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George is entering the flat he and Hermione share and is suddenly aware of how quiet it is. Fleur said that all of the girls had already gone home when she arrived at Shell Cottage. They had cut the day a little shorter than what they originally were planning but as Fleur explained that it was due to the onset of her headache. He has realized that Hermione loved her music and normally anytime she was at home, something would be playing. Walking towards the bedroom, he can finally here some music, quietly he is pushing the door open. She is on the bed with photos splayed out all over her side, looking at them, her eyes red and puffy.

Grief is a Freight train

Oh what's a little pain

When you've got so much to love

Grief is a Freight train

Oh what's a little pain

When you've got so much to love

"Love, what's the matter?" He is asking as he climbs up into the bed with her, rubbing the small of her back in calming circles.

Handing him a letter with a Gringotts official seal on it, "This was waiting on the table when I got here."

"An owl dropped it off shortly after you left with Angie," nodding his head as he is taking the letter, "I didn't figure it was something I needed to interrupt your girl's weekend for. Should I have?" He is looking over the letter, reading the official writing on the paper.

"No it's fine, I mean, it's nothing time sensitive. It is just another surprise about my parents." Shrugging her shoulders, "They never told me about this. I guess they wanted it that way, I mean that is what Mum's letter says." She is holding another letter in her hands with distinctly feminine handwriting, "She and dad went to Gringotts and set up an account for me. Something that would be magically binding to me, they wanted to be able to help me if something happened to them. According to the letters, mum and dad each wrote one to me, they went after your mum and dad had visited them."

Looking back at the letter she had handed him from Gringotts, it described a visit from her parents who wanted to have a way to provide for their daughter should something happen to them, whether or not the will from the Muggle world would stand up. From what he was reading the Goblins had a magical will for John and Emma Granger and they had opened an account at Gringotts that had approximately 100,000 Galleons, which according to the letter was 500,000 pounds. He knew her parents were well off but they never really spoke of anything like this. Since she had changed their memories the will in the Muggle world had changed as well, all of their assets reverted back to Hermione's grandparents. Everything except what they had deposited in Gringotts, he is trying to make sense of everything he was reading, knowing that Goblins are honorable creatures but they are also the kings of doublespeak, "Love, I want Bill to read this, he has the most experience with the Goblins and I want to make sure that this is truly on the up and up. No hidden clauses that could come back and hurt you later. Are you ok with that?" Watching her nod her head and move to get up and follow him to the Floo, wrapping an arm around her and kissing her head. "I like that new jersey you're wearing," wanting to make her smile a little and letting her know he noticed she nicked his Puddlemore jersey to wear. She looked good in the blue and yellow shirt that hung down to the middle of her thighs, "But if we are inviting Bill over to read your letter, please tell me you have shorts on."

"Yes George," garnering a small chuckle, she pulled up the side of it and shook her hips a little, "I have shorts on."

"Cheeky, I can't have anyone ogling my witch."

"Really? Your witch?" poking him with her finger, "as long as you are my wizard, you can call me that."

"Deal," he is sticking his head in the Floo, hearing him call out to Bill, "Bill? Are you there?" Waiting for a response and after a minute, "Can you come through for a minute?" Pulling his head back out of the Floo, "He said he would be through in a few minutes, he just needed to make sure Fleur didn't need anything before he left."

"Ok, how about I get us a drink before he comes through," waving at the couch, "Go ahead and sit. I will be right back."

Watching her walk towards the kitchen, listening to her opening doors and setting glasses down, turning his head towards the Floo, George is greeting his brother, "Hi Bill, thanks for coming."

"No problem, so what's going on?" Watching Hermione as she is walking in to room with three glasses of amber liquid, "It's bad if you are offering up Firewhiskey."

"Not bad, just unsure," Hermione is settling in and tucking her feet up under her next to George after handing Bill the letter from Gringotts, "This had been delivered to me and I am not sure what to make of it. George thought it would be a good idea for you to review it."

"I know that Goblins are honorable but they are also good at double speak and I wanted to make sure that even thought this money was left to her by her parents that she wouldn't get any backlash." Tightening his arm around her shoulders, "Maybe that is the wrong word; I just want to make sure this is all in her best interest."

"Ok, just give me a minute to read," Bill is devouring the letter, as he is reading he is tapping out a rhythm on his leg.

"He has always done that," George is watching the expression Hermione has at watching his brother, "For as long as I can remember, if he is concentrating on something, he will tap on his leg, be glad he doesn't do it with his wand anymore. He accidently sent a stinging hex at mum during his fourth year and she took his wand away at home for a week."

"She also didn't let me have dessert for a month at home, I learned my lesson," Bill is smirking, "The letter is very straight forward, I don't see anything to be worried about. I am surprised your parent's actions Hermione, how did they know something was coming?"

"You mum and dad went to visit them after we went back to school my fifth year. Explained some things to them, like who I was, about what Harry was and the war with Voldemort." Sniffling a little and taking a drink, "I guess they really understood what we were up against." Picking at her nails, "Mum hit the nail on the head in her letter, she suggested that Voldemort was like a Muggle maniac from the late 30's and early 40's, did either of you study any Muggle History?"

"Sorry love, not anything they didn't teach in Hogwarts," George is smiling sheepishly.

"As a curse breaker we have to have some ideas about the Muggle world as we do interact with Muggles on occasion. She compared Voldemort to Hitler? I guess that is a fair comparison. I am glad you have some sort of closure with them now Hermione. I know that this has to make it hurt a little more but doesn't it help too?" Bill is sitting on the edge of the coffee table in front of her, "You can't beat yourself up over what you did. You did it out of love for them." Standing and rubbing his hands on his jeans, "Now I am going to leave you in the capable care of my little brother here and bug out." Smiling at her wickedly and dropping his voice, "Never thought I would call George capable, huh?"

"Oi! That hurts Bill! I am very capable of taking care of her," George is feigning hurt, "Love, he hurt my feelings make the bad man go away!"

"Both of you cut it out," she is standing and hugging Bill "Thanks for coming over so quickly, I just never dreamed they would have even thought about doing something like this." Watching Bill walk over and Floo back home, "Well George, what are we going to do now?"

"I wouldn't mind looking at some more pictures. You can tell me about your parents, you haven't told me much about them." Standing up and pulling her down the hallway to the bedroom, "Get in and I am going to get some juice." Coming back a few minutes later, he has a pot of tea for her and pumpkin juice for him. After passing her the cup and settling in next to her, "So what picture are you going to tell me about first?"

"I am not sure where to start, I put most of them away and I am not ready to talk about certain things yet." Shuffling the stack and pulling a picture out, she now held it in her hands "Mum was so beautiful, here she is when she graduated from dental school. I always hoped I would look like her."

George sat there watching his beautiful fiancé delicately touch the photo in from of her, realizing she still didn't see how beautiful she is. "Love, what do you think makes your mum so beautiful, I mean, she is gorgeous but what about her makes her beautiful in your eyes?"

"Her eyes and smiles, that's what I loved, Merlin when she would laugh, her whole face would light up. Her eyes would dance and sparkle in way that would make Dumbledore envious." Chuckling quietly, "Mum had this laugh that was infectious. You couldn't help but laugh right along with her. I think she would find it funny that I am marrying a prankster, she always told me I was too serious."

"You know, I have to say you are just as beautiful, maybe more so because you don't know it." Taking the photo of her mum and putting it next to one of her from her graduation from Hogwarts, "Side by side, you two could be sisters; you have the same eyes, nose and mouth. I also think you light up when you laugh as well. I love it, your nose wrinkles up just a little then your cheeks get rosy and you try to hold in your laugh but when you really get going, it is a site to be seen." Cupping her face in his hand, running his thumb across the apple of her cheek, "The blush starts right here and slowly creeps down your face and if you really let loose it ends up down your neck," kissing her jawline. Picking up another picture, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, "What's this one for?" it is showing John and Emma, dressed up with their arms around each other, not too fancy but not everyday clothes.

"They were going out on a date, since dad was older than mum he wanted her to feel like she was getting to experience a full life. He always said, he had lived a lifetime before mum. Now he wanted to show her everything there was."

"How much older was he than her?"

"Twelve years," Shrugging her shoulders, "I think that is partially why I never understood why Remus tried to use his age to not be with Tonks. Age is just a number and you are as young as you feel, according to my dad. After they married, they went out on a date every week and after I was born they tried to go out once a month. Mum said it was the best thing they could do, even on nights she had thought about cancelling their plans, after she got out and were gone from the house, she was always so happy. She said it kept their love alive," sniffling slightly, "I just wish, they were here."

"I know love," kissing her temple while she is softly crying, "They would be very proud of you." Nodding in understanding, Hermione is wriggling in closer to his side. "I don't have to go into the shop tomorrow," after sitting in comfortable silence for a bit, "Monday's are Fred's day and Tuesday's I am there, then the rest of the week we try to be there together. We each take another day off but it rotates depending on experiments and when Lee and Verity can be there."

After looking at a few more photos she is gathering them up, "Then let's stay up tonight and watch some movies. I just want to relax. I know that I was relaxing with the girls but they can also be tiresome," Smiling about a memory, "We can move the TV in here," Looking at George, "It that ok?"

"If that is what you want to do, ok." Getting out of bed and moving a small table to the foot of the bed and going to the living room and levitating the TV into their bedroom, "Go pick out a couple of movies and I will get this set up."

"So," Getting George's attention as she is walking back in the room, "I thought it would be fun to pretend this is a date." Settling in bed after putting one of them in, "Mum used to tell me stories about her and her girlfriends going on dates with boys, the girls would pick scary movies to give them an excuse to snuggle up to the boys." Propping up a couple of pillows and pushing him back to a reclining position she is sitting next to him, shoulder to shoulder, "So that is what I did. I don't know if they will really scare you or not. Well, I am not sure if they will even scare me now either but I figure you wouldn't pass up the chance to be close to me."

"I told the boys, this is one of my favorite things," Putting his arm around her shoulders and kissing the top of her head, "Just having you just snuggled up to me." Humming in agreement Hermione spells the movie to start. Enjoying himself, George is having a hard time paying attention to the movie, Hermione is getting more and more comfortable laying with him. She is right, it doesn't really scare them but it does make them jump when something pops out from behind a door or when they finally see who the attacker is. He is okay with that though because Hermione is slowly sliding her way from having her head on his shoulder to almost on his stomach. Her head and hand is resting just above his bellybutton and she is tracing patterns with her fingers. Shaking his head as the movie is ending, "I have to ask," Getting her to look up at him, "Why are the girls in these movies so stupid?"

Giggling and burying her face in his shirt, "I know they give us good girls a bad name. Running away from the bad guy great! But running upstairs? What are you going to do up there? When I was younger I was afraid of an ax wielding maniac after I accidently saw a horror movie on the telly when dad thought I was asleep, oh man was mum ever mad." Running her hand back and forth over his stomach, "I never thought I would say or know that there are worse things in the world than that." Looking up at him, "So you feel like watching another? I picked one that was based in London? I thought it was a good movie it is based on true events."

"When did you have time to watch all of these movies? I mean you have a lot of them."

"Well, you know I left the Burrow a week after everything ended, you guys were all so busy with Fred and just trying to heal. Finding this place was a fluke," Watching George nodding his head, "One day when Harry and I were out just giving your family some space. I had most of my furniture for this place but was comparing prices on extras. Like a TV and stuff like that. I didn't buy much, I had wanted to figure out my budget, I receive a small stipend from the Order of Merlin award and from my account in the Muggle world that I cleared out before the war.

The next day he showed up with stuff for me. He said in school he never appreciated me and everything I did for him and wanted to help me out. That he know I wasn't materialistic and didn't need to buy my friendship or love. He said he had more money than he was ever going to spend and wanted to spoil his second favorite girl. First favorite being Ginny," She is smiling at the memory, "He wouldn't take any of it back. I didn't know what to do or say. What could I say or do?"

"Love, he appreciated you and wanted to show you. Sometimes boys are dumb and don't know how to say stuff like that and having grown up Muggle he knew some of the things you probably missed from the Muggle world. I don't think any differently of you or Harry." Whispering, "Plus I have a secret." Getting her to look up at him, "Harry gave Fred and me his winnings from the Tri-Wizard Tournament to start up the shop. So I understand, he asked we not tell anyone and he gets a percentage of the profits and we are all good." Sliding down further into bed, "So earlier when you were talking about your parents and their dates, do you think you would like to do that?"

"I wanted to suggest it but wasn't too sure how interested you would be. That kind of leads into a question I wanted to ask but was unsure how to ask." Pursing her lips, "What do you want from this marriage? I mean is there things your parents did or didn't do that you do or don't want to do?"

"I want us to work together at things. I don't want you to think or feel like you always have to cook or clean. I want to help with those things."

"I love that George that was how my parents were, they did almost everything together. When I was in school before Hogwarts, they would cook while I did my homework and then when they were cleaning up and doing the dishes I would tell them about my day. They were really happy; at least I think they were." Hugging him tightly, "We used to do the housework on Saturdays and then have family days on Sundays. Sometimes like this, spending the day in bed reading, sometimes playing games or going to a museum."

"I wish," Cupping her face, "That I could have met them. They sound like wonderful people."

"I think they would have liked you," Leaning up to kiss him, nibbling on his lower lip, kissing it gently. He is pulling her on to his lap, kissing her back passionately, slowly pulling on her ponytail to tip her head back to kiss her neck and jawline. Not releasing the hold he has on her hair twining the length around his hand he is now sucking on her collarbone. Hermione is moaning and holding onto his head as he continues his ministrations. Testing out a theory he is pulling a little more on her hair and he was rewarded in full, moaning his name Hermione is wiggling against him. He is smiling against her neck. Letting go of her hair and kissing her softly not wanting to let this get too far, again they had been discussing her family. He was feeling a little guilty taking advantage of her when she was emotional. "George." She is whispering blushing at him, "Can I ask why you pulled my hair like that?"

"Well, at first it was just to get you to tip your head back," Now it is his turn to redden a bit, "Then it seemed like you liked it." Dawning to him, "I mean, oh gods, I didn't hurt you? Did I?"

"No! You didn't, it was just unexpected," Smiling at him, quietly admitting "I actually kind of liked it," Closing her eyes, "At some point in stage I want to talk a bit more about sex. I mean, what you think about things," Shaking her head as he is laughing.

"Love, I am a man, I will give anything a chance that means your gorgeous body will be next to mine."

"I meant, well like you pulling my hair, I liked that, I didn't ever think, I mean that something like that, well what I mean that it would be anything." Pausing as he puts a hand over her mouth.

"Relax. We don't have to figure everything out right now." Wrapping his arms around her and leaning back, so that she is back resting her head on his chest, "I mean, listen to my heart, hear how its beating? That is just from kissing you and hearing you call out my name."

"Really?" Looking up at him incredulously, "I mean, I understand, sometimes your voice takes this husky sound especially when you first wake up that is really sexy, it makes my heart race too."

"So, here's something else, I want out of this marriage. Honesty, with everything, well you know what I mean. If I am doing something that you don't like you speak up, same with me. Both in the bedroom and out of it," Arching his back and stretching, "Honestly I don't have a lot more experience than you do love. Outside what I have heard in the locker room or dorm room back at Hogwarts and a few magazines that Bill and Charlie left in their room."

"You know, considering normal magazines and photos move, I am not sure if I want to ever see wizard porn. I think it would be weird."

"Have you seen Muggle porn? To us that's just as weird because it doesn't move." Laughing at her expression, "We found some in our dorm room one year and we were laughing because of some of the stuff they were showing just couldn't be real. The girls looked kind of scary, out of proportion and sometimes too perfect you know." Seeing a flicker of doubt across Hermione's face, "Meenie, look at me" Tipping her face up to his, "I don't expect you to have all of the answer. Just remember, I love your body." Running his hands down her back and squeezing her bum and to prove the point he is rolling his hips and causing her to whimper a little from the contact, "I want you, don't ever think otherwise."

"I am still trying to get used to that. I know in my heart that's true but at the same time, my head is what keeps telling me that you are just being nice, that I can't be what you tell me I am." Kissing his chest, right above his heart, "I am trying; really I am to be more confident it will just take time."

"Take as long as you need. Just know I will never lie to you about anything. I would want to be honest with you and you with me." Kissing the top of her head, "Now let's start the next movie, we can have another snog afterwards." Smiling at her, "Although, I may not make it to after the movie if you keep looking so delectable Ms. Granger."

Sliding off him and to his side so they both can see the TV again, "Anytime you want a snog Mr. Weasley you just let me know," placing a kiss on his chest again. With a wandless spell she is starting the movie. George is rubbing her back, causing her to relax and drift off asleep about halfway through the movie. Watching her face instead of the movie, her emotions are playing out across her face. The emotion he is seeing does not concern him, these are good emotions and she is smiling and sighing. Turning his head back to the TV, watching the detective from the movie drinking absinthe, this was also popular at one time in the Wizarding World, as the character is hit with a vision. Hermione is making a very low groan.

George's POV

What the hell was that? Looking down at the sleeping witch, I need to wake her up she's having a nightmare. Just as my hand starts towards her shoulder, she licks her lip and is moaning again. Sweet Merlin! Hermione is having a sex dream or at least a dream that is making her feel good. Watching the expression wash over her face, she is relaxed and biting her lip. I want to watch this, I want to see her face and watch how this dream affects her. I have to get her off me though as she is arching into me, I don't want her to wake up and think I was taking liberties with her. She wouldn't think that but I don't want to give her any cause to wonder. Rolling her away from me onto her back, she shudders; I imagine partially from the loss of heat. Watching her sighs and smiles, she is gorgeous. After I left last night, the one thought I had was, how positively wonton she looked pinching and pulling on her nipples and all I could think of what would she look like touching her pussy. Oh man closing my eyes for a minute, thinking of her hands on her own thighs, tracing patterns higher and higher until she reaches her sex. Spreading those beautiful pink and bare lips with one hand and playing with her core with the other. Circe! I would love to see that. I don't know if I could bring myself to ask though, leaning up on one arm, watching the flush on her cheeks slowly creep down her neck, she is squirming and arching her back just slightly. Her hands are clenching and unclenching, one arm is staying in place next to her side and the other is brought up and lying across her stomach. Watching her, I can feel myself getting harder by the second. She is calming down and I can see her eyes fluttering open, catching me watching her. Closing her eyes, I can see the flush starting to turn slightly darker on her cheeks. "George?"

"Yes love?" My voice is cracking slightly, closing my eyes because I know that I just gave myself away.

"Were you watching me dream?"


Humming and smiling, her hands drifting over to him stroking his side, "Why didn't you wake me?"

"Ummm," Really how do I answer that one, I could be honest and she could be disgusted. I could lie and then if she finds out, she would be upset.

"George, remember honesty," her voice is still sleepy and husky sounding, completely sexy.

"I wanted to watch you." Sighing and closing my eyes, hoping she doesn't get pissed off at me. Giggling next to me causes me to look at her; her eyes are now completely open. "I wanted to watch you dream." Blushing at the prior admission, "I knew it wasn't a nightmare."

"George," sliding her hands under my shirt and lightly scratching my stomach, "That's fine." Pulling me over to her to kiss me, first on the lips then the cheek and up to my each, "Although now I have a problem."

Kissing her back, mumbling against her lips I ask, "What is that?"

"I am so hot and wet; I need to take care of it." Licking the shell of my ear, causing me to shudder, "Do you want to help me with it?"

"Merlin on high, gods yes," She is pushing my shirt up my body and I am pulling it the rest of the way off.

"Anything you want George," nipping at my collarbone, "Anything short of sex, I am ready but not tonight, anything else."

Growling as I roll on top of her, kissing her forcefully, "Sweet Hermione, I am going to kiss every inch of your body." Starting with her mouth, I am kissing a path up to her ear, sucking her lobe into my mouth, biting softly. Tracing a line down her neck with my tongue, stopping every so often to bite then soothe the spot. Settling in on my stomach between her thighs, I am lifting her shirt, instead of taking it off her body, I put my head under it, feeling of the material around my head and not being able to see her stomach or gorgeous tits makes it that much more arousing all I can do is think about those lovely parts. I suckle and kiss from her belly button up to one of those dusty rose colored nipples I love so much. As I suck and nibble I take ahold of the barbell with my teeth and pull back just slightly, pulling the skin taut using my hand on the other, I pinch and pull at her. Thinking back to when I was pulling her hair, I pull a harder on her nipple ring with my fingers twisting slightly; bucking her hips into my stomach I know that she is enjoying it. Sliding my mouth up higher, I bite her collarbone and then the flesh of her boob. I love the sounds that are coming from her mouth, moaning and holding my head to her with one hand and the other seeking out some place to hold onto, scratching across my back. Kissing down her stomach, I twirl my tongue around her flat stomach, dipping into her belly button then placing kisses all around it. Moving back up pushing the jersey as I go, slowly uncovering her body I whisper against her ribs as I am kissing her, "Doing ok?"

Humming in appreciation, "Yes, George."

"Good," Sliding under the blanket, just before I disappear, "I want you to keep playing with your tits," Getting a wide eyed reaction from her "Just like you did last night," Kissing her hip as I duck under the blanket. Enough light came through so that I could see the shorts she was talking about earlier are almost nonexistent in length, they started at her waist which is normal but I am sure her arse cheeks are hanging out in the back, they can be long enough to cover up. Tonguing the waist band of her shorts, kissing down the front of them, I place a hard kiss on her pussy, I can feel the heat from her. Continuing my journey down her legs, pulling her legs together, starting at her ankles I am kissing both the right and left. Caressing, licking and kissing every inch of her legs, Cor! I was never a leg wizard but I fucking love her legs. I take my time, sucking on the inside of one of her knees, causing her to squirm, "George! Hell!" Chuckling as I continue long broad strokes of my tongue on the insides of her thighs, inching my fingers back up to her waist and start sliding her shorts down her lovely legs. Crawling back up her body, keeping her legs in between mine, she is rubbing her thighs together wanting some attention. Leaning in to kiss her, I love the way she tastes, tonight it is of Firewhiskey and honey, sweet and fire, just like her, straddling her waist, "So love, normally you don't wear any knickers," plucking the side of the obscenely small amount of material at her hip, "So what are these?"

"I bought them today and the lingerie shop," Arching into me as I kiss below her ear, "I thought I would try them."

"I can't wait to see what else you bought." Shuffling over her so can take off my longue pants and get more comfortable in just my boxers, smirking at her when she turned her head to look at me, "On your stomach."

"What!" Eyes widening as she is looking at me.

Slowly turning her, "I said I was going to kiss every inch of your body," sighing at the sight in front of me, adjusting my hard dick, trying to get it into a semi comfortable position but I am so hard right now. "Your arse is just perfect; I love these knickers on you." Deciding to straddle her legs, rubbing my hands down her back and over her round cheeks, her knickers are doing nothing to cover her. They are bright fucking red; the front was barely enough to cover her and the sides and back is strings, just wide enough to slip up through her luscious cheeks. Parting her legs with mine, the vision of her legs parting and arse moving makes my cock twitch. I lean over her, kissing the back of her neck, bracing myself with one arm and using my other hand to rub up and down her back. "Tell me if I start leaning on you too much or you get uncomfortable babe." Leaning back taking in her body, placing a soft kiss at the base of her spine, right above the red string holding her panties up. Painstakingly kissing every vertebra, slowly lower myself against her rubbing my hardness across her arse. Feeling her tense, "Do you want me to stop Hermione?" ceasing all movement as I can't see her face, we are both in an unfamiliar position. "I don't want you to feel unsure about this."

"No it was just a surprise George," raising her hips to rub against me, "I was shocked that it felt good."

I am catching her hips with one of my hands, "Sweet Hermione," groaning as she rotates her hips "I love that." Kissing her back "I have to be honest, this is a dream come true. I have thought about this a few times in the last week," moving my hand from her hips to the front of her now soaked knickers, rubbing her tenderly.

"Tell me what you thought about it."

"Merlin! I can't do that." Dropping my forehead on the middle of her back, "I don't want you to think I am weird."

Rocking her hips back and forth, catching my dick between her cheeks causing a wonderful friction, "George after all that I have told you, tell me!" Sensing the annoyance in her voice, I have a decision to make, either I just come clean and tell her or I take the chance of her ending this right now and getting pissed off at me.

Making the choice any logical wizard would in my place, I choose to tell her. Leaning back over her, pressing my chest into her back and latching on to her ear lobe, "I thought about how fucking hot it would be to take you like this, thrusting in and out of you," flicking my hips showing her what I mean. "Now knowing you like it," leaning back keeping one hand on her hip and grabbing a handful of her hair, "I would pull you back by your hair," pulling her back so we are both kneeling moving both hands to cup and play with her tits, garnering a loud moan from her. Driving me crazy I figure I might as well go all in, "Do you like that idea? Hmm, does it make you horny? Would you like me to fuck you like that?"

"George!" Reaching around to wrap her arms around my neck, "I love it when you talk like that." Still kissing her neck while fondling her, stroking one hand down to the back of her knickers, I am twisting my finger around the thin material and slowly pulling them down, dragging my finger between her cheeks as I do it. Pushing her forward back on to her hands and knees as I remove her knickers completely I know how I want to get her off.

"Hermione, love, I want you to move up," pushing her forward to grab the headboard looking over her shoulder at me, biting her lip. "Trust me love, you will like this, I know you will." Kissing her soundly on the lips before kissing down her back and stroking her legs kissing her arse cheeks, I have never in my wildest dreams thought about doing this but with Hermione I can't help but want to. Licking her first between her arse cheeks and then delving into her tight arsehole, "Fuck George!" with that and the bucking of her hips pushing her arse into my face, I can tell she doesn't mind it. I am slipping my hand in between her legs, inserting two fingers into her wet core, stroking her in time with my licks. Licking and kissing her arse, I thought her pussy was tight her arse is even tighter. Twitching at the idea of bending her over a desk and fucking her tight arse sends blood racing straight to my already hard dick. I am enjoying this but I want to eat her out until she gets off. I know she loves that so I kiss each cheek one more time and lie on my back. Pushing her legs wider so I can pull her into an upright position and her pussy comes down onto my face. I can tell this isn't going to take long as her legs are shaking. Licking and suckling, she is squirming I can hear her protesting, something about wondering if I can breathe. I hold her in place as slurp and lick greedily, looking up at her, locking eyes with her. Looking at her from this position is fucking hot. Fuck the lust in her eyes was almost enough to make me come without even touching myself. Knowing she is close I start to stroke myself with one hand, wanting to finish with her. Concentrating on her clit with my mouth, I use the hand that was holding her arse and start to finger her. Feeling her clench around my finger, "Sweet Merlin George!" grinding her quim on my mouth as she is riding out her orgasm is all I need. I had been fighting off my own finish and as her juices run down my chin two more strokes and I am spent as well. Shakily Hermione moves off of me, leaning down to kiss me, if I hadn't just came that would have been the end of me there, her licking and cleaning her cum off my face was erotic.

General POV

After cleaning her essence off of George, Hermione is rolling on to her back, shoulder to shoulder both are lying there silently completely and utterly spent. Wandlessly cleaning them up, lifting her head as a sign for him to put his arm down, Hermione is sliding over and snuggling into George kissing his cheek, "Gods George that was amazing."

"I would have to agree."

"So I feel the desire to be honest right now."

Chuckling "Ok love, what's on your mind."

"I really liked it when you took control." Hermione is burying her face in his chest, "It made me feel several things, incredibly turned on and like I was the sexiest thing ever. I made me feel like you wouldn't ever want another witch, like I was the only person in the world. You are normally so easy going and laid back, it made me feel powerful that I could have that kind of reaction from you, to make you so aggressive."

"Well then let me say, I never knew how turned on I would be by doing it. I just had a dream like that and I just decided to go with it tonight. You are the sexiest thing ever, I don't ever want another witch," rubbing his hand over his face and dropping his voice, "I like you being almost submissive." Sighing and then rushing to get the next sentence out because of how the last one sounded, "But I don't like that word but it is all I can think of right now."

"Gods, that was really indescribable. After that, I don't know if I could ever out right say no to something." Snuggling closer to his side, both still naked, but under the thick comforter he summoned from the floor. "George?"


"Thank you for letting go and causing me to let go," She is kissing the spot on his chest that she can reach without moving too far, "Night."

"Night love."

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. I had a few requests or suggestions for some George and Hermione alone time. I hope it was what you wanted for those of you who wanted it. The song mentioned in the chapter was Freight Train but Sara Jackson-Holman. As always any suggestions for things you would like to see or let me know what you liked, it is always appreciated.