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Forbidden Prologue

A little stuck her head out from the arch and looked around. She then turned towards the shaded area of the arch and nodded. Her mother and father stepped out and each of them took one of her hands as they continued their walk on Coruscant. They paid great attention to everything around them, but tried to seem as casual as possible. They soon arrived at the Chancellor's suite and were escorted inside by the Chancellor's guards. Chancellor Levon greeted them himself,

"Ah, King Sidon, Queen Padme," he paused as he laid his eyes on the little girl, "and I see you brought little Amidala (I know her real first name is Padme, but in my fic her first name will be Amidala) with you, she's turning into quite a young lady."

"Thank you, sir," Amidala said as she tried to curtsy in her simple peasant clothes (think of the outfit she wore in TPM when she was on Tatooine). The Chancellor laughed,

"I don't know why you insist on wandering around like commoners on these dangerous streets. You could be mugged or killed. More people are killed walking to the store than the amount of people who are killed by the Cafutsa disease in a year. You should let one of my guards escort you over in an air taxi." Queen Padme shook her head,

"No we prefer to walk around like normal people, it helps us be better rulers," she paused, "Now, however, it is quite frightening, but also very informative." Levon asked them in confusion,

"What do you mean? What's happening?" King Sidon answered,

"You mean you haven't heard about the assassination threats?" Levon shook his head. Queen Padme stood up from the couch that she was sitting on,

"Chancellor, we know that the person who wants us killed has high authority." Levon gave her a shocked look,

"Now, you don't think I am a part of that, do you?" Padme walked up to him and took his hands in hers,

"No of course not, you are one of our strongest supporters, I was just wondering if you know of anyone who might want us dead." She smiled softly as he gave her an ominous smirk,

"Queen Padme, so trusting," she pulled her hands away from him and walked back towards Amidala, "I always warned you that in politics you can trust no one." She held Amidala near as Sidon pulled out his green lightsaber and stood in a defensive stance,

"Levon, you're the one, you're part of the Sith?" Levon shook his head and laughed an evil laugh,

"Sidon, you jump to conclusions so quickly, no I am a mere pawn in this game. But don't worry you will meet the one in charge soon enough." He grinned maliciously as Sidon's lightsaber was shot out of his hand. Battle droids grabbed the king and queen and pulled the terrified princess from her mother. They were dragged into the Chancellor's ship that was just outside and took off into space. Queen Padme glared at Levon the whole way to the ship that was waiting for them. When they were in the ship they stepping into the large room. In the middle of the room there was a table with metal restraints. Amidala didn't want to know what that was for. A figure completely covered by his black hooded cloak sat at the top of a tall staircase. Chancellor Levon kneeled down as Padme gasped,

"The new leader of the Sith." Sidon glared and shouted,

"Who are you and what do you want with us?" The figure laughed an evil laugh that was more terrifying that Levon's,

"I'll be glad to tell you who I am, I am called Darth Kasool and I want nothing to do with them," he motioned towards Padme and Amidala, "I am after only you." He stopped a few inches away from Sidon then turned to Padme,

"I'll dear with you later." With a flick of his wrist Padme flew backwards and hit the metal wall that was far behind them the metal restraints locked her in place

"Mommy!" Amidala screamed. Darth Kasool bellowed,

"Quiet brat!" He slapped her hard across the face with the back of his hand. Sidon struggled to break free from the droid's grasp, 'Damn,' he thought, ' he's blocked my powers, I can't use the Force,'

"How dare you! She's just a child!"

"It's better she learn how to behave around adults now, " Kasool snapped, "Young monarchs, they're all the same." A droid pulled Amidala back to where her mother was and held her firmly. Padme locked eyes with her daughter and mouthed, 'Are you okay?' Amidala nodded. Padme looked up at her restraints and so did Amidala and she noticed how her mother was using one of her hairpins to pick the lock. Padme looked back at Amidala and Amidala nodded. She knew what she was supposed to do. Meanwhile Sidon had been locked onto the table. As Kasool circled around him,

"You know Sidon you and I are quite alike." Sidon glared,

"What are you talking about? I am nothing like you." Darth Kasool laughed,

"You will soon Sidon, you will soon!" Kasool reached towards the ceiling and blue lightning began surrounding his hands. He then lowered his hands and placed them on Kind Sidon's temples. The blue lightning began to spread all around the King's body as his body shook violently. Amidala heard the final lock click. She focused her energy and Force stunned the droid then pulled the wires that went from their heads to the power pack on their back. Chancellor Levon heard the snap of the wires and turned around. He came face to face with Queen Padme. She glared at him,

"You should have learned this a long time ago Levon," he then felt a sharp pain in his stomach and he tried to scream, but couldn't, "Never betray a Jedi." He looked down to see the handle of her lightsaber at his stomach then looked behind him and noticed the familiar purple glow of her lightsaber. He looked back at her with his mouth wide open making a choking noise. She pulled her lightsaber out of him and he collapsed to the floor. Padme then heard that the cracking sound of the lightning had stopped she looked over towards the table as Amidala waited in the doorway to the hall where the escape pods were kept. Darth Kasool lay dead behind the table and Sidon was sitting the metal table looking at his left hand as he clenched and relaxed it. Padme's eyes teared as she say her husband. He looked up at her and said in a soft voice,

"Padme," she turned off her lightsaber and ran towards him,

"Sidon!" She then sensed that something was different about him and stopped a few feet in front of him.

"What is it my love?" Sidon asked arms outstretched. She looked down and shook her head sadly,

"Not you. It's not you." Sidon smiled,

"Of course I am." Padme looked up at him tears streaming down her face as she screamed,

"No, you're a Sith now!" Sidon smirked as he removed the force block from this room. Padme pulled her lightsaber just in time to block the blow from his lightsaber. He smiled viciously,

"Smart little girl aren't you." They continued their fight. Padme was holding her ground, but Sidon had the upper hand. He no longer felt anything for Padme, but hate. Padme didn't want to hurt him, because she still thought of him as her husband. She knew the fight would be over soon. She turned her head to Amidala and shouted,

"Run!" Amidala ran down the hallway, when she got to the first pod she opened it then she turned to look back and saw her father hit her mother's lightsaber so hard it flew out of her hand. It landed on the metal floor, shut off and rolled away from them. Sidon grinned like an evil madman and Padme stood tall in front of him as tears ran down her face,

"I will always love you." She looked at Amidala and mouthed, 'I love you,' before her father ran her through. He pulled his lightsaber out of her as she collapsed to the floor. He then turned his head to look at Amidala as she gasped in fear. She focused all her energy on her mother's lightsaber. Her father then began walking slowly towards Amidala with an evil grin on his face. The lightsaber began to shake then shot past Sidon and he saw it and began running towards her. The lightsaber landed in her hand. She jumped into the pod and shut the pod door. Another door shut in front of the pods door as her father got there. He had his fists slammed on the thick glass in front of him as Amidala looked at him through the small window of her pod. He grinded his teeth and glared at her in fury as she launched the pod. She heard a scream of pure rage come from the ship. She brought her knees up to her chest and hugged herself. She didn't know what she was supposed to do now. Her mother was dead and, to her, so was her father. She didn't know where she was going, but she didn't care, she just wanted to be as far away from that ship as she could. She buried her head in her hands and cried.

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