Simple Sweetness

The Beginning of the End

"BASTARD!" The shrill curse echoed harshly through the early morning light filtering into the empty condo, from the large picture window that over looked a simple cement balcony beyond. The sparce white leather furniture in the living room almost shuddered upon the ferocity in the cry that had been shouted out from down the hall, stretching out beyond the large living room. It wasn't a rich man's apartment, but it had been decorated with care with an eye more towards functionality then sentimentality. There was one leather couch with it's back to the windows and a matching chair flanking it. A rectangular honey colored wooden coffee table stood just in front with several fighting magazines discarded around the surface, along with two can's of coke and a brown bag of m&m's. The furnishings were all facing a large flat screen against the front wall of the apartment. The small archway to the shallow foyer sat at the end of the front wall, the soft shadows within hiding a small entry hutch that had a black ceramic bowl to hold the owner's keys. A small coat closet was tucked just behind the front door. The sliding door to the alcove smashed in the previous night, the wooden panelling and fragile slates still littering the floor inside. All the walls were painted a plain uninspired off white, and a floating shelf of black hung off the side wall near the back hall, holding several text books and light reading materials. Two large prints flanked the solitary bookshelf. On the left was a black half tear drop of the Yin symbol, on the right was the white Yang half of the symbol, the images abstract yet elegant in their contrasts.

A small galley kitchen sat on the other side of the room, the cupboards all in a rich cherry wood, the counters a dark marble. The island that cut the living room off from the kitchen area had three black leather stools just out front. A large archway on the other end of the living room lead to a long hall, reseeding to only two rooms; A bathroom and a large master bedroom at the very end.

At first glance one would see this place as a man's domaine, but small feminine touches had encroached upon his kingdom. A large hot pink leather over the shoulder bag sat on the island. A fuzzy pink pillow adorned the corner of the couch. Little things in every room that spoke of a sweet, loving partner who gave this stoic place life and light.

The voices in the back bedroom rose and fell in a panic filled argument. Then the sharp sound of a hand connecting with flesh accented a second scream of pure fury, followed by the soft thunder of small feet darting down the wooden flooring of the hall.

"Sere...wait!" A man's baritone rumbled in a slurred, groggy half mumble. There was sincerity felt in the plea, it just didn't have much strength.

A slight, quite short young woman with wild and exceptionally long golden blonde hair flying in disarray over her shoulder's and across her gentle face exploded from the hall into the living room in an oversized white dress shirt that was hanging loosely off her slender shoulder's, the bottom hem snapping behind her as she rocketed across the small living room. Her face flushed a deep rose, tears of regret flowing down her round cheeks her sweet blue eyes shimmering with the onslaught of far more tears then she could contain.

She dashed through the soft warm morning light moving behind the couch as she crossed in front of the windows, her vision too blurry to see the flanking white armchair set beside the couch. Stumbling briefly as her hip clipped the chair's plush edge, she kept her footing, spinning herself in a small circle before continuing her mad dash into the small entry way set just in front of the living room.

A young man several years her elder, his features strong with an almost playboy appeal, his thick dark hair an unruly mess upon his head and wearing nothing more than frantic deep blue eyes and a pained expression exploded into the living room behind her. He had a fighter's physique, with large well muscled arms from hours of weight lifting. Large hands that could be as gentle and tender as a feather, to fists as hard and solid as a brick. He had a broad, toned, hairless chest and flat stomach filled out with rugged looking abs, as well as long legs with firm well formed thighs and calves with only a smattering of dark hair that had been toned and sculpted from long jogs and hours of cardio in the gym.

"NO! Sere, please wait, this is not how I wanted this to go!" He shouted, watching in horror as her intense sprint towards the door was suddenly tripped up by the small landing. Naturally clumsy, and in such pain and haste that it was inevitable, she fell with a yelp onto her knees, thrusting her butt unintentionally into her air.

He could see just the hint of the soft flesh of her bare bottom peeking out beneath the shirt tails. He cringed at her alarm and pain, knowing she never handled getting hurt well, be it physical or emotional. Then she was on her feet again, muttering soft curses towards her klutzy nature and poor luck, ripping the front door open in her fury, stopping in time to send him a humiliated and spurned glare of hatred as she held the door with white gripping fingers.

"You are a no good Son of a Bitch! I can't believe I've been giving it up to you all this time, like some horny slut!" She seethed at him, then slammed the door so hard a nearby picture clattered from the wall, shattering the glass upon the wooden flooring. The dark half of yin now lay in tattered ruins upon the floor, the paper inside shredded from the glass.

The dark haired man stood in naked defeat before the front door, his head slowly bowing, hands balling up into fists at his sides. A cold sweat of stress beaded upon his skin as he felt like the lowest equivalent of a human being on the planet.

It had been the happiest, most exhilarating, and the most fucked up twenty-four hours of his life...and that wonderful girl who had just ran out of his life had been at the heart of it all.