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Elijah woke up to an empty cold bed and turned on his side, closing his eyes once more and let his senses feel her within the house. He could hear her humming one of her favourite lullabies and smiled, knowing she was most likely making breakfast. So after donning some sleeping pants, he followed the delicious scent of coffee and something...something fried the kitchen. He leaned against the doorframe to observe her petite feminine frame covered by nothing but a crimson silk robe he had bought her in Singapore, her curves on display for his hungry eyes as she moved through the kitchen and danced around a large frying pan.

"Good morning, my love."

He could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke to him without turning and walked over, hugging her around the waist as he looked over her shoulder.

"Hmmm you spoil us, my lovely Elena. Crepes for the whole house, which may just spike my jealousy at others tasting the fruits of your culinary skills." He chuckled and nipped her neck.

She shuddered lightly at both his words as she plated another portion. "And I have made my special blood cause as well to be mixed with strawberries." She grinned. "Now be a dear and take this up to the lovebirds. The groom was slowly stirring when I was passing by their room in the corridor earlier and Care is still resting. They should enjoy breakfast in bed." The brunette added while artfully placing strawberries around the plates and covering them in the mixture of melted chocolate and AB positive.

"I find myself a lucky man by your side." He whispered in her ear.

"Yet you do not grace me with a kiss good morning. Your manners seem to have left you." She chuckled and squealed the next moment when he turned her around and picked her up effortlessly until her long lean legs were wrapped around his hips.

"Apologies, I was too caught up in thoughts of wishing you good morning in a more...intimate manner." He purred before connecting their lips hungrily.

"Well would you look at that? Seriously, you need to get a camera. I bet your footage would make quite a lot on the market." They heard the snickering voice of the youngest Mikaelson man and separated, throwing him a glare each.

Elena noticed that he and Nali were holding hands as they stepped into the kitchen. "Awww, our resident pervert is back in form after last night's debacle." Drawled Elena in response before adding. "I conclude that making up went well?" she raised an amused eyebrow as Nali winked at her.

"Yes yes, none of your business." he gestured nonchalantly before noticing the food. "Breakfast? I am impressed."

"Wait till you taste it." Chuckled Elijah before picking up the tray for the lovebirds and leaving for delivery.

"Please sit, we will eat shortly." Smiled Elena and got back to finishing the last batch.

The two couples were enjoying a relatively peaceful breakfast, if you ignore Nali's constant squirming due to Kol's hand doing god-knows-what underneath the table, Kol's dirty jokes, Elijah's hungry eyes upon Elena and the cook herself annoyed with everything going around the table. Just peachy.

"EEEEEEP!" sounded from the stairs before Elena found herself and her chair crashing to the floor with her lap full of blond and half naked Caroline. "Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you, you know how much I *loooooove* your blood sauce!" she grinned happily.

Elena chuckled. "And you came to thank me wearing your tiny pyjamas when you know we will be upstairs in 15 minutes?" she asked, completely amused at her giddy friend. But then again, who wouldn't be giddy on their wedding day?

Forgoing any notion of finishing her breakfast in peace, Elena pulled them both up from the floor before chuckling. "Alright, forget it. It was my pleasure to cook for you this morning but we have preparations to do." She looked at her lover and gave him a tender smile. "Can I rely on you to have the broom party out of here with everything you need in half an hour?" she asked.

Elijah raised a quizzical eyebrow. "Broom party?"

Elena just shrugged. "Groom brothers, brooms in short. Now, will you do it?"

Elijah just chuckled and pressed a kiss to her cheek. "Anything for you love." He winked and pulled Kol up the stairs by the scruff of his neck, a small sadistic smile never leaving his face at the protesting brother's shouting.

Elena just shook her head and looked at the bride-to-be. "Now you missy, have another blood bag and Nali and I have prepared a treat for you." she winked.


Caroline mused at how wonderful her two best friends were. Elena had cheekily filled her lover's Jacuzzi with jasmine and almond oils and now they were all three soaking contently while they sipped on some champagne, courtesy of Nali's devious planning.

"Careful, don't dip your hair just yet. Let the Moroccan oils work its magic. I swear my hair would not survive without that particular treat every month." winked Elena at her blonde friend.

Caroline just smiled and closed her eyes for a moment, relishing in their perfectly peaceful afternoon. Everything was arranged, including the cars to the Louvre, where the ceremony would be taking place due to a few heftily placed compulsions. It was there Nik asked her to marry him and she could not have wished for a more beautiful venue, surrounded by art, history and so many sublime creations.

They have decided on a small private ceremony, Elena and Nali both had their own dresses as bridesmaids and Caroline had her own picked for a few months now. It has all been so smooth; she could not quite grasp the stress all the wedding planners talked about. All they had left to do was prepare themselves, grab their flowers and be on their way.

She was so ready to start her new life as a wife to the most powerful hybrid on the Earth. They both had their issues with what past had brought upon their shoulders yet she knew they could deal with anything that the future had to throw at them. United they stood, and only now she realised that if they were to separate and not aid their love in growing, they would fall. For what was eternity without someone to share it with?

"Thank you. Both of you." she smiled and brought up her champagne glass for a toast. "To us, the best friends we could ever hope to be. To tonight, to our eternity and to being the women of the most powerful men in the world." She smiled slyly.

A mere decade ago, she would have never guessed they would end up in this position of privilege and have such loving partners. Tonight, she could not imagine it any other way.

"To our beautiful bride and wolfy groom." winked Nali.

"To you, my dear Care. To your happiness and the prosperity of your marriage. I wish you all the joys in the world." Smiled Elena and they toasted happily before finishing their bath and started on their preparations.

Nali applied very light and natural make up to Caroline's soft features, emphasizing her large blue eyes with soft mascara, her lips the colour of blood that symbolised their eternal life force. In the meanwhile Elena arranged her natural curls into a tight chignon to let her beautiful heart shaped face shine. "You will be the most beautiful bride in the history." She smiled at her blond friend before finally allowing her to look in the mirror.

Caroline smiled. "Thank you for your help, I could not imagine getting ready alone. I feel so beautiful it's overwhelming." She chuckled and tried to suppress tears in order not to destroy Nali's work.

"Come, dress time!" grinned Elena who was still in her underwear along with Nali. They wanted to make sure Caroline was happy and everything was perfect before putting on their dresses and quickly getting ready.

The blond has chosen a stunning floor-length sleeveless gown by Carolina Herrera with soft lace neckline and wide straps going over her toned shoulders until the sweetheart silk neckline that hugged her body non-too-tight until flaring out more naturally around her thighs into a trail to the floor. Neither girl has ever seen a more beautiful bride as they helped her in front of the full size mirror and admired her beauty.

"You are all ready. We will get the flowers downstairs, just let us quickly get ready and we will be on our way." Smiled Nali as Elena and she went through with their own preparation at lightning speed.

They have agreed to match dresses with Caroline's lipstick and red roses, so they found their own dresses in the classic crimson colour. Nali's a short, just above the knee with no straps and Elena's long, Greek style wrapped gown that reached the floor. A few more details were sorted before Elena texted her lover they were on their way.

Klaus and one of the vampire ministers were waiting by the statue of Artemis on the hunt, Elijah and Kol by his side as wingmen and witnesses. Nali walked in first, carrying a single red rose and joined Kol behind Klaus. Caroline stepped in on the arm of her best friend who promised to give her away as the only one who had shared life with her in Mystic Falls. She was saying goodbye to being that insecure little girl from small town, and embracing the world with her new husband. As she stood next to her lover, Caroline looked absolutely magnificent. It seemed that Klaus was just as speechless by her beauty as the rest of the present for he only pressed a kiss to her knuckles, his gaze never leaving her form.

Elena stood behind Caroline with her lover and smiled brightly at the beautiful couple in front of her. She may never be content with Klaus in her life but to see her best friend so happy and radiant, it was well worth the small sacrifices on her part. The ceremony was short, simple and very sweet as they spoke their vows of love and exchanged wedding bands, promising an eternity of love and happiness.

They came back to the apartment and the girls helped Caroline changed into a simple short white dress for their journey to the honeymoon destination and packed a few last necessities before saying goodbye to the newlyweds who had a plane to catch.

Nali brushed off a tear as they waved at them for the last time from the balcony. Kol noticed and hugged her close. "You know I will never ask you to marry me." He drawled cheekily.

She just elbowed him non-too-gently. "First off, never is a very long time for a vampire. And second, who says I would say yes? You are insufferable." She shot back and turned to look at him.

He just grinned at her cheekily and offered her his arm. "The newlyweds will most likely spend the night in each other's arms, why not follow their example?" he winked.

She just rolled her eyes but took the offered arm. "Lead the way Casanova. And you better make up for the ruined surprise last night." She grinned and off they went.

Elena shook her head in exasperation before placing the last of her dresses into the suitcase. "We have about an hour to get to the airport. I have packed your suits already, but could you please get my cosmetics bag?" she called to her lover who was in the shower.

"I shall be out in a minute!" as he started drying off.

Elena stretched her tired muscles before taking off the beautiful dress, knowing she would forever have fond memories of tonight connected to it. It would be one to preserve for the grand celebration that would surely occur at the anniversary of the couples' wedding. She reached for the royal purple short dress left on the bed so she could change when she felt his touch on her waist.

"You looked so beautiful, giving Caroline away." He smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"Thank you. It will be a happy memory, but I am ready to leave Paris in all honesty. I want to go home." She said softly and pressed her palm over his still damp chest, right above his heart.

"I cannot wait to make love to you in our bed..." he whispered softly in her ear before placing one more tender kiss upon her lips and getting ready for their flight, leaving the naughty couple in the apartment of love.


Dubai. Caroline was completely freaking out at the gorgeous metropolis and noticed her husband's content smile. She was a married woman and he was the love of her eternity.

"Husband..." she whispered softly, catching the swirl of emotions in his beautiful jade eyes as he pressed a kiss to the inside of her wrist.

"Yes wife?" he asked lovingly and she curled into his side on their way to the hotel.

It was grand, opulent and so breathtaking... She could find no other words for it. Yet the hotel was not on her mind, she wanted to start her wedding night and she wanted him right now. He could smell the sweet scent of her arousal in the elevator and it took every last bit of his control to not take her right there and then. But once in the room, it was as if they were both gone, their bodies taking over the passionate act know to all, animals, humans and all supernatural creatures alike.

A symphony of flesh meeting flesh, pleasured whimpers and soft words pleading for more...always more as he finally slid home, the two of them becoming one and feeling complete since the first time they have met. It has been a long journey and they had an eternity stretching out in front of them, but all that existed right now, was the love and passion that made them one.

No words were spoken; none were needed on their way to the highest peak, letting the pleasure crush over them in waves as her heated core gripped him as if never wishing to let him go. And if he could, he would never part with her again.