Authors Note:

This is my first time writing an actual fanfic so please, if you have any constructive criticism, feel free to give it to me straight! ^-^

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine and neither is the original plot! I just wanted to do a crossover with Durarara! and Warm bodies

You're probably wondering how this all started. Well to be honest, It's been like this for as long as I can remember. But then again I don't really remember anything from when I was alive. I was probably a bartender or something if my choice of clothes was any indication. I don't know my name. Although I think it started with an S. None of us remember things from the life we had before. And when I say we, I mean the other walking dead that have taken a liking to this run down city.

I call it Ikebukuro, but that's just 'cause of the big signs that say it just on the outskirts of the large buildings. It's not so bad once you get used to it. None of us really care how bad it is though, since all we do here is walk around aimlessly in search of food. Well food for us anyways. Apparently not everybody likes the taste of flesh and brains..

I guess It's an acquired taste...

I'm hungry...

I trudge down the road slowly towards an old restaurant. It has a sign hanging crooked just above the doors. 'Russia Sushi'. I guess you could say I come here pretty often. The big guy standing motionless behind the counter doesn't seem to mind. It's not like he's getting much business these days anyways.

I spot my best friend sitting down at the counter over in the far corner with an unlit cigarette hanging loosely from his mouth. I sluggishly take a seat next to him. This guy is pretty cool. He's got weird hair. I think they're called dreads. He dresses kinda fancy with his suit and all. And he has slightly darker skin than most of the dead around here. Well accept for that guy back there behind the counter.I call my friend Tom. I'm not sure if that's his real name or not, but he doesn't complain about it. Tom and I like to talk whenever I come by. It's mostly just grunts or moans, but occasionally there are some words in-between.

"H..he..hey.." I say.


I point to myself. "H..Hun-gry.."

He nods and replies, "S-sun..shine.. 60.."

We both grunt in approval and get up to head to the door. The large man behind the counter waves goodbye as we leave. And I find myself wondering what kind of a person he was before this all happened.

We've got ourselves quite a group now. We like to travel in groups these days. It's easier getting food that way. They can't run away from all of us at once. It also lowers your chances of getting shot in the head right away.

There's a loud thump over to the right. We look up. It's one of 'them'. A ghoul. We try to avoid the ghouls as best we can. But still, some of the newbies get caught and torn to shreds for taking some of their kill. It isn't pretty.

The ghoul screeches at us and our group begins to shuffle away cautiously. Damn do I hate those bastards. They get all the fresh food.

A little while later we're at Sunshine 60. It's quiet. Perfect. I listen carefully for any movement that Isn't our own. My head twitches when I hear scratching and footsteps. I take a deep breath and there it is. That heavenly scent of living flesh. The smell is coming from that building across the way. I turn, and the group turns with me. They smelled it to. We move towards the building, our mouths dry and waiting.

It's dinner time.