Rolling her eyes, Lily Evans continued walking down the hallway with no intention of stopping. She was still furious at him and everything that happened. The more she thought about what happened, the angrier she got. Sure! She knew it was meant to be all fun and games, but they had gone overboard.

And he had stood there! Once again, she was stuck being the bad guy. I'm always the bad guy, she thought miserably. The thing that ticked her off the most was that he had the audacity to ridicule her while she was in the middle of telling off his friends.

She wondered if she had gone a tad too far when she slapped him. She squared her shoulders when she realized it wasn't her fault. He had deliberately goaded her to slap him. If he weren't being an absolute prat then she wouldn't have gone to extreme measures.

She had turned the corner and spotted the Portrait leading into the Heads' common room when a hand wrapped around her elbow forcing her to slow down.

"Hold on, would you?"

She sighed then turned around to face James Potter. She looked him straight in the eyes. Judging from his expression, she knew he felt bad. He had the makings of a sad puppy dog face.

"What is it now, Potter?"

"Well, I was going to-" he began, letting go of her arm.

"Apologize? Why even bother? You don't mean a single word of it. You keep on doing it over and over again."

James raised an eyebrow. "Evans, c'mon! I know you think-" he started, before Lily interrupted him.

"That's right. I do think you're an arrogant bullying toerag," she said, scowling at him. She pushed at his chest. "And I also think you need to grow up. Some day, you're gonna realize that the world doesn't revolve around you."

She turned to leave, but James grabbed her upper arm.

"Don't do this!" James gasped. "Look, I know I shouldn't have-"

"Called me bossy know-it-all who has no sense of humor and doesn't know how to have fun?" she asked, fixing James with a dirty look. She tore her arm away from him. "Or the fact you said it in front of everybody? It's not just that you made fun of me. You didn't do anything! You just stood there. You made me out to be the bad guy-"

"You can't hold that against me," he said, crossing his arms across his chest. "You did that all by yourself, Sweetheart."

"Because you won't!" she cried out. "Believe it or not, what your friends did was wrong! And someone had to be the bigger person. Just because you don't have the balls to stand up to your friends doesn't mean I won't."

She opened her mouth to continue, but James silenced her by placing a hand over her mouth.

"Are you going to let me say something now?" he asked.

She watched him smirk celebrating his small achievement. With a strong urge to wipe that smug look off his face, she sank her teeth into his hand.

"Ow! Damn it, Evans!" he shouted as he yanked his hand away. "What is wrong with you?"

"Stop being a baby," she said with a roll of her eyes as she headed towards the portrait again. "I didn't bite you that hard."

"Bloody well almost took off a chunk," he murmured, following her. "That wasn't nice."

"Yeah, neither was you tormenting Sev-"


Wide-eyed, Lily turned to James. His wand was still trained on her. A slow smirk appeared on his face. Clearly amused, he twirled his wand between his fingers waiting for her reaction.

Lily's eyes narrowed. She opened her mouth to shout at him, but nothing came out. She let a muted scream of frustration.

"You need to lighten up. It was just a joke. Harmless even," James told her. His eyes twinkled. "And Evans, where are you manners? Biting people isn't how you solve anything. I suggest with the time you're given, you reflect on what you've done."

Winking at her, he turned and started down the hallway towards the portrait leaving Lily standing there with her jaw dropped.