For Cheeky's Weekly Drabble Competition on HPFC: Bonus level. Write a freeverse about Narcissa Black-Malfoy, Theo Nott, or James Sirius Potter. You must use three of the following prompts: change, long, swirl, juxtaposed, blessed, damage, gasping, illusion, choice, red.


Your world is





stained by the blood of the people you couldn't save


oh, don't kid yourself, Theodore

you didn't just not save them

you killed them

and their blood is redredred on your hands


you wake up screaming all too often.

wake up gasping

your lungs crying out for air

your heart crying out for them.


oh, don't kid yourself, Theodore

crying for them doesn't save them

it doesn't erase your guilt

doesn't erase the redred blood on your hands


you try to make amends.

you become an Auror

try to fix things

try to save people.


oh, don't kid yourself, Theodore

you can't undo the damage you've done

no matter what you do now

the stain doesn't just go away








three people.

you killed three people.

three people are dead because of you.

three people are gone, just done, because of what you've done.


you don't kid yourself, do you, Theodore?

you know they're gone forever

and you know






their faces haunt you

every wakingsleepingconscious moment

you never knew their names

(and maybe that hurts the most of all)

but you will never forget their faces.


you don't kid yourself, do you, Theodore?

you are haunted, tainted, crippled

you will never be who you were

and your hands will never lose their redred stain


forever can't make up for what you've done.

not if you had a hundred forevers.

or a thousand forevers.

some things cannot be mended.


you don't kid yourself, do you, Theodore?

your hands are stained redredred

and that is never going to change.