Men are over rated, or are they?

Italics= thoughts

Bold=inner demon

Bold and italics= other person in the conversations thoughts

-Chapter1- prologue

A beautiful woman sat crying on a bench. Her head nestled in the palms of her hands, tears dripped between her fingers and splashed as they hit the cool moist grass of the night. Her black mid back length hair fell over her shoulders. Slowly she started to calm. And the heart wretched sobs soon seized to but a few hiccups. As she looks up with her tear filled chocolate eyes she pulls her fingers apart so she can see where she has ended up, thinking about what just happened she can't help but sigh.

''Will I ever be happy? He was so perfect, until the end that is. ''

Another sigh escaped her lips as she wiped her face clean of tears as she stood. On her walk back to her apartment she thought of what just transpired.

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"I hope he likes his surprise." She said as she walked into a 12 story high building full of windows." "It took all month to do but hey he'll only be 650 once. (Sigh) Demons and there life span. Then again I myself am 437. Being an everlasting miko sure is tiring but oh well."

She walks onto the elevator and hits the button for her desired floor 12. As she get off she greets the young demoness sitting behind the desk with a smile. She was pretty, with shoulder length dark brown hair and bright brown eyes.

"Oh hello, Yura. His package arrived I hope."

Yura looked at her with startled eyes. Damn her and her no aura.

"Please Miss Kagome, you can't go in right now. He's in a meeting and asks not to be disturbed till it ceases."

Kagome looked at her confused. What does she mean meeting, he never said anything about having a meeting today when he left.

"What meeting? He never said anything about a meeting. He actually said he had nothing planned all day."

Yura turned her sad eyes away and looked down at her keyboard. How do I tell her this?

"This meeting just happened to stop by."

She finally couldn't stand it anymore so she stood and walked away to make copies of some files.

What does that mean this meeting just happened to stop by?

As Kagome nears the office doors she hears a women's voice behind them, a voice she knows all too well.

"Oh Sesshy I've missed you so much. It feels so good to be in your arms again."

Is that Kikyo, What is that bitch doing here?

As she was about to turn the door handle she heard his voice.

"My my, how many times do I have to tell you not to come here. If you need to speak to me you are to call my secretary and leave a message. I have always returned the calls. Have I not?

Oh my god why is he being nice to her, I thought he hatted her. And better yet why is she in his arms?

"Oh baby that feels so good" Kikyo said.

She had enough and burst into the room, and what she saw made her turn around and run. There was Kikyo sitting in his lap and kissing his neck. Her fiancé of 5 years. As she neared Yuras desk she took off her ring and threw it into a corner.

"I'm sorry Kagome she threatened me." Yura said with pleading eyes.

As she hit the elevator button she heard his voice once again.

"Kagome, please stop it's not what you think I swear it's not. Kagome!"

But it was too late all she heard was the beginning before the door shut and she was on her way to the main floor. When the ding was heard she ran out into the night hands on her eyes. She ran until she was in the park and sat on the bench. Bent over crying her heart out.

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-15 min ago Sesshoumarus POV-

He looked at his watch10:30 pm.

It's going to be another late night. I hate late nights, I'd much rather be home in bed with my love doing naughty things to her.

As he was thinking of all the things he wanted to do to his little vixen His hair stood on the back of his neck.

What is she doing here? I don't have the time for this shit.

Kikyo walked onto the 12th floor with a mission. Turn Sesshoumaru against that bitch who stole him from her and try to get him back. She was wearing a tight red halter top with her breast almost spilling over And a very mini black leather skirt. She had her hair up into a messy bun and her black high healed stilettos. She was looking hot tonight. There was no way he was going to let her get away this time. As she walked past the desk his secretary stopped her.

"What are you doing here Kikyo? You know you are not allowed in this building even."

Kikyo sighed. "Listen here bitch I'm going into that office and you are not going to stop me. Or else I'll just have to call your husband Naraku and tell him about the other night you were at the bar all over oh who what it again, ah yes Miroku."

Yura paled "h h how you know about that?"

"Oh I know a lot of things so…" Kikyo added with a tilt of her head

"Damn you." Yura said as she let Kikyo pass.

His doors burst open, and there standing was Kikyo.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well I was getting sick of only phone calls when it has to do with the business. So I thought I'd drop by and see how you were doing." She said as waltzing her way over to him swaying her hips a little more than necessary.

"You are not allowed here and you know it, when we got divorced you got the company in the south. And I kept the ones in the West. You are forbidden in this part of the city as I recall. You are a low down sneaky bitch and I'm am trying my best to keep calm if it is business you want to discuss you know"

She cut him off as she felt her presence, this might be easier than I thought

""Oh Sesshy I've missed you so much. It feels so good to be in your arms again." She said playing up the loving tone in her voice.

Has she gone mad? Well let's try to just be lenient and try to get rid of her.

"My my, how many times do I have to tell you not to come here. If you need to speak to me you are to call my secretary and leave a message. I have always returned the calls. Have I not?

"Oh baby that feels so good" she acted up.

She has gone crazy.

All of a sudden she threw herself into his lap and put her mouth to his neck. Before he could throw her off his doors burst open. He looked up into the eyes of his love Kagome.

Oh my god what is she thinking right now. Wait where is she going.

He thought as she turned away and ran. He then threw Kikyo off of himself and went to go to Kagome when Kikyo stopped him.

"Just let her go, we can start over we can try for a family again we can."

He cut her off.

"Shut up I left you, you cheated on me. You used my brother. You turned him against me. And now you do this. I will strangle you and throw your dead ugly corpse on my floor and walk right over you." He snarled in her face. After he was satisfied with the look of horror on her. He turned and went after Kagome.

As he came into the hall he seen Kagome about to get on the elevator. And he went after her yelling.

"Kagome, please stop it's not what you think I swear it's not. Kagome!"

But it was too late the doors shut and he was left in the hall alone. Yura ran to god knows where. Good he would have killed her right now for letting the bitch in. as he was standing there his beast started yelling at him.

You let her get away you are no good for mate

What are you talking about? You know what she is thinking right now isn't what happened. And she will never let me explain. She is too stubborn. .

You let her kiss you

I did not and you know it. She jumped me as the door opened. I did all I could not to kill her.

Mate seen her kiss you I felt it. Mate thinks you not loyal

I know I'll have to do my best when I get home to convince her otherwise.

Mate should kill you.

She should but I know who I am going to kill right now

As he turned around his eyes bleed red and his aura increased 1000 fold. He walked into his office and grabbed a smirking Kikyo by the neck. Her feet were dangling and she was clawing at his hands begging for release. He on the other hands just squeezed tighter and tighter till there was a pop ad her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she dropped to the floor dead.

Her last thoughts were no not this way why didn't he come back to me she's not as pretty as me uhg can't breathe.

"I have to find Kagome now." Please let your aura be visible.

And with that he headed out the door and down to his car. He had a search out for him. The brown box in his office long since forgotten.

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