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Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

Chapter Three

Rory couldn't believe it. The Doctor…was alive? His hands were shaking as he retrieved a bottle from their wine cabinet, and he was having slight difficulty working the cork off.

"Need a hand, dad?" It appeared River had followed him inside. Amy was still out on the patio, likely processing the miraculous news their daughter had just shared with them.

"Yeah, actually," he admitted with a shaky laugh, and she took the bottle from him. "It's just- thank you, River. I know we're not supposed to know, but your mother and I—it's been a rough year."

"I know," she replied tipping the bottle into Amy's glass. He had the presence of mind to grab two more, for her and himself.

"A rough year," he repeated, more to himself as he set the glasses on the counter for her, turning and bracing his hands on the smooth edge as he stared unseeing into the sink. "Fred's dead," he couldn't keep the words from tumbling out of his lips. "My brother," he added hastily, glancing back to see her gaze focused steadily on the glasses as she poured. "Sorry, I—did you know him?"

His daughter's eyes darted up to his face briefly. "Spoilers."

"Right," he nodded, his laugh sounding less relieved now and more bitter. It had taken him a short while after their adventure in Berlin for him to realize that the one person he had divulged the secret of his heritage to was in fact his daughter. She was truly the only person he could talk to about any of it. "Fred would've thought me a coward- never introducing him to his niece."

"I doubt that," she disagreed. "But I hope you haven't been dealing with this all on your own, dad."

"I stop in to see them all, once in a while," he informed her, and it was true. But going to the Burrow these days was incredibly painful as his family and their friends tried so hard to make him believe that they were all ok, despite the fact he could tell they weren't. But his magical relations had all suffered through the war together, without his help, and so he felt all the more the outsider.

"I meant mum." He froze, swallowing once before turning to face her stern gaze. "You have to tell her sometime."

"I know," he said hoarsely. "I just don't know how."

"She'll understand," River reassured, somehow reading into his unspoken fears. "She loves you so much, dad. But it's her right to know—they're technically her family, too."

"Well, they really don't know much about Amy, either," he defended weakly. "I mean, nothing about the travelling and space and aliens. You know more than anybody else." His daughter always seemed to know everything. He was beginning to suspect that was a Time Lord prerogative. "Hang on," Rory had a sudden thought, "Does the Doctor know?"

River Song was well known for her poker face, but under her dad's questioning gaze she bit her lip uncomfortably and looked away. Oh. They were in the same predicament then; he hadn't told his wife, and she hadn't told her husband.

"It's hard for me to gauge when he knows," she admitted. "Sometimes he does, but it's always a future version of him. I think it best that you tell them both, at the same time."

"I suppose that makes sense," he agreed grudgingly, acknowledging in his mind that it really was his responsibility at any rate. "And Amy would be really upset if she found out last. But," and here he couldn't help a smile from coming to his face, "does that mean he'll come back to us?"

"Spoilers," she said again, but the slight upward quirk of her lips gave him hope.

"Oi, are you two in there finishing the bottle without me?" Amy's voice rang out from the back lawn, and they both chuckled.

"We would never, mum," River called back, heading outside with two of the glasses. Rory grabbed up his own from the counter and joined his wife and daughter.

He could do this. He could keep going. Things weren't so bad. And someday, he'd find the courage to reveal all the things he'd hidden these long years.


He watched nervously as his father paced up and down the room, seeming unable to contain his astonishment. Finally, he tentatively asked, "Is something wrong, dad?"

"Wrong? No, no, of course not Rory, I'm just trying to understand—a spaceship! We were travelling in a spaceship!" Arthur Weasley paused briefly in his ranting, allowing Rory to interject.

"Well, it's a spaceship-time machine, really, but…yeah."

"And you've been travelling in it with Amy- and- and this Doctor?" At Rory's nod, his father dropped into one of their kitchen table's chairs, apparently struggling to truly grasp it. "For how long?"

"Um, a while, actually," was his vague answer. While he hadn't told Amy about his family, he also hadn't told his family about the Doctor and time travel. He'd felt that would be fair. But when the Doctor had materialized around them and brought 'Brian Pond' along for the ride, he'd unknowingly shattered the invisible barrier. Trust his mad, impossible friend to do so.

"All this time…but you're a nurse. You're a Muggle nurse!"

"I know. I can be both, dad," he reasoned. "You know, just like I can be a nurse and have a sister who flies around on a broom for a living."

"I just- I never realized—"

"Muggles aren't just boring, normal people who go to work day in and day out, dad," he couldn't keep from pointing out somewhat irritably. Perhaps this was why he hadn't shared this part of his life with his magical family. Rory was always seen as the mundane one, the one who never got in trouble and had his nice, peaceful life. Well, most days he was running for his life, thank you very much.

His father, meanwhile, was watching him guiltily. "Yes…you're right. I'm sorry, Rory, I just- I never thought—"

"I'm not angry, dad," Rory sighed, dropping into the chair across from him. "This is my life, and I chose to keep it from you. You and mum and everyone, you had enough to worry about already."

"That may have been true," his father acknowledged with a frown, "But, your life is just as important to me, and your mother and your siblings. We should have paid more attention."

"I think we're both at fault here," he finally attempted to compromise, and the older man nodded.

"I'm glad I know now, though," Arthur spoke after a moment. "The whole, time Rory I was amazed at what you could do. What you and Amy were able to do without a single bit of magic! And your friend, he's quite remarkable if, er, eccentric."

"Well, um, thanks," he replied, feeling both pleased and a little embarrassed by his dad's praise. It was something he hadn't expected.

"I'm sure your mother would be proud, as well, if she'd been there." Rory tried and failed to picture his mum on spaceship with dinosaurs. "But, I think…now that I know just what you and Amy consider normal, and with the way things have been settling down in the wizarding world," his father began, and Rory shifted uncomfortably.

"Amy still doesn't know," he told him.

"Yes, but- it would mean so much to everyone if—we've learned the hard way to hold on to as much family as we can," his dad finished solemnly, unable to truly articulate what he meant. But Rory still understood.

It was time.


They'd just raced breathlessly back into the TARDIS, the Doctor sprinting to the console to send them spinning off into the Vortex once again, and Amy and Rory were catching their breath on the steps, watching their mad friend work the controls, spinning about himself every so often.

"So, that could have gone better," the Time Lord was summarizing, and Amy scoffed beside him. "Alright, it could have gone much better, does that satisfy you, Pond?"

"I suppose," his wife returned, rising and heading for the corridor. "I think I'll go get some rest, maybe wash up."

Rory nodded, watching her leave before turning around to see the Doctor's eyes also on him and the open archway Amy just walked through. "Doctor?"

The alien started, looking down to fiddle with a switch on the console. "Sorry, Rory, just dozed off for a minute there." He couldn't think of anything to say in response, so they remained in silence for a time. "How's Brian, by the way?" His friend asked casually, but it caused him to tense up. He still hadn't broached the topic of his father—his father's real identity—with either the Doctor or Amy yet.

"Oh, fine."

"I know I never really asked before, but I'm glad I met your father, Rory," his friend continued, going around to the other side of the console. "Let's see—Brian, Augustus, Tabetha, Aunt Sharon, and of course River. Yes, I think that covers it; I've met the Ponds." Rory could only squirm uncomfortably as the other male babbled, oblivious to his discomfort.

"You know, I think- I think I might go get some sleep, too, Doctor," he excused himself at last, unable to sit there in silence anymore. The Time Lord poked his head around the Time Rotor to look at him in concern.

"Well, alright, if you're tired that's certainly the best plan. I'll be here if you two need anything." Rory made no reply, instead hurrying down the corridor to the room he and his wife shared onboard. He couldn't keep living with this guilt anymore.

Amy was relaxing on top of the covers and had kicked her shoes off to leave them laying on the floor next to the bed, so she turned her head to look as he came through the door. "Someone looks bothered. Was he going on about nonsense again?"

"No," he replied, standing uncertainly before her. Now that he was here and had decided that this was it, he had no idea how to begin. Amy patted the empty space on the bed, so the nurse untied his shoes and placed them neatly on the floor, dropping down on top of the covers. "He was just asking about dad, really."

"Oh," she remarked, yawning once. "I was pretty worried when we brought Brian with us, but he got used to it pretty quick. And I think it was good for you two." Was the universe just trying to make him feel as horrid and ashamed as possible?

"Um, yeah. Listen, Amy…my dad, he was sort of able to get used to it for a reason." When he rolled onto his side to face her, she did so as well, quirking a curious eyebrow. "See, er, he's- he's…a wizard."

He'd chickened out at the end, practically muttering the last two words, but his wife still sat up in bed, looking down at him in disbelief.


Rory sat up as well, reaching out slowly and placing his hands on her shoulders. "Amy, my dad's a wizard. He's magical."

Her mouth dropped open as she stared with wide eyes for a long stretch of time. He thought she was likely trying to decide whether he was joking with her or not. He merely met her stare, waiting it out, not speaking until she brought a hand to his forehead.

"Amy," he said in growing worry.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright?" She interrupted him in concern. "Didn't catch some weird space-virus or something?"

"No, of course not—"

"You're warm," his wife decided for herself, pushing him down onto the bed and yanking her shoes on. "Listen, I'll be right back—"

"Amy, please, I just need you to listen—"

"So just try and get some rest while we figure out what's wrong," she ordered, backing out of their room. He heard her running footsteps echoing down the corridor.

"Oh, don't get the—"


He had to wait less than fifteen seconds before the two burst through the door together, Amy clearly in near-panic and the Doctor brandishing the sonic.

"Guys," he groaned, as the Time Lord began scanning him up and down while his wife looked on anxious for some sort of explanation for the dreadful disease he supposedly had.

"Nothing," the alien announced after a moment, looking perplexed and even frustrated. "Are you sure he's even ill, Pond?"

"But he's delirious!" She protested, not willing to accept the idea she was wrong.

"I'm not," he countered, feeling a bit annoyed as they seemed to be perfectly fine having a conversation about him without him while he was right in front of them.

"Well, what else am I supposed to think when you start going on about magic?" She retorted, but the Doctor glanced back and forth between them in alarm.

"Magic?" He repeated, and when Amy nodded their friend frowned. "What exactly did you say, Rory?"

He sighed, realizing that he would have had to tell the Doctor at some point anyway, and that it was best to do so now that they were both here. "I said that my dad is a wizard. Because he is." Amy gave him that same bewildered, nervous look, but the Doctor's eyes widened.

"Oh. Oh. Oh, of course!"

Rory blinked. "Of course?" He had been expecting the scientific alien's response to be more in line with Amy.

"Yes," the other grumbled, though the anger seemed to be directed internally as he ran a hand through his wild hair and turned away, walking about the room as he often did when agitated. "Oh, stupid Doctor, I should've known it the moment you stepped in the TARDIS—you read up on science magazines? Ha! Bigger on the inside's not really a novelty with you wizard-folk."

"Doctor, what are you talking about?" Amy asked, perched on the edge of the bed and looking between her husband and friend with growing confusion.

"On Earth, Amy, you have the human race," the Doctor began, and he was honestly more than happy to allow the over one millennium Time Lord to explain it. He obviously wasn't doing so well. "But there are certain humans that are born with an inherent ability—mostly through genetics, evolution, and an incident hundreds of years ago on the thirty-sixth of February—"

"Doctor, there is no thirty-sixth of February."

"Exactly, Pond," the mad man agreed, raising a finger up to keep her from responding as he continued. "But, these humans are born with the ability to manipulate energy and matter. This has come to be regarded by them as something called 'magic'."

"So, what, like witches and wizards stirring cauldrons and taking joyrides on brooms?" She inquired, seeming to be torn between shock and incredulous laughter.

"More or less," the alien shrugged.

"Then how have the rest of us not noticed?" She exclaimed, clearly thinking she had found the hole in her husband and friend's story.

"Ah, but you did! The Witch Trials, Amy—a reaction of fear to something that couldn't be understood. You humans are such amazing creatures, but it was simply much too early. So, the wizards and witches of the day passed the Statute of Secrecy, decreeing that all magical peoples had to hide their abilities from non-magicals. And, as wizard politics are slow, stubborn, and often pointless nothing has changed. Most wizards live in isolation these days, never meeting their non-magical counterparts, except…" Here the Time Lord spun slowly on his heel to face Rory, his expression considering.

"I'm a Squib," he supplied with a sigh, and the Doctor's eyes lit up in understanding.

"Ah, I see," he nodded.

"I don't," his wife cut in, and Amy was fast approaching annoyed. "You two were going on about wizards, what's that got to do with squids?"

He tried. He tried so hard, knowing how life-altering this was for the woman he loved. But he met the Doctor's eye, and the two promptly burst out laughing.

"Will you two quit it? Are you having one over on me or what?" She grumbled, and Rory worked to get back under control, reaching out for his wife's hands and grasping them in between his own. Their alien friend had managed to reduce his own laughter to the occasional chuckle.

"I'm sorry, Amy, I'm really, really sorry," he told her, sobering as he looked directly into her eyes. "I know this is sudden, and I really should have told you way before this, but I just- I didn't know how. I mean, I'm a Squib, so I can't do magic, but my family can. I was always too scared to let you know and- and I kept you from them. I'm so—"

"Oh, shut up, stupid face," his wife rolled her eyes and leaned in, effectively silencing him with her lips for a moment. They kept it short, just managing to stay aware of the alien looking away and tugging uncomfortably at his bowtie. "Yeah, I wasn't really expecting, well, magic, but honestly? Sexy fish vampires," Amy nodded to herself in explanation.

"Sexy fish vampires," he agreed with another chuckle.

"Sexy fish vampires!" The Doctor chimed in, throwing his arms up enthusiastically, and the three friends all laughed together. Rory realized now that his worries had been completely unfounded; after all the things they'd faced together across time and space, magic was just a walk in the park.

"But, Rory," Amy said slowly after they all had ceased laughing. "You said them when talking about your family." His wife truly was very sharp, and the Time Lord nodded along with her, probably always having noticed his use of the plural pronoun.

"Er, yeah," he hedged. This was where he really had to explain himself. "You see, my family—it's not just me and dad."

"Oh?" She said simply, raising an eyebrow yet again at this new development.

At his nod, he heard the Doctor mutter, "Blimey, you Ponds keep popping up like rabbits!"

The alien had no idea.

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