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Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

Chapter Four

"So, where do you two want to go next?" The Doctor inquired as soon as they emerged from the corridor. They knew he probably already had some place in mind, but Rory let Amy take the lead as she stepped forward.

"Actually Doctor, Rory and I were talking," his wife started. "And now that I know about, well, everything—I want to meet them."

"Meet who?" He asked, clearly not comprehending.

Amy rolled her eyes. "His family, Doctor. My family."

"Oh. Oh. Family! Yes, Rory's family. The wizards," their friend realized and she nodded along in encouragement or praise. "Right. Is that, er, alright with you, Rory?" The Time Lord glanced at him uncertainly.

"Of course," he answered promptly. "I mean, the only reason I kept it secret was because of the whole magic thing. Now that you know, I want you to meet them. I want them to meet my wife." She smiled tenderly at him and took his hand as they joined the alien at the controls.

"Right then," the Doctor said, flipping a switch. "Forget the Outer Spheres of Portuna Phi—we've got to get Amy Pond to her in-laws. Mind giving me a location, Mr. Pond?"

"Uh, well, we call it the Burrow," he offered, not entirely sure what the pilot required for coordinates.

The other male's face scrunched up as if in distaste. "Well that's not a lot to go off of."

"It's outside of Ottery St. Catchpole—" he tried, but suddenly several keys on the typewriter pressed down and a lever flew up of its own accord. The whole ship jerked and Rory had the sense to grab hold of something as the Doctor was thrown back against the railing, wholly unprepared for the takeoff.

"Where are we going?" Amy demanded.

"I can't very well see from over here, can I?" The Time Lord replied irritably. The poor man was thrown about like a ragdoll as they gripped the console, helpless. At last it stopped and Rory looked to the monitor.

"Stormcage?" He read aloud bewildered.

"What?" The Doctor poked his head up from the lower level, where he'd landed after tumbling down the stairs, and checked for himself. "Oh, bloody hell."

Sirens started outside and they heard his footsteps on the stairs. He emerged, charging for the door and Amy asked "Where are you going?"

"Got to get her out before the guards show up!" He called over his shoulder, pulling open the door and darting out into the prison. They picked up the whir of the sonic and his rushed greeting, "River, no time to explain—why are you asleep, we've got to move!"

He returned carrying their rather sleepy daughter and kicked the door shut. "Doctor, what?" The curly-haired woman yawned. "I just got back from—oof!"

He'd dumped her unceremoniously in the pilot's chair and continued on to the controls. "Spoilers, dear," he chided, relaxing finally as he returned them to the Vortex. "Now then, Dr. Song, when are we for you?"

She stared at him rather blankly before stating flatly, "Our honeymoon."

The Doctor turned rather red and gulped, very pointedly not glancing at them. Rory choked on air and Amy snickered. River turned in some puzzlement towards them.

"Mum, dad, what are you doing here?" She spun back in the chair and addressed her husband, who was fidgeting more than Rory had ever seen him do so, tugging nervously at his bowtie. "Just when are we for you?"

"Ah, spoilers, River, lots of spoilers."

"You weren't kidding when you said we're mixed up," she remarked, and it struck the nurse how much younger this version of his daughter sounded than the ones he was used to. He had to wonder if the TARDIS had taken them to Stormcage at this exact moment for a reason. Some other reason than embarrassing her pilot.

"We are," the Time Lord was agreeing, edging around to the other side of the console as the archeologist followed with a growing smirk.

"So I never know which one I'll get? That'll keep things fresh."

"Ok, you've tortured him enough, newlywed," Amy finally saved the poor alien, walking around and hugging their daughter. "Save that for when we're not around, yeah?"

"Of course, mum," River promised with a laugh that the redhead shared. Rory, clearing his throat, felt the tension had eased enough that he could join them, and his daughter embraced him as well. "So then, what are we up to today?"

Amy's eyes darted to him, biting her lip as she answered, "Well, see, there's something about your father that—"

But Rory scratched at the back of his neck in shame as he interrupted. "She already knows, Amy."

"She does?" His wife asked incredulously, and couldn't seem to help the hurt that entered her tone. He sighed, as this was exactly the reaction he didn't want, but most certainly deserved.

"It was a couple days before our wedding and I didn't know if I should—I was scared. So I sort of confided in Mels…who ended up being our daughter, so that worked out pretty nice."

Amy sighed herself, shaking her head. "You didn't have to be scared of me, stupid face," she scolded, and he ducked his head. "But it figures you'd accidentally tell our daughter she's got a half-magic family." He looked back up and tentatively smiled back at her teasing grin.

Their daughter, meanwhile, was glancing at something over their heads as she said, "Are you planning on staring at me with that face all day, Doctor?"

When he looked for himself, he saw that his friend's eyes were indeed on his daughter, but they were wide, his face pale, and his mouth had dropped open.

"Um, Doctor? Are you ok?"

The Time Lord raised his hand slowly, pointing a finger. "Rory, your parents—Brian is a wizard."

"Er, yes," he agreed, a bit worried. He was pretty sure the Doctor had grasped that just fine, better than Amy at first.

"And your mother is a witch."


"And River is your daughter."

"Yeah, bit of a shocker, but I think we covered that with you a couple hundred years ago," Amy piped up, seeming to share in his concern.

"But that- River you're—you're half-magic!" He positively gaped, but their daughter merely shrugged.

"Took a bit of getting used to when dad accidentally told me, but yes I have magical heritage."

"You're a part-human part-Time Lord part-witch!"

Rory had to blink at that. The blonde archeologist really was quite the impossible woman. And yet he'd never even thought about the effects his unique family legacy might have on his daughter.

It was then that he realized. He realized that yes, there was a specific reason the TARDIS had taken them to this version of River Song. Because this young woman had never met his full entire family, just like Amy, and if he was truly going to combine both sides of his life he was going to have to do so completely.

River, meanwhile, had sauntered over to her husband, and seemed to take great delight in the shock that she was causing him. A feeling that would not go away with age, he knew, as the archeologist would go on to leave the genius bewildered and baffled at nearly every turn. "You're quite right. But really, I think this only makes everything easier to understand, Doctor. After all, I'd say I'm rather enchanting, wouldn't you agree?"

This left the alien struggling to find something to say in response, flailing wildly. "Well that's- you- not even the point—you never even told me!"

Oh, yet another thing Rory hadn't considered; secrets were already quite the touchy subject between these two. His silence had only added to the things they kept from each other.

River, for her part, pouted, a strange expression on the normally composed woman's face. "Well, think of it like those spoilers you go on about. Only it was dad's spoiler. Really, dear, you can't expect me to go telling my father's secrets to just anyone."

The other man, however, seemed more than a bit insulted by this explanation. "I would hope I'm more than 'just anyone' to you, River. We are married."

A giddy sort of grin broke out on his daughter's face, and he exchanged a fond smile with Amy. Their little girl was young and in love and newly married. It wasn't a side of her they often got to see.

The Doctor had shuffled a few paces away and was fiddling with some knob on the console, though Rory suspected it wasn't actually necessary. River schooled her features and approached the Time Lord, touching him lightly on the arm.

"Well of course you're not 'just anyone', Sweetie. But, you have to admit I haven't had much opportunity to tell you." She bit her lip a moment, a sudden bout of nerves seeming to overtake her. "It doesn't bother you that I'm half-magic, does it?"

Forgetting that he was sulking in favor of alleviating her worries, their friend actually turned to her. "No. I just like to have an idea of what I'm getting into beforehand. Magic is a bit of a…well a blind spot where Time Lords are concerned."

"Really?" Amy asked in interest. It wasn't often they learned of any short-comings of their friend's species. And Rory thought he understood now why the other man was having more difficulty than Amy in getting over this. The mad genius who knew everything, of course he would become distressed upon the discovery that he was unaware of his wife's full birthright.

"We were a very scientific-based people, Pond. That's what really made the Carrionites so dangerous to us—different type of magic-users, not like Rory's family. Really it's quite remarkable that you're both, River. I know Rory's a Squib, but…can you use magic?" He seemed both excited and wary at the prospect.

"Haven't had much of a chance to find out," she confessed freely, yet Rory caught himself wondering just how they might go about finding out. After all, he was a Squib, but he had quite a lot of magic 'blood' in him, as his father's purist opponents often put it.

"Hm, something to look into, I suppose," the Time Lord was musing, and it did appear that he was approaching the issue as a scientist might a new, potentially dangerous experiment.

"Yes," River agreed, "but as for right now, me being half-magic doesn't really change anything. See?" Her husband nodded once and their daughter continued in a satisfied way, "so there's really no need to be upset. Mum's taking it rather well in comparison."

"I'm sort of used to being surprised," Amy pointed out helpfully. "But River's right, Doctor—she and Rory our still our spouses, yeah? So they have magic relatives; it doesn't change them."

The other man gave a wry smile in reply. "Right as always, Amy." He still looked a tad uneasy, though.

River took both his hands in hers and looked him directly in the eye. "I'm sorry if you feel hurt, my love. But I promise that I never lied to you. And I have never used any sort of magic in my life, and certainly not on you." He relaxed finally and returned her warm smile. The curly-haired woman stood up on her toes, as she was in prison clothes and not heels, and kissed him quickly on the lips. When she pulled back, however, there was a wicked smirk spreading across her face. "But the mind, Doctor…it races."

The Time Lord audibly gulped and Amy once again had to come to his rescue. "Oi, what did I say about the torture? At this rate we're never going to get to Rory's parents' house."

River spun about to face them, her face alight with interest. "Is that where we're going? That sounds exciting."

"I mean, as exciting as Sunday dinner is with my family, I guess," he said with a bemused smile.

"Sunday?" The Doctor complained, but sighed in defeat when Rory looked at him. "Sunday dinner outside of Ottery St. Catchpole it is, I suppose."

As the pilot began steering them off, the nurse clarified, "It's the time when all of them will be there, so we might as well go then." But as he glanced back at his wife, the redheaded woman had a somewhat anxious expression.

"Rory," she started hesitantly. "Um, when you say 'all of them'- how many do you mean?"

"Er…" he trailed, abruptly realizing just how big of a shift this was going to be for her. "My parents, and my five siblings, my sister-in-law, my one brother's girlfriend, and my sister's boyfriend." It wasn't just Amy who was staring with wide eyes. "It's a lot, I know."

"Yeah," she agreed dazedly, going to sit in the pilot's chair. "Yeah, it is. My husband went from being an only child to one in six."

He felt that familiar lump in his throat as he quietly amended, "I used to be one in seven."

"What do you—" the Scottish woman began before she gave a sharp intake of breath and looked at him in dismay. "Oh Rory, what happened?" River stood beside her mother and the Doctor even took his attention off the controls, looking at him sadly.

His gaze dropped to his toes as he said, "There was a war in the wizarding world, and he was killed. He wasn't even twenty." A pair of warm, familiar arms encircled him and he relaxed into Amy's embrace, seeking and receiving the comfort he craved. "I'm sorry," he muttered into her hair.

"Nothing to apologize for." There was a pause and he could almost hear the internal debate. "What was his name?"

"Fred," he breathed. They stayed like that a while, no one moving or talking in the stillness. "His name was Fred Weasley."

"Weasley?" The Doctor piped up, though quieter than he might have otherwise due to the serious topic they were discussing. "Why not—"

"Because my real name isn't Williams," he told them, bracing himself as Amy pulled back to look at him in surprise. Trust the mad genius to pick up on all the details. "Well, my birth name, that is. I mean, I think of myself as Rory Williams, but my name before that was Charlie Weasley."

"Charlie…" Amy murmured out, seeming to be testing the name out as she gazed at him contemplatively. "I don't have to call you that, do I?"

"Of course not," he said, wrinkling his nose a bit. "Why would you?"

"Well, I don't know. I mean, does your family call you Charlie? What do they all do for a living, besides being magical? Do they live with non-magic people like Brian? Is Brian even Brian?" His wife was entering panic mode as question after question tumbled out of her lips. "Are they going to like me? Are they going to like River?"

He struggled to find the right words to say to answer all her questions, but the Doctor beat him to the punch. "Well, I should hope so…because we've just arrived."

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