AN: Hey, so this is the first chapter to the sequel of House of Fire. The chapter is sort of like a recap and explains what is going on currently between everyone. It's in third person and takes place four months after the events of chapter fifteen and a bit has changed in Anubis House. Two new characters will be briefly introduced and they will add to the drama and mystery. Only one of them is introduced in this chapter. I hope you like, now read on…

Chapter 1: New Faces and Overdue Explanations

Fabian let himself look over the campus as he gripped the handle of his suitcase. It was the first day back at Anubis house since summer break and he was trying to work up the courage to enter the house. He sighed. "Forget it, maybe I'll try again in a week."

"That's pathetic." A teasing voice filled his ears and he couldn't help but smile.

Fabian spun around and spotted the familiar blond girl standing a few meters away. He shrugged and said, "That's me. Pathetic Fabian."

She shook her head and chuckled before running up to him and pulling him into a bone crushing hug. "I missed you, you idiot."

Fabian smiled. "I missed you too Michaela."

Michaela pulled away and stared at him. "You cut your hair." Fabian noticed as he grabbed a strand of her curly blonde hair.

"Yeah," She nodded, "I needed a change, so I chopped all my hair off and now it is slightly above my shoulders."

"I like it." He exclaimed.

"I knew you would." She replied.

Fabian smiled once more. "How was summer break?"

"America is certainly more normal than this place, but I'd miss the accents if I decided to go back." She answered.

"You'd miss my accent?" Fabian asked, a small smirk forming on his lips.

Michaela rolled her eyes and lightly smacked his shoulder. "So what about you?"

"I went home and did nothing." He responded.

"Well your fascinating life certainly wasn't the reason I became your best friend." She teased.

He shook his head before putting his arm around her shoulders and leading her to Anubis house. "Are you here to face the music with me?"

"Whoa, hold on," Michael slipped out of his grasp, "I just came to say hi, but just to you, not to your crazy roommates."

"Come on," Fabian pleaded.

Michaela sighed. "Fine, but only because you're my friend."

"Great," Fabian took hold of his suitcase once more and dragged it up the steps as Michaela followed close behind. Fabian took a deep breath before gripping the door knob and pushing the door open.

He could hear loud voices talking at once coming from the living room as he slowly walked in. The voices suddenly stopped as everyone turned to see who was at the door. Fabian and Michaela entered the living area and saw all of Anubis house crowded in the room. Fabian gulped as he looked at all his roommates.

"Fabian, you're here." Joy exclaimed.

Fabian nodded and gave her a small smile. His eyes searched his housemates before landing on Jerome who was currently staring at Michaela.

"Michaela…" Jerome let her name slip from his tongue causing Michaela to clear her throat.

"And that's my cue to leave." Michaela turned to Fabian. "I'll see you later, kay?"

She placed a light kiss on his cheek, hugged him, and exited Anubis house. When Fabian turned back to everyone they were all staring at him. "So… how was everyone's summer?"

And just like that the trance disappeared and everyone returned to normal as voices filled the room. Fabian tried to make conversation with people, but he couldn't help but feel like numerous sets of eyes were staring at him.


Michaela rushed up the stairs of Thoth house to her room. She opened up the doorway and stopped at what she saw. A girl about her age was lying on one of the beds in the room. She had medium brown hair pulled into a messy side braid, pale ocean blue eyes that were currently staring at a book, and fair flawless skin that glowed in the light. She wore a white v-neck, short jean shorts that showed off her long gorgeous legs, checkered black and white converse sneakers, and a small silver heart necklace around her neck. She had full plump lips, slightly big eyes, and a perfect nose that most girls wished they were born with. There was no doubt in Michaela's mind that she was probably the most beautiful girl she had ever seen in her entire life. The girl was currently bobbing her head to music that was blaring from her white ear buds.

Michaela cleared her throat and stepped into the room. The girl took her attention off of the book in front of her and looked at Michaela. She smiled and set the book down before pulling out her ear buds. Michaela groaned. It was just as she had suspected. She had perfect white teeth and probably had a personality that vibrated innocence, happiness, and perfection. She could tell it was going to be hard to hate her.

"Hi, I'm Ariadne." The girl introduced herself.

Michaela felt herself smile at the sound of the girl's American accent. "You're American. Thank god. I was getting sick of all these accents."

Ariadne chuckled a bit and nodded. "What's your name?"

"I'm Michaela." She answered.

"So can you explain to me how it works here?" Ariadne asked.

Michaela nodded. "I'd be happy to. Come on, I'll show you around the school."

"Great," Ariadne followed Michaela out of the room as she began explaining what went on at the school.


"Okay, I'm ready to hear everything that I did while I was possessed." Jerome stated as he stared at Mick, Amber, Nina, and Morgan. "Let's start with what I did to you Morgan."

Morgan leaned against the wall. "First you made me your lap dog that had to do all your errands, and then you whipped and burned me to death, but luckily Amber brought me back to life."

"Umm… I'm sorry about that." Jerome replied.

"Jerome, you don't have to do this. It wasn't you who did those things to us." Nina tried to convince him.

Jerome shook his head. "I need to know what I did."

Nina sighed. "You kidnapped me and tortured me with your fire ability."

"Oh my god, Nina, I'm-,"

"Stop apologizing Jerome." Mick cut him off.

"Okay, what about you?" He asked Mick.

"The only thing you did to me was rough me up a bit." Mick answered.

Jerome nodded. "That leaves you. What did I do Amber?"

"Jerome, I really think you should-,"

"Amber," Jerome stared at her with pleading eyes, "please?"

"Okay," Amber took a seat on Jerome's bed, "First you trapped me in a fun house and made me go to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. Then you burned my wrist in the dining hall. After that you gave me the tattoo and sent me to the hospital once again. Next, you umm… Can I just stop there?"

"Amber, I need to know." Jerome begged. "If I don't I'll go crazy with guilt wondering what horrible things I did."

Amber took a deep breath. "You forced me to sleep with you and then I willingly became your minion, but it stopped as soon as it started."

"I did all those things?" Jerome shook his head as his fist collided with the wall. The wall didn't break, but Jerome created a huge dent.

"It wasn't you Jerome. You need to know that." Mick reminded him.

"It doesn't matter. It was my body doing all those things."

Amber walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "Jerome, it's okay. Everything is okay now."

"Umm… what did I do to that girl, Michaela? When she came into Anubis house I immediately knew her name. Why is that?" Jerome asked.

Morgan shrugged. "Only Michaela can tell you that. She lives in Thoth house and she helped us save you."


"Michaela has the ability of knowledge. She knows everything including thoughts, secrets… even future events." Mick answered. "She helped us get the emerald and she told us more about the curse."

Jerome nodded. "How does she know Fabian?"

"That we don't know, but they seem pretty close. You don't think she told him anything?" Amber asked them.

"It's possible." Mick responded. "I'll go talk to him and Jerome can go talk to Michaela."

"I don't think she wants to talk to me." Jerome exclaimed.

Morgan walked to the door before turning to Jerome. "Make her."

He opened the door and one by one they all left leaving Jerome and Amber alone. "I was a mess, wasn't I?"

Amber nodded. "Yeah, but in the end we all were. I'm going to go unpack. I'll see you later, okay?"

Before Amber could leave Jerome grabbed her wrist. "I'm going to make it up to you. I'm going to give you the first time you deserve, okay?"

"Jerome, that isn't-," Amber began.

"I will, okay?" He repeated.

Amber smiled and gave him a quick kiss before leaving the room.


"This is the greenhouse. That gazebo over there is my favorite spot in the whole school." Michaela led Ariadne into the room.

"I see why. It's nice and quiet here." Ariadne observed. She suddenly stopped in her tracks. "There's an attractive boy over there."

Michaela looked at the gazebo and saw Morgan standing in front of it. She sighed. "Come on."

Morgan stepped down the steps and walked towards Michaela. "You've been avoiding us."

"Sorry, but you and the Scooby gang are the least of my worries." Michaela informed him.

Morgan rolled his eyes at the comment and looked over at Ariadne. "Hi, I'm Morgan."

"I'm Ariadne." She replied.

"Are you from Thoth house?" He asked.

Ariadne nodded. Morgan shook his head. "Why is it that all the beautiful girls live there?"

Ariadne smiled at the comment. "And what house are you in?"

"Osiris house. Ariadne, if you ever need a tour guide just ask me?" He offered.

"Hello, I'm already giving her a tour." Michaela pointed out.

"Well, then if you ever just want to have a good time you can come looking for me." Morgan restated as he flashed her a white-toothed grin.

Michael glared at Morgan. "Stop hitting on my roommate. This has already happened five times and I don't need you to be the sixth."

"Jealous?" Morgan teased.

"No," She snapped, "just annoyed."

Morgan chuckled as he headed towards the exit. "Jerome wants to talk to you."

"Why?" Michaela asked.

"He doesn't remember what happened while…" Morgan trailed off as he glanced at Ariadne. "Just talk to him."

"Sorry, but I don't need any drama this year. Come on Ariadne, I'll show you the cafeteria." Michaela walked out the greenhouse and Ariadne gave Morgan a small smile as she ran after her.


"Fabian?" Mick knocked on the door and waited for someone to reply.

"Yeah?" Mick opened the door and saw Fabian seated on his bed with his guitar.

He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. "Umm… I need to ask you a question."

"Okay," Fabian set down his guitar and turned to face Mick.

Mick gulped and took a seat on his bed. "How do you know Michaela?"

Fabian furrowed his eyebrows before picking his guitar back up. "What do you mean?"

"I mean how long have you none her and other stuff." Mick replied.

"Other stuff?" Fabian questioned.

"Just answer the question!" Mick exclaimed.

"I met Michaela four months ago. She's my best friend. Why? Do you know her?" Fabian stated.

Mick tilted his head slightly. "She didn't tell you that she knows me. What about Jerome or Amber?"

Fabian shook his head. "All I know is that she never wants to come to Anubis house. She told me there were some people she wanted to avoid."

"Did she say who those people were?" Mick asked.

"Mick, I shouldn't be telling you this." Fabian confessed as he got up from his bed. He walked to his closet and shoved his guitar in. "Michaela would kill me if she knew I was telling you this."

"Come on," Mick begged, "tell me."

Fabian sighed. "All she told me was the Scooby gang which I didn't understand since it was a Scooby Doo reference and I've never actually-,"

Before Fabian finished Mick got up and left the room. "Well…" Fabian looked around the room, "that was rude."


Michaela sat at a table in the cafeteria as she watched a group of boys try to catch Ariadne's attention. She sighed and turned to stare at the book in front of her before getting ready to take a bite out of her apple. "Hey, Michaela!"

Michaela looked up and saw Fabian rushing towards her. "Hey,"

Fabian smiled at her before setting his backpack down on the table and taking a seat across from her. "What are you doing here?"

"I was showing my gorgeous roommate around, but a group of boys wanted to make fools of themselves and try and ask her out." Michaela gestured to Ariadne who was leaning against the wall as three boys tried to chat her up.

"She's pretty, but you're prettier." Fabian replied.

Michaela narrowed her eyes at him. "What did you do?"

Fabian gasped dramatically. "Why is it that you always assume I did something when I give you a compliment?"

"So you didn't do something?" Michaela asked.

"Well…" Fabian stretched out the word causing Michaela to roll her eyes.

"What was it?" She asked.

Fabian scooted closer to her and said, "Mick came to talk to me and he asked a lot of questions about you that I answered."

"You answered them?" Michaela groaned and shook her head. "Why would you do that?"

Fabian shrugged. "Do you know him, Jerome, and Amber?"

Michaela sighed and whispered, "There are some things that happened last year that you don't know about and it's for your own good."

"What are you-," Before he could finish his question, Ariadne appeared with a bright smile.

"Where to next?" She asked.

Fabian made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat before looking up at Ariadne. "Hey, I'm Fabian."

Ariadne nodded and said, "I'm Ariadne. It's nice to meet you. Are you another one of Michaela's friends?"

Fabian nodded. "I'm her only friend."

Michaela shoved him in the shoulder causing Fabian to burst out in laughter. "He's actually my best friend and he's an idiot."

Fabian smiled and said, "That's me. Fabian, the idiot. I have to go and we can finish our conversation later."

Fabian picked up his belongings before snatching the apple from Michaela's hand and taking a bite. Michaela snatched the apple back and also took a bite before glaring at him. "Don't touch my fruit. That's rule two if you want to continue being my friend."

Fabian rolled his eyes before turning to Ariadne. "It was great to meet you. You're going to love it here."

"Don't feed the poor girl lies." Michaela advised him.

Fabian chuckled at that before walking away and waving goodbye. Ariadne took the now empty spot beside Michaela. "He likes you."

Michaela almost choked on her apple as she stared at Ariadne with wide eyes. "What?"

Ariadne shook her head and laughed lightly before getting to her feet. "Come on."

Michaela picked up her book and followed Ariadne out of the area.


"I'm going to find a book really quickly, don't move." Michaela informed Ariadne.

Ariadne nodded and said, "Where would I go?"

"Right, be right back." Michaela left Ariadne on her own and walked to the back of the library to find a book. As she ran her hand along the books she heard the sound of a floorboard squeak. Michaela quickly spun around to find Jerome leaning against the wall a few feet away.

"Oh," She dropped her arms to her sides, "it's just you."

"Michaela, can we talk?" Jerome asked.

"Last time I checked that's what we were doing." She replied.

"Yeah," He cleared his throat and started down at the floor. "What happened while I was…"

"Possessed?" She finished the question for him.

He nodded. "What did I do to you?"

Michaela sighed. "I don't want to talk about this."

As Michaela walked back to the front of the library Jerome took hold of her wrist. "Did I hurt you?"

Michaela snatched her wrist and turned around so quickly Jerome didn't have time to back up. "You destroyed me."

"I-I'm sorry." He stuttered.

Michaela shook her head. "You don't get to apologize. You were a jerk who used me, but I suppose it's my fault for letting myself be used."

"No, you can't blame yourself. I probably controlled-,"

"Do you not remember anything?" She interrupted him. "You can't control me. I was the only person who could control you."

"What are you-," He began.

"Jerome maybe it's for the best that you don't remember anything." She pointed out. "You have a new slate. Use it wisely."

"Michaela, what did I do to make you hate me?" He asked.

"I don't hate you." She responded. "I just think there's still evil inside you and I can't be around that."

Michaela began to walk away, but she was stopped at the sound of his voice. "We were more than friends, weren't we?"

She remained still for a moment, confirming Jerome's suspicions.

"I hurt you, just like I did to Amber and I'm sorry. Like you said, I have a clean slate."

Michaela looked back at him. "Jerome, my memory wasn't wiped, it was yours. As far as I'm concerned you have no clean slate; you have to do good to make up for the bad."

Michaela once again started to leave, but this time Jerome let her go. He had his question answered. He knew what he did to her and he knew what he needed to do to make up for it.

Michaela returned to Ariadne and found her talking to Morgan.

"Something wicked this way comes." She heard Morgan mutter.

Michaela rolled her eyes and said, "Ariadne, you know that dogs aren't allowed on campus right?"

Morgan scoffed. "That's the best you have?"

"No, but that's all your worth." She answered. "Ariadne lets go."

Ariadne began to follow Michaela but heard Morgan say, "I didn't know you were Michaela's lap dog."

Ariadne briefly glanced at him and said, "I didn't know you were so full of yourself, but I guess we both learned something today."

Morgan narrowed his eyes at her and Ariadne smirked. "Still mad that we won the war?"

Morgan cracked a smile at the comment and rose from his seat. "You're not just a pretty face, are you?"

He strolled past the two girls and exited the library.

"I know what you're thinking." Michaela stated as she looked at Ariadne.

Ariadne raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

Michaela nodded. "Yeah, and I'm telling you that you don't want that. He's just trouble."

Michaela retreated from the library and Ariadne trailed behind.


"Jerome, where are we going?" Amber asked as she allowed Jerome to navigate her around the area. He had put a blindfold over her eyes and said that he had a surprise for her.

"We're almost there, hold on." He replied. Amber sighed as she stumbled and tripped over her own feet.

"Okay," Jerome steadied her, "remove your blindfold."

Amber untied the black cloth and let it fall to the floor as she took in the scene before her. She saw a round table covered in a red tablecloth with two plates, utensils, glasses, and a bottle of sparkling cider. A trail of rose petals from the table led to a bed with red sheets and rose petals scattered all around. Scented candles surrounded them in the shape of a heart. Amber spun around to look at Jerome and saw a giant bouquet of roses and baby breath. "Jerome, this is amazing."

She looked over at the bed and raised an eyebrow. "Being a bit too forward don't you think?"

Jerome chuckled at the statement before handing her the bouquet. "I told you you were going to have the first time you deserve."

A huge smiled spread on Amber's face and she set the bouquet down on the table before leaning in for a kiss. "Thank you."

Jerome nodded and gestured toward the table. "Shall we?"

Amber shook her head and took hold of his tie before pulling him down. "Dinner can wait."

Jerome smiled and pressed his lips against hers.

Clarke Family Estate, 12:38 AM

"The time has come for us to rise!" A tall man in a dark hooded cloak stared down at the soft ground before him. He looked over all the tombstones before his eyes landed on one and he walked over to it. "Master, you shall soon be alive and I will help avenge you."

He backed up and spread his arms as he began to chant.

"Et regula iterum animae mortuorum surrexerunt

Excitari ad omne tempus et initium

A Deo facta est pluvia ignis

Sed tempus est nobis prodest renuntiare saeculi

Sic supernatet ascendit de subterranei

Veni, et retrieve quid esset numquam inveni!"

All of a sudden the moon turned a blood red and rain began to fall all over the grave yard. The man placed his hand down on the ground as he took hold of his dagger and cut a line across his arm. Blood began to stream down and sink into the muddy ground. A slow rumbling began to occur and the man gazed up at the dark night sky. His eyes fell close and he raised his arms up. "The souls have awakened!"

AN: Okay, so that is chapter 1. I hope you enjoyed it because I didn't think it was that great. Everything starts getting complicated in chapter 2 as everything is explained and you will learn more about Ariadne. Maybe she knows a bit about what is going on at Anubis house? Who knows? Thanks for reading the sequel to 'House of Fire'! Please review, favorite and subscribe!


P.S. Ariadne's name is pronounced Ah-ree-odd-knee. I just wanted to make that known because a lot of people pronounce it wrong or simply don't know how to.

Translation to chant:

"May the souls of the dead rise up and rule again

For it is time to be awakened and let it all begin

The fire has been put out by the almighty rain

But it is time for us to take the world back and gain

So float up from the underground

Come and retrieve what was never found!"