Summary: His goddamn brother.
Notes: I haven't written anything for this in awhile, so...why not?

Itachi had barged his way into Sasuke's apartment a few days ago. He surveyed every room, checked the cabinets and fridge, and then hummed in a way that meant he was either seriously disturbed by Sasuke's living conditions or he really didn't give a fuck and only made the sweep because their mother asked him to.

Itachi needled him for information about his lover. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Who the fuck said lover? Oh, right. His douchebag of a brother.

"Would you leave it alone?" he said. "We got drunk. We had sex. That's it."

Itachi stared at him for a full minute, making Sasuke tense because he recognized that look. His brother wasn't going to let this go. Worse, he was probably going to tell their Mom. Sure enough, twenty minutes after Itachi left his apartment, his mother called. Every day since then, he'd been getting harassed by Itachi and Mikoto, wondering when they would get to meet his nice lady friend. Sasuke decided he preferred lover to nice lady friend.

Five days after his brother's visit, Sakura showed up on his doorstep. He ripped open the door, expecting one of his loser friends. Most likely Suigetsu looking to steal from his fridge some more. So when he saw Sakura standing on the other side, a blush staining her cheeks, he threw the door closed on reflex.

"Fuck!" He ripped it back open a second later, the back of his neck on fire. He was acting like Naruto. God, he hoped Sakura never breathed a word of it. Glaring, because his stomach was doing funny things and it was easier to be pissed off then give in to that feeling, he asked, "Who sent you?"

Sakura looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Uh...your brother called me. I think. Do you even have a brother? Ugh, I swear. I'm sorry! I should've known Ino was up to something. I'm just going to go. Let's just pretend this never happened."

Sasuke caught her wrist after she took a step away, blurting the first thing that popped into his head. "I have a brother."

"Oh." Sakura was staring at where he had his hand curled around her wrist. He instantly snatched it back and ran it through his hair with a huff.

"Look, I didn't tell him to call you."

Did he imagine the way her shoulders dropped? "Oh."

"What happened was just a thing that happened, so whatever. It's just whatever. That's fine. I get it." Fucking hell, he was babbling.

"I thought it was a rather nice thing."

Sasuke stiffened, memories of having sex with Sakura flooding his mind. His lips went crooked. She looked down at her toes, grinning. Maybe it wasn't just a thing? Heart hammering, he step aside and asked, "You wanna come in?"