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A/N Felicity is seventeen years old and Ben is nineteen. I know that this is different from the books, but it worked better for me.

Warning: This story takes place during the Revolutionary War. Nothing will be in detail, but War may be discussed and war situations may occur in later chapters. I rated this T because I'm unfamiliar with the rating system and want to be safe.

Felicity Merriman sat on a chair by her bedroom window watching the busy streets of Williamsburg. She needed some excitement. It had been the same routine day after day for years: Breakfast, stitchery, penmanship, dinner, lessons, and supper.

She knew, though, that she should enjoy and take advantage of this relative freedom while it lasted. At age seventeen, Felicity was at the perfect age to settle down and marry. The thought of the restrictions that would come with a marriage made her head hurt in frustration. It also didn't help that everyone she talked with always not so subtly hinted at her perpetual state of singleness.

The only thing she had to look forward to was this boring party her parents were hosting that evening. It apparently was for Felicity to get to know the older crowd of Williamsburg and become acquainted with all the young men. Felicity wished she could be as excited as her little sister Nan, but walking around all evening making small talk with almost strangers was not her definition of fun. Nan, or Nanny as her family affectionately called her, had danced around the house all day telling anyone who would listen how she was going to dance with everyone a least twice, wear her new pink gown, and eat fifteen different kind of tarts. Felicity laughed to herself at the memory.

Felicity was busy thinking about what she would do if she wasn't required to do burdensome woman things when Mary, their hired maid, came in to help Felicity dress for the party. Felicity had chosen her newest gown to wear. It was by far the most beautiful dress she owned; it was soft blue with gentle lace accents lining the hems and stomacher.

"They're here!" Nan shouted up to Felicity in her room about a half hour later. Felicity sighed and carefully unrolled the curlers in her hair. As she left the room, she quickly practiced smiling a charming smile in the small mirror that hung on the back of the door. She'll definitely need it later.

Felicity entered their house's foyer just as her father was introducing his family to some of the guests. She didn't know them and felt her shyer side coming through. For each introduction Felicity politely curtsied.

As each group of people came through the door Felicity carefully scanned them to check for her best friend of many years. She had almost given up hope of her arriving when -


"Elizabeth, I was afraid you had forgotten!"

"No, silly, I wouldn't have forgotten you for the world," Elizabeth said, obviously bursting with news. She grabbed Felicity by the elbow and pulled her over to a less busy corner "I just had to make a stop on the way. A stop that concerned a certain dashing young man."

Felicity blushed at her friend's teasing. "Ben and I are just friends, Lizzie. You know that well."

Laughing, Elizabeth sarcastically replied, "Of course, Felicity. Those looks you give him mean nothing at all. Neither does the way you go out of your way to visit him at your father's store."

Felicity's blush deepened. The truth was that Felicity really did like Benjamin Davidson. He had been apprenticed to her father for many years now, so Felicity had seen him often. They had become good friends, and they loved to sit in the store after it had closed for the day and talk about the town, the people, and the war.

The war. It was the only thing that caused tension in their friendship. Ben had his heart set on joining the Patriot army after his apprentice contract was completed with Mr. Merriman in a month. Felicity had tried many, many times to persuade Ben to reconsider his decision, but to no avail.

Elizabeth's next comment brought Felicity's attention back to the present.

"I stopped on the way here to tell Ben to come tonight to help me give you moral support. I thought you would like that."

"Oh, thank you! When will he be here? Is he here already? Did I miss him?"

"Relax, Lissie. He'll be her soon."

Felicity spent the next half hour mingling with the guests. She was talking with her next door neighbor when she saw Ben walk in. He was dressed a little too informally for a party, wearing what he had worn earlier in the store. As always, his long brown hair was tied at his neck in a careless but well-kept fashion. Felicity was surprised to see a worried look on his face.

Excusing herself from her conversation, Felicity made her way over to him.

"I'm so glad you came," Felicity said, hoping she didn't sound nervous, "But what's wrong?"

"Can we go outside for a moment, Felicity? I need to talk to you."

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