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Naruto: Hello

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Holy shit- demon speak

"You monkey!"- talking

FUCK YOU- yelling

A young boy of 5 was running down the road from a bunch of villagers. He was small for his age because none of the villagers would sell to him. The young boy was 3'9 scrawny and messy blond hair. His clothes were filled with holes(if you think about it that doesn't make sense) He managed to loose them in an ally and hid behind a dumpster.

This wasn't the first time he was being chased, and he knew it wouldn't be the last. All he knew was that he had to be quiet and hope that they pass by and he can get to his cave that he found after he was kicked out of the orphanage.

"Where is that bastard, I will get my revenge on that demon." A few cheers were heard with the man. Naruto heard a thud and looked across the roof to the ANBU who were the leafs major shinobi. Naruto knew most of them because at one time or another at least a few had saved him. However, not all of them did their job at protecting Naruto.

Naruto paled as the ANBU whistled and pointed to where Naruto was hiding. He then heard loud footsteps and felt someone grab him by his shirt and threw him into the wall.

Naruto's head smacked against the wall and started to bleed. His vision became blurry as he heard them scream about killing the demon and finishing what the fourth Hokage started.

One of the people in the crowd was a ninja and grabbed Naruto out of the mans grasp and used a kunai to pin each hand crucifixion style to the wooden fence a few feet away.

Naruto then saw out of the corner of his eye someone grab a pipe that was on the ground and got a running start and hit him in the gut knocking the wind out of him. He felt a few ribs broke and the last thing he heard and saw was a yell. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, ANBU, AREST THESE PEOPLE NOW AND TAKE THEM TO IBIKI AND ANKO NOW!" Then everything went black.


While all of this was going on a Bijuu was watching with disgust. Those lousy ingrates, attacking a kit, not cool, not cool at all. I think it is time I should talk to my host before anything else happens.

Naruto was wondering where he was, one moment he was hanging on a fence the next he was in a sewer.

He felt something tugging on his mind to go a certain way. So he followed it till he came to a room with huge bars that went to the ceiling. Naruto saw a note with kanji that said seal. Naruto looked around again and saw an outline of a huge fox.

About time you got here kit. To the surprise of the huge fox the child did not flinch.

"Who are you, where am I?" Naruto had an idea now that he thought about it. He had seen sealing done by ninja before and the thought of everyone calling him demon started to make sense.

I am the Nine Tailed Fox Kyubi and you young one are in your mindscape. You are currently here from your traumatic experience. I was just able to get you hear this time.

Naruto was shocked, he knew of the Kyubi and that it attacked the village and like everyone else thought that the fourth killed the beast but obviously they all were wrong.

"How did you get here? Why did you attack the village, do you know the way to San Jose?"

I was sealed into you by the fourth Hokage, you can not kill any of us, yes there are more than me. There are 9 of us Bijuu. I didn't mean to attack your village, I was trapped in a Genjutsu by Madera Uchia and forced to attack, I'm a victim here just like the rest of you and yes, I do know the way to San Jose

Naruto nodded his head in understanding and took a deep breath. You are taking this well kit, I thought you would be screaming and ranting about me being in you.

Naruto ran a hand through his hair, "Well bitching about it aint going to change a thing, so why complain. Also when I saw you and then remembered being called a demon I put two and two together."

They looked at each other and had a feeling of piece with each other knowing that they were not alone any more.

You are a lot easier to deal with than my first host and my last host, your mother, man was she a pain. She wouldn't come and visit or even give me a chance to talk to her, she chained me to a wall and forced me to give her my chakra when she needed it.

When Naruto heard that his whole body froze he couldn't even feel his heart beat. "You knew my mother?" the fox just realized what it said and sighed.

Yes I knew your mother, her name was Kushina. Like I said she was my former host. Didn't anyone tell you who they were? After all your last name is Uzumaki. They were a clan from Uzugakure. Mito Uzumaki was married to the first Hokage as a piece act. Kushina was I think a cousin of Mito, I don't remember.

Naruto shook his head. He had asked the third time and time again and he said he didn't know and sometimes he would slip and say that he couldn't tell Naruto just yet. This got Naruto angry, the one person who he trusted had lied to him. He also just found out that he was related to the first Hokage through marriage. Here he was living on the streets when he had an inheritance.

Naruto got shook his head again to get back to focus. "Do you know who my Father was?" The fox nodded its head and to Naruto's amazement changed into a woman that looked about 20 years old in a red kimono. Naruto looked and blinked, and blinked again. "You're a girl?"

Of course I am, what do you think that everything big and strong has to be a man? Naruto was about to answer but Kyubi cut him off. Don't answer that. Anyway, your father….was the fourth Hokage.

Naruto was shocked, that bastard sealed the fox in him. He started to breath hard and the level of the sewer water started to rise. Kyubi noticed this and hugged Naruto to her and held him for a while and he eventually calmed down and just held onto Kyubi for all he was worth.

After he got calmed down enough to talk. He asked why he was chosen to live this life of pain. Kyubi told him that he probably thought that he wouldn't ask another family to do that when he wasn't willing to risk the same.

Naruto got mad again he saw it that the village was more important than his own son and left him to the dogs that were most of the village populace.

Naruto then came to a conclusion, he was a good Hokage, but a worthless parent who would event think that he would be treated fairly. So he would respect the position and hate the man.

Even the third was turning out to be a bastard to him when he was thinking about it. He would remember the old man telling him that the people were in jail and the next day he would see them out walking down the street or taunting him. So he was going to have to be careful about who he trusts from now on. He would keep an eye on the old man.

While this was going on Kyubi was watching Naruto with interest. It was obvious that something was going on in his head. J

When Naruto looked up into Kyubi's eyes to let her know he was back. He steeled his resolve "Kyubi can you help me become strong? I don't want to be week any more and let people walk all over me."

Kyubi thought about it and decided that she had some blame in all of this making his live miserable, so she agreed to help him become stronger. She told him it would be hell, but he knew it would be worth it in the end.