The copying spell

It was early afternoon at England's house and America was on his video game, taking bites out of his burgers as usual when England came from the other room.

''Okay America. I have errands to attend to. I should be back in a few hours'' England said as he pulled on his coat. America immediately stopped his game

''Say what? What the hell am I supposed to do for 'a few hours'?''

''Oh I'm sure you will think of something. Now no messing around and don't leave a mess!'' England placed a kiss on his check and headed for the door. Before America could even stutter a word England was already gone.

''A few hours, huh? I guess I can manage...'' he continued playing his game for about another hour and a half before growing bored. He decided to just watch TV. He switched channels, landing on nickelodeon and watching SpongeBob.

'' Dude alright! a SpongeBob movie!'' he quickly got up to go get a snack, even though he just had a burger, came back, sat down and watched the 2 hour movie

*don't mind me I'm just a time skip*

When the movie was finally over, America sat up from his seat on the couch and brung his dish to the sink. Finished with washing his dishes, he sat back down and watched television. After another hour, America grew bored. You could say he actually started feeling a bit lonely.

''How long does it take to do errands anyways?'' he grumbled to himself. He got up before heading up the stairs and into England's room. He lay down on his bed, inhaling the scent that was England. It smelled of earl grey tea. Typical England. He turned his head sideways looking over England's book shelf. His eyes landed on a usual looking book. One he had never seen before. He got up off from the bed and walked over to the bookshelf, examining the book which was all black with a weird symbol on it.

''No way! This must be England's spell book.'' he slowly opened the book, scanning the different pages with different spells on each. A few pages later he ended on a page with a spell called '' the copying spell'' apparently this spell copies any item or even a person.

''I can make a copy of England! Then I won't be lonely anymore. I'll make it disappear before England comes back and he will never suspect a thing! It's the perfect plan!'' America smiled to himself. This plan is pure genius.

He looked back at the spell again and read it. All he had to do was say the phrase and England should appear. He memorized the phrase before setting the book down on the floor a few inches from his feet before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Here goes nothing!

''Oh book of spells, I ask of you

To make my wish of one, to two

I ask a copy, for me to see

A copy of England, an England for me!''

A few seconds later, the books pages began to flip until the book closed shut. It immediately opened after with beams of light fluttering off in every direction. America stood there shocked at the current situation. He didn't know what was happening! Slowly, a body started to emerge from the book. When the body was completely out from the book, the book shut itself. There was a quiet silence. America gulped and continued to stare before finally getting over his shock and speaking up.

'' that you?'' America slowly stepped close to the copy. It just stood there. Not saying anything. He tried again.

''Hey. England?'' the copy finally looked up at America. America looked at his face in awe. He did it! It really worked! It was an exact copy of England!

''America! What a pleasant surprise! When did you get here?''

''Oh! Um... not too long ago... i guess'' he rubbed the back of his neck smiling. He did it! He really made a copy of England. He would have continued to congratulate himself that is if the copy would have not run into him, hugging him full force.

''America...I've missed you...'' the copy placed a kiss on his lips. Americas eyes widened in shock. The copy continued to kiss him, pushing his tongue into America's mouth and moaning. He led them to the bed causing America to fall backwards.

''W-wait a minute, England!''

''I missed you so much...'' the copy began to place kisses and licks on Americas neck, eventually biting, causing the American to moan out. The copy began to take off his own shirt before slowly taking off Americas. The copy started off slow, kissing both of America's cheeks, placing a soft kiss on his lips, the going down and spending time on his nipples, sucking them before giving them both a kiss as he continued to go down further.

''Ah! En-England...wha-'' before he could finish his sentence, the copy placed a quick kiss on his lips.

''Don't worry America. I'll take care of you''. By now Americas head was swimming. He couldn't think straight, his breathing was labored, his vision was blurry. He was so dazed he didn't even hear the real England downstairs

*don't mind me I'm just a scene change*

England stepped inside the door, closing it behind him. Finally he was done. He dropped off his dry cleaning, did a little food shopping, sent important documents to his officials, expectantly ran into an old friend and had some free time to shop around. Now that he was done, he could relax for the rest of the weekend. He stepped into the kitchen to put the groceries away.

''Hey America, I brought your favorite ice cream. Just don't eat all of it at once'' England stepped into the living room.

''Did you hear m-'' oh. It seems America was not in the living room. He called out to America but received no answer. Maybe taking a nap? He walked up stairs before hearing...what was that? Groaning? It sounded like America was in pain!

''America?!'' England burst into his room.

''America! Are you okay-?

England stopped in his tracks. America was on his bed, a panting mess with...him? On top of him?

''WHAT THE FUCK!?'' England snapped

''ENGLAND! I CAN EXPLAIN!' THIS ISNT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!'' America tried closing his shirt as fast as he could with his shaking hands. England spotted his book of spells on the floor before walking over and picking it up. He looked over to the other man on the bed when he noticed it was a copy of him.


Authors note: yep! Cliffhanger. I might come back to add to this story or I might not. It was kind of challenging. But yes! Please review! I hope everyone enjoyed this story. its not my best.. but i wanted to get it out there!

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