His four sons hardly worked together, and when they did it almost always ended with someone, usually Michelangelo crying.

"Happy Valentine's Day Sensei!" his four turtle sons said smiling presenting what they had made.

"I love it!" Splinter said smiling.

"It was Mikey's idea!" Donnie said putting an arm around his brother.

"What a nice idea Michelangelo. You all did a wonderful job."

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