This chapter just continues from where I left off in the previous one. Just a fair warning for all the kiddies who have been reading this fic, there is some serious adult content in this chapter. Other than that, enjoy!

Tori quickly looked back down the stairs, making sure everyone was completely occupied so they wouldn't really notice that Tori and Jade had disappeared. Luckily, they were all busy outside relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Tori had a feeling that even if people did realize that they were missing, there was no way anyone would interrupt them. She knew could do this, she had to. She took one last breath before taking the last two steps between her and her bedroom door.

She opened it slowly. A part of her knew that this was exactly what Jade had wanted her to do. She smiled to herself and silently closed her bedroom door behind her. She saw Jade's fully clothed back, and was slightly disappointed. Deciding to brush off the fact that Jade hadn't caught on to all of her subtle hints, she quickly but quietly removed her loose-fitting t-shirt and carefully placed it on the floor, not wanting to make a sound. She then took off her bra, placing it on top of her shirt on the floor.

She must have stood there for a while, because Jade impatiently turned around ready to leave the room and yell at her for making her stand there like an idiot. When she turned around the raven-haired girl's breath was heavy and there was something very sexy about the way she was ogling and gaping at her tanned girlfriend. It was very obvious that she had not expected this to happen. Jade swallowed hard and looked straight into Tori's eyes. Her pupils were so dilated it made Tori's breath hitch in her throat.

"W-what are you, um, w-why?" Jade stuttered, holding her gaze. Her hands looked like they were shaking slowly as she spoke.

"Um, surprise?" Tori answered uncertainly, biting her bottom lip as the other girl's gaze started to cautiously travel down to her bare chest.

Jade quickly returned her gaze to Tori's eyes and blushed slightly, knowing she had been caught staring. "I'm sorry." Jade meekly apologized. "I feel a little over dressed." Jade admitted, blushing once more.

Tori chuckled softly. "That's, um, okay, but I think for us to do this, both of us kind have to be, um, you know, naked." Tori whispered as if there were other people in the room.

For the first time since she had started dating Jade, she saw the sheer vulnerability in the other girl's eyes. She slowly walked towards the girl in front of her, and placed a comforting hand on the small of the Goth's back. She touched her spine from her neck to her lower back, feeling Jade shiver against her touch.

"God, Vega." she heard her saying, breathing heavily.

Tori bit her lip again at how sexy she had sounded, with that little edge of despair in her voice. She continued tracing patterns on her back before letting her hands wander to her sides. She slowly began to lift Jade's shirt up, waiting for a sign for her to continue. She stopped once the shirt was just below the pale girl's breast's, causing Jade to muffle a moan.

"What was that?" she asked, her voice filled with desire.

Her hands were once again around Jade's waist after she had removed her shirt. She was grateful, but somewhat surprised when she saw that Jade wasn't wearing a bra.

Jade grabbed Tori's wrists and locked their gazed together. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Jade seriously asked.

Tori could see the concern in her features and she loved it. She loved how Jade was patient and didn't mind the fact that they hadn't been rushing things. That they didn't want the typical one night stand, they wanted the kind of sex they would remember every day and, the kind of sex that actually meant something to them.

Tori stepped closer and kissed Jade softly on the cheek. She could smell her shampoo and skin at the same time. She let her mouth linger on the spot, slowly making her way down her neck. Jade opened her mouth to say something, but as she felt Tori's hands brushing against her stomach, directly to her chest, all she could do was let out was another moan; a loud one this time.

"Positive." Tori assured.

She wanted to dedicate a special part of her time to Jade's stomach, but the sound made her hands go straight to her breasts. By this time, Tori had managed to turn Jade around, carefully returning her hands to their previous position. Their hands met and Tori realized that Jade had started playing with her own nipples. The thought of Jade touching herself as Tori caressed her made the Latina feel her panties getting wet so quickly that she wondered if they could ever be worn again.

"We should-" Jade started saying as she took Tori's hands. She intertwined their fingers briefly before making the girl grasp her breasts through her own hands. She squeezed them herself, in a slow circling motion. She whimpered softly, tightening her grip on Tori's hands. "Move this to the bed." Jade suggested, but not making any moves to do so.

"Yeah, I guess we should." Tori replied, getting her mouth close to Jade's ear.

Her hot breath against one of the raven-haired girl's most sensitive spots made every hair in the girl's body stand up. Tori squeezed her breasts again, a little harder this time. She started licking Jade's earlobe, sucking on it tenderly. Her fingers began playing with her nipples, feeling how hard they were in every stroke.

They had lost track of time. It felt so good Tori didn't realize that her right thigh had moved itself to Jade's center. She only realized it when she started slowly moving it upwards and felt Jade's panties absolutely soaked against it. She immediately turned the girl around and shoved her down onto her bed, straddling her legs. Jade's hands were soon removing Tori's skinny jeans. She was now only in her panties and she was so turned on she could barely care about how hard her nipples were, even though they hadn't even been touched. Jade bit her lip at the sight, breaking her gaze only to take off her skirt in one quick motion.

The best thing about being face to face with Jade again was that Tori could admire her body in all its glory. Every curve and every single detail were now glowering with small beads of sweat.

Tori giggled. "What?" Jade breathed, almost inaudibly.

Tori shook her head. "You're sweating."

Jade's expression quickly soured. "Never speak of it!" She hissed, causing Tori to zip her lips shut.

Tori returned to her previous activity and took a second to let that image sink, and she could feel Jade staring just as hard at her own body. Their eyes met again briefly, before Jade flipped Tori over, reversing their position. Tori was taken by surprise but enjoyed how Jade took control. Jade buried her head into Tori's neck, sucking so hard she was sure there would be huge marks the next day. Tori's whimpering got louder as the raven-haired girl moved her hands from her waist to her ass, pulling her body closer to hers as their thighs got soaked with each other's juices. Each time Jade would thrust her thigh between Tori's, their breasts met with such strong passion they thought they might come without even taking off their panties.

"Vega." Jade said after Tori's hands started playing with the top of her panties.

"Yeah?" the brunette answered, keeping her mouth inches away from Jade's.

"Kiss me." she said, in such a firm tone that Tori felt a little shiver down her spine.

It was filled with lust, but also romance. Jade didn't want just the sex, she wanted an intimate moment with her, and it made her heart skip a beat as realization sunk in. She smiled from ear to ear before her lips met Jade's. As they touched for the first time that night, she could feel the girl smiling too. For a few seconds they stopped thrusting their thighs against each other's centers and concentrated only on their lips and how they started to part, how their tongues started meeting, and how they started fighting for dominance, massaging and sucking each other.

That was all it took before they were both heavily breathing once again. Jade didn't break the kiss, but her hand went straight to the top of Tori's panties and this time, she wasn't playing. It only took her a few seconds before she slipped her right hand inside of it, and it felt so good. Tori was wet all over and after playing with her clit for just a moment, she had already had her head thrown back and her hips slowly bucking forward. Jade wanted to tease her, to go slow, but she couldn't when Tori was whimpering incomprehensible profanities over and over again.

So she didn't. She slowly inserted two fingers inside of her at once, trying to be as gentle as she could, not knowing if the Latina was a virgin or not. The brunette moaned loudly, her nails burying into Jade's back. Jade didn't stop; she slowly picked up her pace and just kept thrusting and thrusting. Her fingers were slowly loosening up the walls around them, as she started curling up the fingers currently inside of Tori, the slightly smaller girl started to shake. She could feel Tori tightening around her fingers. It got her so turned on she had started to subconsciously ride Tori's thigh. Her clit was brushing strongly against the tanned girl's leg it was probably enough to make her come.

When Tori couldn't even manage an audible moan anymore and her whimpering was beginning to get higher and higher, Jade started riding faster and faster.

"Oh my god, Tori." she managed to say, trying to keep up with the other girl.

Tori only nodded, incapable of saying anything. Jade used her free hand to grab hold of Tori's neck, allowing them only inches of distance between their faces. She wanted to see the girl's eyes when she came, and she wanted to come with her too.

"Look at me." she half moaned.

Tori opened her eyes. Her shaking, sweaty body and her lustful gaze was the hottest thing Jade had ever seen. She curled up her fingers once more as she rode her thigh one last time.

"Come for me, Vega." Jade commanded.

And she did. Tori's body began shaking even harder at the same time Jade's did the same. They buried their faces in each other's collar bones and started screaming. Jade was sure the rest of the party would know where they had disappeared to, because she couldn't stop repeating Tori's name and Tori couldn't stop repeating hers. A few minutes later they were still breathing heavily and their bodies hadn't separated an inch. Both of them were glowing when their eyes met again. They smiled at each other, and kissed slowly, their tongues lazily meeting and playing around. They didn't care for the fact that their hair was messy, or that they were covered in a thin layer of sweat, or that their bodies were covered in the sweet scent of new lovers. Their lips parted again and they spent a few seconds just looking at each other. It was Tori who broke the silence first; once she could regain the mobility she had lost.

"Happy three years." Tori said, her voice still a bit husky.

Jade looked confused. "Three years? We've only been dating for six months Vega. I didn't break you, did I?" she said, smirking playfully as she turned on her side, propping her head with her hand to look at Tori.

Tori playfully slapped Jade's arm. "I know. Three years ago today, was my very first day at Hollywood Arts, and the very first day I met you." She replied smiling, glowing even more than before, if possible.

Jade laughed. "I remember that day like it was just yesterday. How did you end up getting the coffee out of your hair?" she asked, smirking wickedly at the other girl.

Tori let out a sigh as she remembered all the hard work that she went through. "I had to wash, rinse, and repeat about six times before my hair stopped smelling like black coffee."

Jade smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about that."

Tori shrugged. "I suppose we should get back down to the party to check on everybody. You know, make sure they haven't destroyed my house." She said as she got up from her spot next to Jade and began putting on her clothes, grabbing a fresh pair of underwear before doing so.

Jade did the same. They both redid their hair and makeup, making sure they each looked presentable enough for their friends. Once they looked good they headed downstairs where the party was still in full swing. Cat was the first to greet them.

"Where were you guys? We heard screaming and I got scared and came inside, but when I came inside the screaming just got louder! It was so scary!" Cat exclaimed, worry plastered on her face.

"Don't worry kitty-cat, me and Tori took care of the screaming." Jade said, winking at the shorter girl, knowing that she wouldn't understand why she had winked.

Cat nodded and frolicked out to the backyard to the swimming pool and dived in, almost hitting Robbie in the process. Jade and Tori laughed as they headed out to the backyard behind her. André gave them a knowing look, causing Tori to blush and avoid his gaze at all costs.

"So Cat was telling us you took care of the uh, screaming people?" André asked, staring intently at Tori.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, Jade, uh, she took care of it." Tori answered shyly.

"I bet she did." André responded winking at both girls.

"Why is everyone winking tonight?" Cat shouted, clearly frustrated, causing everyone to laugh.

The rest of the night was spent with just normal conversation and sometimes a snide comment from either Jade or André. Robbie had to be home by eleven so he had left shortly after the girls had returned to the group. He grabbed Rex and they both said their goodbyes and with that he was gone. André and Meredith wanted to spend the rest of the night alone, and that was completely understandable given the situation, so they had left a little while after Robbie and Rex. Cat begged to stay the night, saying that she was 'scared that the screaming people would find her and take her to their secret hideout'. So Tori and a reluctant Jade had agreed to let her sleep in the guest bedroom.

A little while after André had left, the three girls had started to clean, not wanting Tori's parents to be upset with the Latina in the morning. When they were finished cleaning they sat down on the couch. Tori leaned on Jade and Cat just sat there like she normally did. About ten minutes after that they heard the sound of the door being unlocked, Tori and Jade looked over to the door, expecting it to be one or both of Tori's parents. When the one of the two people entered the house, Jade immediately tensed and grabbed Tori's hand defensively.

Tori angrily stood up from the couch. "What the fuck are you doing here? What makes you think you have-"

"Tori! Calm down! He's with me." Trina said, causing both Tori and Jade to go into a state of shock.

Beck just stood there, smiling sadistically at both girls with his hands tucked in his jean pockets.

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