Every damn day. EVERY DAMN DAY! Every day, it was the same thing, and it was beginning to piss Allen off.

Allen worked in a small restaurant in a large city. It was unusually popular for its small stature, but only because of Jerry, the head chef. Allen had worked there for a year now to pay his way through college. Now, every day, his coworker pissed him off. He didn't notice at first, but it soon grew clear to him.

Kanda, his coworker, had been annoying to the other man in a number of ways before he realized what really bugged him. Bickering, name calling, fist fights, all daily activities. Allen didn't appreciate being called "Moyashi", and Kanda didn't particularly like being called "BaKanda". Neither could stand each other's attitudes either. That was all because of sexual tension though, so it couldn't really be counted toward hate.

He also smoked. Not like three packs a day or anything, just one every couple hours. Allen didn't really care about the health aspect, the problem with this was that he took his smoke breaks at the most inconvenient times for Allen. Whenever it got busy, or time to take inventory, or anything like that, Kanda walked outside into the alley and lit up. Leaving Allen to do it alone.

Which pissed him off.

So one day, Allen followed Kanda out into the alley and glared at him as he pulled a cigarette from it's package. Kanda didn't light it yet though, he looked at Allen with an arched eyebrow. "What do you want, Moyashi?"

"Don't call me that," Allen snapped. "You need to stop smoking."

"Why?" Kanda asked.

"Because you take breaks whenever the work gets harder, just so you can make me do it alone! It's not fair," He whined.

"Can't handle it?"

"I can, but it's hard! You don't have to take your breaks then, you can take them earlier or later," Allen pointed out.

"It's an addiction, I can't help it when my urges come."

"It's nicotine, not sex," Allen growled, clearly not caring what Kanda had to say at all.

"It's a thing about occupying my mouth. I need to be doing something. So I'll quit if you find me something that'll occupy me, and no gum. I've already tried gum and it didn't help."

Allen, without thinking, quickly moved forward and snatched the cigarette that Kanda was about to light from his hand and threw it on the ground, stomping on the unlit cigarette so the raven-haired man couldn't salvage it. Then, to give him something to occupy him, he kissed him.

Their lips pressed together like they were meant for each other, like two pieces of a puzzle. Slowly, their lips parted and tongues mingled. It felt like fireworks, sky diving, and sitting at home in front of a fire, reading a good book, all of those things mixed into one. Only such cheesy feelings could describe it. Their fingers gripped each other's clothes, keeping the other from backing out.

Some minutes pass, some touches are felt, and soon it's been nearly twenty minutes since Allen began kissing him. Kanda had gained dominance in it pretty quickly though, and he had enjoyed hearing the pleased mewls that Allen produced. The white-haired man quivered in Kanda's arms, clutching the front of his shirt. They parted and Allen stared at him intently.

"Yeah, I think that'll occupy me," Kanda said after a moment of silence.