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Felicity woke to the sound of leaves rustling and sticks snapping. Although the brief military training she had received stressed the importance of a quick sleep-to-action reaction time, Felicity didn't jump up right away. Instead, she blurrily looked up at the peaked top of her one man tent and listened. Sure enough, as the noises came closer, Felicity could hear the light, slightly muffled laughter of Ted, Sam, and Clayton.

She snapped her eyes shut. Goodness, what I do to keep them happy, she thought, smothering a smile.

And little moments of fun were really all they had. In the time of the two weeks Felicity had been a member of the army, whisperings of nearby skirmishes, some even told of battles, reached the camp. Finally, to Felicity's carefully hidden dismay, last night a general from the north sent messengers commanding the recruits to stay put and wait. Soon, Felicity and the rest of the men would be placed the general's larger command and become regular soldiers, not just recruits.

Felicity was thinking that the boys were much quieter than she gave them credit for when a grand crash came from the left side of her tent. A stage whispered "Ted!" followed. So much for surprising me. Felicity rolled onto her stomach and stuck her head out the tent flap.

"G'morning," was all she had time to say. All stealth abandoned, Felicity's friends hauled her out of her tent and onto the dewy grass.

"Come on, we wanna show you something," Clayton said excitedly, walking away from the cluster of tents and towards the woods. Since she always slept in her day clothes, Felicity followed him and the other boys through the trees on a faintly visible path. A few minutes passed, bushes scratching their arms the whole way, before Clayton made a hard left up a steep incline. Near the top, he pulled himself up onto a large rock and reached down to help Felicity.

The view from the rock was amazing- and in the distance, coming from the nearby town, was the general's command.

They were more different from the patriot recruits than Felicity ever imagined. There were lines and lines of men who, although no of them were uniformed, looked as professional as the redcoats. Leading them was a sharp looking man riding the only horse in sight.

Beside her, Ted made a face. "They'll be here by midday, probably. I hope they aren't as stuffy as they look."

Felicity laughed along with them, but squinted at the men although she new it was hopeless to even try to pick out Ben from so far away.

The boys talked animatedly the entire way back. Felicity followed behind them, not really paying attention to the conversation. Or to where she was going for that matter, until she caught the toe of her slightly too big boots on a root in the path. Felicity fell hard sideways into the middle of a bush. Embarrassed, Felicity ignored her friend's laughs and tried not to blush, but she accepted a hand from Sam.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Felicity mumbled, bending to brush dirt off the back of her pants. A burning started across her back as her initial adrenaline wore off.

"Gosh, really?" Clayton walked over to help Felicity pick twigs off her back. "Your shirt is pretty torn up here."

Felicity twisted around to survey the damage. To her horror, the bush did more damage than she thought; the fabric was spotted with holes and long runs. And the tightly wrapped linen that flattened her chest could be seen plain as day.

Clayton looked up at Felicity with a questioning gaze. "Will?"

Before anyone could say more, Felicity turned around and ran.