So another song fic I think thats what there called I'm going to apologize for all the grammar mistakes I'm writing this on my Itouch an cannot access a computer because mine broke and I'm not getting a new one till my birthday. The song is called why cant I by Liz Phair. I have no idea how I came across it for an idea for them but I did. Oh yeah sorry this is a dramoine story. So R&R don't own song or harry potter~Catoloverxclovelover

Hermione POV

Draco and I are hand in hand walking down a path in the woods no not the forest next to hogwarts. A muggle forest.

Its mid summer an really hot out my sweatshirt is around my waist and I don't think I can be happier.

I look over at a smiling Draco. Does he ever smile? Well he is now.

~why cant I breath whenever I think about you, why cant I speak whenever I talk about you

I cant help but feel nervous around him I know we really shouldn't be together. Not now but I cant help it.

Im supposed to be marrying Ron soon and Draco has an endless line of girls at his door. I don't really want to marry Ron. I mean I did but I ran into Draco at a party that Ron refused to go too and well we hung out.

Draco and I have been secretly dating for about 3 months but its hard to hide it. I look to my right and there is a waterfall that turns into a pool almost. Rocks surround it and I want to go swimming.

"Come on!" I say tugging Draco towards the pool.

"What are you crazy? Miss Granger I'm surprised at your behavior"

"Shut up and move!"

We are one of the higher rocks its like a piece of land then a drop off to where the pool is feet below. There is a tree branch a thick sturdy branch hanging somewhat off the edge with a thick rope tied to it tight.

"You want to go swimming?"

~Well this is just the beginning were already wet and were gonna go swimming.

"Yes!" I say cheerfully.

Draco takes off his shirt and I start to blush and stare. Draco looks up at me curiously. "What?"


I take my sweatshirt and my shoes of. I guess Im gonna go swimming in my jean shorts and purple tank top.

Draco and I are standing close to the edge. "Hey Draco?"


I push him into the water while Im laughing. Draco comes up from under the water and shakes some of the water out of his hair.

"You better come down here Granger! Or I will get you myself"

I decide why note and cannon ball into the water splashing him.

"Seriously?" Draco asks me.

"Yes, Malfoy" I say playfully and splash him.

Draco splashes me back and we get into a flirty playful water splashing fight.

Suddenly Draco's lips are against mine. I kiss him back, I'm done with Ronald.

I wrap my arms around his neck and his are tightly around my waist.

We stay like that a while. Kissing in the water, wet, under a waterfall. Its so amazing I'm afraid I will wake up and it will be just a dream. But its not.

~Why cant I breath whenever I thunk about you. Why cant I speak whenever I talk about you.

So thats it hope you liked it :) sorry its kinda short keep in mind only a one shot and I am getting used to writing Dramione instead of Clato or Everlark/Keeta. Well R&R please I would really appreciate it. :)