Love and War

Summary: Letty calls Dom her ex. He responds about as well as he would to any other kick in the pants. Fast 6 spoilers. One-shot.

Rated: M – for language

Disclaimer: Nope, I still don't own anything, just my imagination.

Dominic cursed loudly. He had just saved her reckless ass, and she thought she could take off without so much as a 'by your leave'? In her freaking dreams. He hit the gas and sped after her down the empty highway.

He had gotten a very rude awakening when he had been informed that Letty was not only alive, but had her own crew and was apparently less than happy to see him. Dom thought it was time his girl got a rude awakening of her own.

He finally caught up to her, glancing at his speedometer incredulously, finding himself going ninety-eight miles per hour to maintain pace with her. Dom pulled up alongside her car, rolling down the passenger side window to shout at her. "Pull the fuck over!"

She flicked him off.

He growled and hit the button for a shot of NOS that had him flying ahead of her and finally skidding to a stop, his car blocking off the highway. He got out of the car as he heard her tires squeal, and as a second thought, remembered to pocket his car keys.

The last time she had been anywhere near this angry with him, they had both been in his car. He ended up pulling over on some back road to finish their fight. A thoughtless comment from him had her hopping behind the wheel and driving off with his car, leaving him on the side of the road to walk five miles home.

He'd rather not do that again. Especially since he wasn't entirely sure where the hell they were.

The first thing Dom saw when he saw her step out of her car were the black leather boots that wrapped around her calves – a far cry from the chunky flaming boots she used to wear all those years ago.

The second thing he saw was the gun at her hip.

He raised an eyebrow. "That thing loaded?"

"It's not empty", Letty shrugged. "So?" she demanded. "What do you want? Or are you planning to just stand here looking stupid? Because if that's the case, I'll just take off-"

"Letty!" he hissed.

"What, Dom?" she spat. "What could you possibly want from me now?!"

"An explanation would be nice", he glared at her.

"I'm pretty sure I don't owe you anything", she said flatly.

"You let us all think you were dead, and you've been robbing military trucks. You think you don't owe me an explanation?" he repeated incredulously.

"Oh, don't act all self-righteous", she rolled her eyes.

"After all the grief you gave me over some stupid DVD players? This is beyond dangerous, Letty! What the hell are you thinking? And where's your 'team'?" he asked derisively. "What happened to working with people who you know have your back?"

"You don't really have the right to ask questions", she said coldly.

"If I have to shake some sense into you-"

Letty's cell phone rang then and she tugged it from her jacket pocket and swiped her thumb across the screen. "What?" she snarled irritably into the speaker.

Dominic could hear the male voice on the other line, but couldn't make out any words. It did nothing to improve his mood. Instead he focused on Letty; trying to figure out what the hell had happened to the woman he loved.

"No… I've got it. I'll meet you in an hour… I have to ditch my ex", she muttered, mouth twitching slightly as she saw Dom's nostrils flare. She hung up and looked over at him evenly as she put her phone away. "What's your problem? And keep in mind I only have time for the cliffs notes version."

"What the hell did you just call me?"

"I think I called you an idiot five minutes ago."

"Don't play stupid. Where the hell do you get off calling me your ex anything?" he growled.

She eyed him skeptically, gesturing between them. "I'm pretty sure the last two years have not been us together, Dominic", Letty said wryly. "I think I would have remembered that."

"We did not break up!" he roared angrily.

Her glare only darkened at the fact that he was the one who was frustrated right now. "Really?" Letty questioned dangerously. "Because when I woke up that morning and realized you had taken off, I felt pretty goddamn broken!"

His temper cooled almost immediately, and he took a cautious step in her direction. "Letty-"

"Don't", she barked abruptly, holding up her hand, stopping him in his tracks. "Do not 'Letty' me. That tone isn't going to get you out of trouble with me this time."

"Do you always have to be such a hardass?" he sighed.

"I don't know", she shrugged, smirking humorlessly. "Do you always have to act like such a control-freak jackass?"

"Fine", he growled. "I left you to keep your stupid ass safe, and I'm a jackass. You faked your own death out of spite and then jumped down a damn rabbit hole, Letty. What the hell does that make you?"

"Better at payback than you", she offered lazily.

"Are you finished?" Dom snapped.

She nodded once, "Yeah. I'm done. Go home, Dominic - wherever the hell you're calling home these days." She turned and began walking away, with no intention of looking back, but his voice stopped her.

"Nowhere is home without you, Letty", he said quietly.

She stopped, but didn't turn. "You made that decision a long time ago", she responded flatly. "You're going to have to live with that, Dom. It's not my problem anymore."

Letty kept walking, glad he couldn't see the smile tugging on her lips as he muttered, "Over my fucking dead body."

Game on, she thought. All's fair in love and war.


A/N: Yeah, I really couldn't help myself – especially after the movie clip. So, let me know what you think. So, I really do believe this is an actual one-shot. Complete for now, but I'm open to adding one or two more chapters maybe if I get an idea.