Pairing: Shizaya (Shizuo x Izaya)

Warnings: Slash, Yaoi, SMUT ! swearing

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A/N: Okay, originally this was supposed to be a oneshot thingy but since I couldn't shake the feeling that it seemed somewhat incomplete, I added a smutty second chapter. Izaya should get his Shizu-chan! If you don't like smut/lemon scenes don't read this! –be satisfied with just chapter 1! If you do like it, I advise you to read on :3 Let me know what you think! ^^ (I'm starting to think I should change the title.. to "Closer" maybe)

Not Everyone Should Be Allowed To Drive – Part 2

As Izaya finished his remaining years of school he realized something; getting Shizuo's attention might be an easy task for him – getting close to said brute without getting hit by various objects was an entirely different matter. Izaya sighed in frustration as he twirled in his office chair. Namie sent him an annoyed glance before returning to her work. He really had tried, though.

His first attempt to gain his Shizu-chan's attention after high school had required some spying. Since he was fairly good – no, the best – at getting information, it hadn't been hard for him to follow the blonde's trail. He'd learned that Shizuo had gotten a job as a bartender and that his younger brother had funded the uniforms. Seeing as he knew how disturbingly fond Shizuo was of his brother, it was clear how Izaya could easily piss off the brute. The look of pure rage in Shizuo's eyes when Izaya had sliced the uniform shirt open with his knife was strangely satisfying. The hunt that followed was even better.


Izaya had smirked when he had heard his name being roared by the blond as he was chased through the streets of Ikebukuro. He'd tried slowing down and thereby getting physically closer to Shizuo, yet every time he'd tried something heavy had been thrown his way. Eventually he'd concluded that he wouldn't be able to slow Shizuo down enough to get close. After that realization he'd made himself disappear, letting Shizuo continue his chase alone.

His second attempt had been a little risky. Making Shizuo lose yet another job, the blond had furiously chased him through the streets of Ikebukuro once again. In order to slow the brute down, Izaya had timed his crossing of a dangerous street so that Shizuo got hit by a truck. That had stopped the blond, efficiently. Izaya had worried that Shizuo might have actually been hurt but before he could as much as think about helping out the brute, a loud crash had sounded as the large vehicle was thrown off of him.


He held back a sigh of relief, only to run away with a frown. Even a truck couldn't slow Shizuo down enough for him to get close. At this point, this was really starting to bug him. Not only was he not getting closer to Shizuo – he was fairly certain the man now hated him with a burning passion.

As a third attempt he had sent some random thugs after Shizuo. He felt like smashing his own head in as it obviously turned out quite predictively; Shizuo had kicked their asses without even thinking a little about who'd sent them.

After that – and a few hundred chases through the city – Izaya was so frustrated with himself he almost considered quitting altogether. Almost. He smacked his hand down harshly on the table, shocking Namie into looking up again.

"What the hell's gotten into you?" she finally asked. Nothing new, Izaya thought to himself.

"Eh?" He looked at her innocently. "What are you talking about?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You're acting weird… weirder than usually. Whatever case or job is bothering you – can't you just hurry up and fix it so you can go back to your usual level of creepiness?"

Job? Izaya smiled broadly. Of course! He just had to view it more like a job. All he had to do was figure out what Shizuo's trigger was. He jumped from his chair and skipped out of the office. He just had to remember back to the day of the kiss. His eyes widened in realization. He knew what the trigger was!

After searching for the blond for half an hour, he finally found him threatening a shivering man for his boss. Izaya smiled. So, Shizuo was angry already. Excellent!

"I-I don't have the money right now b-but I will!" the man in Shizuo's grip stammered with big eyes, sweat running down his face. Shizuo growled.

"I hate excuses," he gritted out through his teeth. "Punks like you need to grow up and pay the money you owe."

His grip on the man tightened as he spoke. Izaya walked close enough to make sure the brute could hear and see him.

"Careful now, Shizu-chan," he called out in his most teasing voice. "Humans break a lot easier than monsters like you."

Worked like a charm. His teasing voice immediately caught Shizuo's attention, causing the blond head to turn rapidly towards the sound. He dropped the man in debt who in return ran away as fast as his legs could carry him (Izaya would have to remind himself that, technically, this man owed him a favor now).


Izaya could easily tell from Shizuo's stance that he was just about to pounce so he flashed him a provocative smirk to ignite the short fuse. Sure enough the brute roared and charged after him. Still smirking Izaya ran the oh-so-familiar chasing route with Shizuo close behind him.

Turning into an empty alleyway he turned and just barely avoided being truly hit by the vending machine as it trapped him up against the dirty walls of the building next to him. As Shizuo approached Izaya put on his best look of terror. Shizuo smirked but as he came closer, Izaya noticed the same strange look in his eyes he'd worn the day of the car crash. A warm feeling of accomplishment spread its way through the trapped informant as the honey-brown eyes of the other man were suddenly inches away from his own.

Izaya was a bit unsure of whether he should continue the teasing of the brute or remain silent but as the blond suddenly shook his head with a frustrated sigh and turned to walk away, he couldn't help it.

"Hmm, guess some of us humans can survive your monstrous treatment. Great news, huh Shizu-chan? Maybe you won't have to go to jail – or some far away monster research facility – just yet," he cheered in a fake-happy voice, causing the blond to stop dead in his tracks and turning with a deadly glare. Izaya wondered if he really was jeopardizing his life a little too much but he couldn't stop. He wanted – needed – Shizuo's attention. Closer, please.

"You just shut up, flea!" Shizuo hissed as he leaned close to Izaya's face to resume his intimidation position.

"And if I won't?" Izaya questioned mockingly as he rejoiced in the feel of Shizuo's breath on his face. So close.

"Then I'll make you," Shizuo spat. Izaya smirked broadly and that seemed to be the final straw for the debt collector. With a growl he forcefully grabbed Izaya's hair and crushed their lips together. Never had Izaya felt this victorious, after years of work it finally happened. Izaya's lips were forced apart and the informant happily allowed for the brute to invade his mouth. He didn't even mind the taste of cigarettes that still lingered on Shizuo's tongue. It didn't matter. All that matter was that he finally had Shizuo's attention the way he wanted it.

The weight of the vending machine was removed from Izaya and replaced with strong warm body. The hand Shizuo wasn't using to grab Izaya's hair found its way to the informant's hip, pulling him even closer. Izaya hummed in amusement into the kiss as he felt Shizuo's erection poke into his stomach. Shizuo growled and abandoned Izaya's mouth to bit down harshly on his neck instead. Izaya moaned involuntarily and wound his arms around Shizuo's neck, burying his hands in the blond hair. Shizuo groaned into Izaya's neck as the informant's fingers pulled his hair. At the sound and feel of the debt collector's groan Izaya grew harder, too, and as a movement of Shizuo's hips brought their erections together he couldn't help but moan the blonde's name out loud.

Shizuo's mouth left Izaya's neck. The brute pulled away and stared down at the raven for a full minute. Just when Izaya thought the moment was over, Shizuo reattached their lips – this time less violently, yet a lot deeper. The blond put his other hand on the other side of the informant's hip, pulling him up. To keep balance Izaya wrapped his legs around Shizuo's middle. When he felt Shizuo was about to pull apart from his mouth he rolled his hips into the blond, the friction causing them both to moan into the kiss.

Impatience growing, Shizuo began pulling Izaya's jacket and shirt off. Izaya shivered as he felt the wind on his chest but focused his energy on unbuttoning and pulling Shizuo's shirt and vest off. With Shizuo's help they slid down to the ground where the blond immediately began the removal of their jeans and underwear. Even entirely naked and pressed against each other Izaya was still pulling at Shizuo to get closer. It wasn't enough.

"Please, Shizu-chan," he sighed into the other's ear and gasped when his plea was answered as a finger entered him. Relaxing with the help of Shizuo's lips against his own it wasn't long until a second finger was added, and then a third.

"E-enough," he moaned and the digits disappeared. Shizuo pulled out of the kiss again and once more looked down upon the figure underneath him. The undeniable want and desire in the honey-brown eyes made Izaya smile an actual smile. Shizuo didn't break eye contact as he entered Izaya.

"Fuck," he grunted as he felt the informant around him. Holding still for a few minutes, he flashed Izaya a questioning and pained look. Izaya nodded and Shizuo began moving, settling for a steady pace that pushed Izaya harder into the ground with each thrust. Still wanting to get closer, Izaya used his legs to pull the blond even deeper. He moaned loudly as the new position and Shizuo's increasing speed made him see starts and rainbows.

"Fuck, I'm gonn-" he groaned before releasing inside Izaya with a few final thrusts. Izaya came shortly after, overwhelmed by the sex and the closeness. Shizuo pulled out and sat himself up, sitting beside Izaya who was far too pleased to be bothered with worrying about what would happen next. A strand of his dark hair had fallen into his eyes and Shizuo gingerly removed it with a puzzled look on his face.

"What the hell was that?" he finally asked the informant who sent him a lazy smile.

"That was me finally getting my way," Izaya answered as he sat himself up and reached for his pants. Shizuo watched in confused silence as he got dressed before finally putting on his own clothes as well.

"Your way?" the blond asked. Izaya turned with a satisfied smirk.

"Yes. I do tend to get my way but this time it sure took a while," he grinned. "But mark my words, Shizu-chan. This will happen again."

"Oh yeah," Shizuo said as he narrowed his eyes challengingly at the informant. "And just what makes you so sure of that, flea?"

"Tsk, I just told you. "Izaya grinned and walked past the blond to the end of the alleyway. He turned to look back at the stubborn-looking Shizuo. "I tend to get my way."

The End