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Always and Forever

- Raven Mikaelson

"I swear vampires can go crazy! If you are going to buy Louboutins, they should be black to let the signature red stand out, not get them in pink!" Caroline rolled her eyes at her friend who was still grinning at her new pair of heels.

Nali just shook her head and grinned at her blond friend. "But they are Louboutins, and Kol is paying so I might as well enjoy myself." she winked.

Caroline just chuckled and went to the kitchen of Klaus' Parisian apartment for a glass of blood. A small smile grazed her soft features as she remembered the beginning of her new life.

Elena wanted to escape Mystic Falls after Damon's and Stefan's death and Caroline watched her friend helplessly struggling with grief and her new vampire nature. She did her best to help, knowing how it felt to be a new vampire but there was only so much she could do. And so Elena packed her bags and went to England of all places, to find her peace again. And she was happy for her best friend. Elena called after she got there, choosing some university town a couple of hours or so away from London and told her all about the rain, the people and some of their funny habits. She missed the brunette dearly, but could hear she was slowly pulling herself together and offered as much encouragement as she was capable of.

Life was slow for a week after her departure until Bonnie stopped by to have a talk, only to announce that she was leaving with Jeremy come end of August for Denver. The younger Gilbert had little to lose by moving away and wanted to finish his degree in art so Bonnie would be joining him, as his girlfriend while studying magic in peace and living a normal human life now that they had a chance to. Caroline hugged her tight, knowing that it would be quite a while before she saw her other best friend and wished her all the best in her new chance at happiness. But after Bonnie left, she could no longer stop the tears from sliding down her cheeks. She felt completely lonely for the first time in her human and vampire life.

Her best friends were moving away, Tyler was off with the she-wolf while he was meant to be only breaking his sire bond. She has waited for him, saved her heart for a young man who she truly believed could be the one for her, but those thoughts only left a bittersweet taste in her mouth nowadays. She might not have liked Damon for how he treated her as a human, but she could not deny that she would miss his stupid cocky comments from time to time, and Stefan...her friend, her mentor in the life of a vampire...she would miss him just as much as her best friends. She was all alone, stuck in Mystic Falls and forever 17, frozen in the filler year of all things.

She wiped her tears angrily and curled up on her bed, letting the anguish consume her when her eyes landed on the drawing sitting on her bedside drawer. She reached for it and caressed his words while her mind thought of him. He was persistent, she had to give him that. Drawings, gifts, daring her to get to know him. And she could tell that with her he was somewhat different, or she would have been dead the first time they used her as his distraction. Yet he never forced her into anything, keeping that grin of his in place while talking to her. God she wanted to slap that grin off his face, arrogant, infuriating Original... She sighed and rolled over onto her back, staring at the ceiling without really seeing it. No matter how charming he was, she was adamant about not letting him weasel his way into her heart. For one, it was broken. And second, she could not just forget about everything he had done to her friends, the pain he has caused in their lives.

But he had saved her as well. Healed her with his blood, in the school after Alaric tortured her...she was his first choice many times and he kept persisting even though she made it clear there would never be anything between them. It was infuriating and somewhat...flattering at the same time. She sighed heavily again. All her human dreams were shattered. Her future was unclear and she knew staying in Mystic Falls would only make her go crazy. She would have to leave one day soon anyway, before anyone noticed she was no longer aging. She stood up with a new resolve before she changed her slightly fickle mind and flashed over to his manner, her legs leading the way automatically.

She knocked before she lost her nerve and waited patiently for the door to open and his surprised face to greet her.

"Hello sweetheart. To what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked, his eyes roaming her curves.

Only then did Caroline realise she was standing there in her yellow pyjama pants and white tank top. Ooops... 'Smooth Caroline, very smooth. Why didn't you just dance up to him in that Victoria Secret lingerie Damon bought for you?' her mind mocked her mercilessly.

"Well, a certain Hybrid made me an offer once. Something along the lines of showing me the worlds... ring any bells?" she asked, trying to play it off nonchalantly.

His lips pulled up into that infuriatingly cute wolfish smile of his. "And you thought a sleep-over would be a good opportunity to discuss it?" he asked cheekily.

She just rolled her eyes. "Forget it then." She turned away to head back home but he was suddenly standing right in front of her.

"Oh come on, love. Don't be like that. Why don't you come inside and we can talk." he motioned towards the entrance to the manor.

She huffed softly but turned around and walked in, heading straight for the living room. Klaus followed, a happy little grin on his face as he watched her curves displayed so deliciously in her tight pyjamas.

And he had kept his promise. It has been almost 11 years since she packed her bags and let him whisk her away to the one place she had dreamed of visiting ever since she was a little girl. Paris. And in 24 hours, she will be married to the king of all hybrids, the alpha male.

She was glad that her mother was not here to see it, for she would have surely disapproved. But on the other hand, she missed her mum greatly. Liz died a few years ago in crossfire when the council in Mystic Falls rebelled against the reappearing supernatural beings. She had mourned her mum's death, knowing she would have had to face it one day anyway due to her immortality, but it was still a struggle to get through that phase. She never thought she would say it one day, but Klaus was perfect in providing her the comfort she needed. He was her shoulder, the one to make her smile and he took care of all necessities which gave her time to mourn in peace. Now, she was just glad that she was happily in love and those who mattered the most to her will be present.

"Where is the gorgeous bride to be?" she heard from the living room and flashed in, only to squeal in delight when she saw Elena who has finally arrived for her wedding with Elijah, from their latest holiday in Singapore. Elena hugged her tight and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"What did we miss?" she asked with a large grin on her face.

Caroline just chuckled and shook her head. "Just some shopping this morning. But tonight, we are celebrating my last night as an uncommitted woman and you better have a good dress for clubbing." she winked.

Elijah stepped forward and pressed a kiss to the blonde's cheek as well, which surprised her slightly. In the years following Elena's turning and her relationship with the oldest existing Original, she got used to Elijah and his slightly stiff but cultured and warm way. "I assure you she has a perfect one for tonight. I was worried she would need an extra suitcase after her shopping on our holiday." He chuckled when Elena teasingly stuck her tongue out at him. "And may I say I will be happy to welcome you in the family. We Mikaelsons may have a minor history of dagger abuse but you will be the most protected bride in the world." He smiled and Caroline smiled at him warmly.

"Thank you Elijah, if only your younger brother was just as polite in his welcome into the family." She chuckled.

"If my heart could actually get hurt, that one would sting sweet cheeks." said Kol as he walked in as well. "I believe my welcome into the family was more than warm." He grinned cheekily.

Caroline frowned at him slightly. "Yes, a little too warm by the way you pinched my-"

"Now now, Kol has learnt his lesson, haven't you brother dearest?" drawled Klaus who walked in after his younger brother.

Kol unconsciously rubbed his neck. "Yes, you almost snapped my head off you dickhead."

"Gentlemen!" Elijah interjected pointedly. "There is no need for such language with the ladies present."

Elena snickered. "Oh I heard you say worse just when you are about to-"

"GUYS!" shouted Caroline, shutting them all up. "We are all spending the night separately, so you might as well drop the sex talk or you will end up so randy you will crash our hen party. Now, you go get yourselves a drink or whatever you have been doing for the past 1000 years and let us get on with out shopping and night out. Now." she growled, in general mode.

Klaus chuckled. "Magnificent, isn't she?" Klaus winked at his bride to be, but dropped the smile when he saw her murderous glare.

"If I were you I would shut up now, she might blue-ball you on your wedding night." snickered Nali from her place on the sofa.

"Your lover is just as crass as you Kol, you have made a good choice." drawled Elijah sarcastically but smiled at the young woman politely before pressing a kiss to Elena's cheek. "Now come, let's leave the ladies to their day and I propose a toast in the drawing room. Shall we?" he motioned for them to move. Klaus bowed to his bride to be, not daring to go anywhere near her while she was shooting daggers with her eyes, and Kol just winked at his lover, a silent promise to sneak up on her at some point during the day to make it a bit more naughty for them both.

Elena just shook her head with a chuckle and pressed Caroline into the sofa. "Breathe and stop frowning or you will get wrinkles. And once you get them, you can't get rid of them as a vampire." She teased, rolling her eyes when Caroline's hand actually flew to her forehead automatically.

She turned to the other girl in the room with a smile. She was a beauty with skin the colour of unrefined cacao, and long raven curls that fell down to her waist. "And you must be Nali, Caroline told me so much about you over the phone." she offered the young woman her hand.

Nali was apparently turned when she was about 20 and has been the one lover Kol has kept for the longest period of time, a whole 2 years. Elena and Elijah haven't met her, but Kol has decided to visit Klaus a few months ago and brought Nali with him, to which Caroline was delighted. She missed girl time and Nali was more than happy to join her on most occasions. Well, when she wasn't busy with Kol. The cheeky Original brother was as bad a teenager and they all knew it from his mannerisms and Caroline from the occasional sounds escaping his bedroom.

"Elena Gilbert. Very nice to meet you, Caroline has told me all about your human days as friends." She grinned.

Elena just chuckled. "Yeah we were bad girls, and that hasn't really changed as far as I am concerned. We have all grown up, but at heart, we will never really get old. Pun intended. Which reminds me, it's not too late to arrange for strippers tonight, if you'd like Care?" she raised an eyebrow teasingly.

They heard a collective growl from the drawing room, which only made them burst into peals of laughter. "I guess not such a good idea," quipped Nali, "but we should definitely go clubbing, I can't wait to wear these new heels." She showed Elena.

The brunette just shook her head. "Pink?" she turned to Caroline. "I am sure you already explained to her the point of contrast in black and red with Louboutins?" she raised an eyebrow.

Caroline huffed. "Of course I have, just because I live in Paris doesn't mind I have gone completely fashion crazy."

Nali just shrugged. "You keep your boring black shoes, I will rock my pink ones. Now, who's up for midday margaritas before we start getting ready for tonight?" she grinned and after receiving happy grins from both her companions left for the kitchen to get them their drinks.


The men in the drawing room listened in on their conversation with amusement while tumblers of whiskey were passed around.

"So Niklaus, what shall we do for tonight? You are having a stag do, right?" Kol asked, already mentally plotting the bars they could visit.

The hybrid shrugged. "I would not mind spending a quiet evening with my brothers to celebrate the occasion like cultured men."

Elijah nodded. "Perhaps that would be for the best."

"Oh come on grandpas!" exclaimed Kol. "Live a little, this is boring. Perhaps we should get strippers like Elena suggested." he grinned cheekily.

The aforementioned brunette appeared in the doorway and Elijah immediately knew her polite smile meant trouble. "If we can't have strippers, then neither can you. Or would you like me to tell Caroline where you are taking her for the honeymoon?" she asked Klaus innocently, yet her eyes held a warning.

The hybrid just shook his head, partly in irritation, partly in amusement at the witty girl.

"There's a good hybrid." Her smirk was positively evil this time before she turned to leave. "Oh and by the way, behave. We can hear you just as well as you can hear us and you wouldn't want to have your dirty laundry washed in front of your other brothers, now would you?" she tossed over her shoulder before going back to joining the girls.

The men watched her curvy behind swing elegantly on her way out before taking a sip from their glasses. "Who is she and what have you done with Elena Gilbert, brother?" asked Kol with slight astonishment.

Elijah grinned proudly. "She has grown into the woman hiding inside her protective shell all along. I have to say her sharp tongue can even give me a headache on occasions but other than that, I have nothing to complain about." He admitted turning to Klaus. "What was it that you said earlier? Ah, isn't she magnificent?" he drawled teasingly.

Elena has dealt with her grief over the years and while she was the epitome of a cultured young woman, she could play very dirty and her tongue had a propensity to slice anyone open with its sharpness. But that was why he loved her, serious and teasing, perfectly polite yet dirty minded and oh so intelligent. She was his goddess and they all knew it, including Elena herself.

Kol rolled his eyes. "Am I the only one whose sentimentality died with our human lives?" he drawled cheekily, getting them a refill.

Klaus grinned. "Is that why you have kept Nali at your side for the past two years? Because of your lack of sentimentality?" he teased back, knowing Kol had a soft spot for the dark beauty.

"Oh please, at least we are not in love. She is clever, sexy and up for almost anything when it comes to sex. Why would I not keep her around? Plus, it's not like we haven't had threesomes before when we got bored." He shrugged.


Caroline and Elena gasped in the living room at hearing Kol speaking of Nali that way and looked at her for any signs of distress. She just shrugged. "What? It's not like he is lying. You two may be in love with your Mikaelsons, but Kol and I are different. Don't get me wrong, I do love him for being who he is, and he must be fond of me at least to keep me by his side for so long. That is enough for the both of us." she explained.

"His uhm...sexual appetite and promiscuity don't bother you?" asked Elena.

Nali just laughed softly. "As your lover said early, I am just as crass as he is. We have the same taste in women and in men, so why not make our eternity a bit more interesting?" she smiled. She could see the brunette was not judging her, merely being curious just like Caroline had been all those months ago when they met for the first time. Their blonde friend has already heard her story, but Nali was betting Caroline never told Elena out of respect for her new friend.

"How did you two even meet? If you don't mind me asking. I mean, you will see me running around with rollers in my hair and wearing nothing but underwear in a few hours as we get ready, might as well share." she smiled encouragingly, Elijah's soft laugh reaching her ears from the drawing room. She was so attuned to him after almost ten years of being his lover to know the men rather listened in on them then talk.

Nali took a sip from her margarita and started her story as they got comfortable around the living room. "I was turned in 2001, more than 20 years ago, and ironically on my 20th birthday. Speaking of poetic justice and gifts you can't return, right?" she winked at the girls who chuckled. "I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. Life was...hard, my mother sold her body in order to feed me and my 5 younger siblings. She was beaten to death when I was only 15, so I had to take over. Father was a useless drunk, always finding himself in trouble until one day he ended up in prison, we had nobody to take care of us. But apparently a lot of tourists enjoyed getting a flavour of the local girls so we got by." She said completely dispassionately, remembering her human life. Elena covered her mouth in shock but didn't interrupt her story, listening patiently.

"Until one day, I have just turned 18 and met this American Journalist. He was kind, wealthy and never touched me in any inappropriate way. He would give me money and clothes in exchange for telling him my story, and about the life in Bogota for his work. And he sent me to school. I managed to get a job in one of the local bars after that and could finally stop with prostitution. Life was starting to look up." she smiled fondly, but her lips soon fell again. "He was shot a year later, but life went on and I was happy. I had friends from the bar and school, and I was celebrating my 20th birthday when a man approached me, he had these...piercing blue eyes, obviously a tourist. I could not resist his gaze, not knowing at the time that he was compelling me. That night, he turned me only to leave me in a dark alley to wake up completely disoriented and starving for blood. For the next decade, I tried to curb in my cravings but never was quite successful. The taste of human blood was divine and once I got the hang of compulsion, I fed as often as I could, revelling in the intoxicating taste." She grinned, she was a wild one after all.

"So one night I was feeding in a deserted alley. She was a beautiful bartender, and tasted slightly exotic when I heard him approach. He felt...powerful and I looked up at that impish grin of his.

"Mind sharing? She looks like a tasty one." he drawled in that British accent of his and sauntered closer.

She merely hissed at him. "Go find your own human."

He merely laughed and pinned her to the wall. "Now now kitten. Don't play coy with me and share with your elders. And if you are a good little girl, we can go hunt the next one together." He winked.

Caroline chuckled. "Sounds like Kol alright, dirty bugger." She muttered and Elena had to laugh at such a British word escaping the blonde. Apparently she has also been spending too much time around Klaus if she was catching on to his vocabulary.

Nali smiled and continued her story. "So we fed, we hunted for a few more humans and then spent the next three days in bed. Best sex in my life." She chuckled. "But then he left, and I haven't seen him for the next eight years. My siblings were old enough to take care of themselves so after leaving them with some money, I travelled. We met again in Spain two years ago, one of the local vampires was throwing a house party and as always Kol could not resist the chance to meet some beautiful women. We saw each other right at the beginning but danced around the room, teasingly avoiding contact until dawn when he finally approached me.

"Well hello kitten, short time no see." he winked at her.

"Not long enough apparently. Found any companions for the night yet?" she drawled in disinterest, but the memory of his touch pushing into the forefront of her mind and despite her words she found herself aroused by his powerful presence.

He took a deep breath and by his wicked grin she knew he smelled her. "I don't usually drink from the same glass twice, but I think I just did." he purred and had her out of there in seconds.

"We've been together ever since. Well, as together as you can be with a wicked man like Kol." She chuckled.

Kol was chuckling in the next room at her words, admiring her passion. "What can I say, the girl's got spunk. I like having her around." he grinned wickedly.

"Really Kol? An ex-prostitute with a blood addiction. I honestly can say that your standards haven't changed one bit after being undaggered." drawled Elijah. "No offence Nali, you are a pleasant young woman." He added, knowing the girls could hear them.

"None taken." called Nali from the rook but she was cut off by Elena.

"Elijah Mikaelson, you stop being so judgemental right now or you are not getting any for a week!" the feisty brunette called from the living room.

"Yes dear, just remember the last time you attempted that though." he called back, grinning like a cat who got the cream as he remembered the morning she found out about Caroline's plans to wed Klaus while working on her PhD. That was one hell of a morning...

Elena just huffed and Caroline rolled her eyes. "Am I the only one who does not constantly think about sex? You guys are like a kindergarten!" she exclaimed, not amused at all.

Elena chuckled. "Did you tell Nali of How Klaus courted you?"

Nali just looked at her questioningly, obviously completely clueless.

"Oh that will have to wait while we get ready, and out of the ear shot. Unlike you two, I am not embarrassing my future husband in front of his brothers. Though I have to say his efforts were quite amusing." She giggled before they picked up their bags and went upstairs to get ready for the hen party, leaving to men to find their own entertainment.

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