The copying spell

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Last chapter:

''WHAT THE FUCK!?'' England snapped

''ENGLAND! I CAN EXPLAIN!' THIS ISNT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!'' America tried closing his shirt as fast as he could with his shaking hands. England spotted his book of spells on the floor before walking over and picking it up. He looked over to the other man on the bed when he noticed it was a copy of him.


"England. Please. I can explain everything. It's just...I just... I-" America stuttered. His mind was racing with thoughts. What if England didn't believe him? What if he kicked him out? Or worse, what if England broke up with him?! Dear merciful god no! He wouldn't know what he would do without England. He'd go crazy.

In the midst of America's rambles, England walked over to the bed where America and his copy were. He stepped up to the copy and gently lifted his face up. Inspecting it.

"Hmm... although America isn't as well versed in the magical arts as I am, this copy turned out pretty good. It does look exactly like me..."England thought to himself. He turned back to America who was still rambling on about being lonely or something. He couldn't quite catch it. The bloody idiot was talking too damn fast.

"America..." America stopped talking immediately and looked England in his eyes. England just let out a sigh and put his hands on his hips.

"Now explain to me again what exactly happened." England stated. And so, America's explanation began.

***Hello I'm a time skip***

"I see..." the room was quite. America's head was down in embarrassment, the copy was looking back and forth between the two and England had his arms crossed while looking at America.

"so you thought that if you were to drabble in the forces of magic, dangerous magic at that, that you would be able to summon a copy of me, have your fun, and reverse the spell, it would solve your loneliness and I would be completely clueless, correct?"

"y-yeah..." jeez. When England says it like that it sounds so harsh. England continued looking at America then glanced at the copy. England had a plan forming in his mind and a devious smirk crept upon his face. The copy was obviously aroused so why not indulge him?

"Well go on then. Finish what you started." England said. America looked up in confusion.


"You heard me. I said finish what you started. You summoned that copy of me and now it's gone and got bloody aroused. It's only right that you take responsibility, America." England smirked. Oh he was going to enjoy himself to the fullest. The shocked expression on America's face only added on to his amusement.

"E-England can't be serious. You're joking, right?"

"Oh I assure you America. I am not joking. The only way for the copy to go away is for you to satisfy it. That was your purpose for summoning it. For your own desires, was it not?"

America was lost for words. He didn't know what to do. He looked down at his lap then back up at England who glared at him with cold eyes. America stilled, looking back down at his hands. After a minute or so of complete silence England huffed.

"Fine. Looks like I have to get things started." he walked over to the copy and looked at him. Staring into the same jade green eyes as him. England grabbed the back of the copy's head, pulling it back and kissing him deeply. Moans, groans and saliva slipped through their mouths and caused America to look over at them.

"Holy mother of god..."

England pulled away from the panting copy, a string of saliva still connecting them. America could feel himself hardening.

"Oh sweet baby Jesus..."

England pushed the copy down onto the bed and started kissing on his neck, occasionally biting it before traveling down. He stopped at his nipples making sure to suck hard enough to release his sweet moans. He traveled down its stomach, and settled himself between his legs. Purposely ignoring his aching cock and biting the inside of his thighs causing the copy to moan.

"Ah! Hah...hah"

England took pity on the copy and slid up to the copy's leaking member. He teased him, blowing hot air onto the head of his cock before finally engulfing him whole.

"Aah! Ahh! Hah! Hah! Mph!" the copy bit on his finger trying to cover his moans which failed, and had his hand on England's head. The loud slurping sounds had America drooling where he sat, shifting uncomfortably and horny as hell. Yet he couldn't get involved in this. He just...couldn't.

The copy's moans got louder, his body trembled and his chest was rising and falling irregularly.

"Aah! I-i can't! Aah! I-im c-coming! Aah!" the copy came deep inside England's mouth, screaming out in pleasure. England made sure he milked him dry before sitting up and looking at the copy.

"Even though you came so much you're still hard, huh? I guess it can't be helped." England flipped the copy onto his hands and knees and made him face America's direction. England looked at America who looked down again. His smirk once again appearing on his face.

"Heheh. He won't last long."

England got behind the copy, slapping his ass and making him moan. He chuckled as he spread the copy's ass cheeks apart and started licking him, probing his insides with his hot wet tongue.

"Aah! Oh god! Mph! hah! Aah!" he clawed at the sheets, arching his back as drool slid down his chin. America didn't even realize he was staring. Groaning at the scene before him. His cock had become hard long ago but he could not, he would not give in.

England pulled away from his ass and stuck 2 fingers in his mouth, covering them in saliva and inserted them into the copy's ass.

"Aah! M-more! Hah! Ngh! I...I want more!" the copy panted. England smiled.

"You want more? Why don't you ask America, hm?" England pulled the copy back so he was leaning against his chest. He lifted the copy's legs up and held them open, his twitching hole in America's direction, begging to have something inside. England bent down to his ear and whispered hotly.

"Now repeat after me. 'Please America, I want your cock inside me' "

"P-please America...i-i want your c-cock inside m-me..." he panted. England looked up at America. His signature smirk never leaving his face.

"Well America? What will you do?" America looked at them. His face was flushed, he was sweating a little, his was panting a bit and his cock wasn't making the situation better. He was hot and through it all he found himself moving towards them.

"That's right America, do it. Thrust right into him. Make him feel good..." England whispered. America settled himself between the copy's legs, his cock twitching in anticipation. He looked back down at both England's.

"Go on America..."

"P-please America..."

In one swift movement America was inside the copy and thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. He gripped at his thighs, burying himself deeper into the copy's tight heat.

"Aah! A-America! S-so good! Hah! Ahh! Hah! "England eventually let his hand travel down to the copy's hard cock and rubbed it in time with America's thrusts all while whispering the dirtiest things and biting his ear. The other hand teased his right nipple.

"Shit...s-so tight..." America groaned.

"Ahh! F-fuck! Mph! Aah! n-no more! Aah! M-merica...ah! A-America! I-IM COMING! AAH!"

"Ngh!" the copy's tightening insides clamped down on America's cock, forcing him to cum deep inside him. Both riding out their orgasms. After a few moments, America looked down to see the copy slowly fading away from beneath him.

"Summon me again next time, America..." the copy said with a smile on his face, and before he knew it, he was gone. America looked up at England who all but stared at him.

"England. I-im sorry..."

England leaned in and kissed America on the lips. It wasn't rough or demanding but soft. They stayed like that for a few more seconds before he pulled back and smirked.

"Don't worry about it love. Besides..." he got up from his spot on the bed and walked towards the door.

"I never once said I was against the idea." he winked as he closed the door, leaving a shocked America behind.


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