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-Chapter 4-

-Last time-

I can't believe he is really doing this. And he has kept that ring this whole time. Is he telling the truth if so why I didn't see her obituary in the paper. Then again when do I ever read the paper? If I say yes I know I'll be happy, and if I say no ill no ill just be as miserable as I am now. Going around pretending I am happy and leading this fake life that I have. Well I should give him my answer.

"Sesshoumaru, I…"


"Okay, what do we have here? Another crash huh. You know you are the 4th I've taken care of today." The police said as he was shaking his head and reaching into his car for his ticket book. "So which one of you are at fault?"

Oh what timing. "Oh that would be…" She was about to tell the cop it was her fault that she ran into Sesshoumaru but he interrupted her.


"Wait what, no Sesshoumaru it was I who ran into you."

"But it was I who did not go when the light went green." He spoke down to her with a little annoyance in his eyes. That damn cop why did he have to come at this time. And why is she being so difficult and not just letting me accept the ticket.

Maybe mate does not wish to be with us anymore.

Nonsense she was about to say yes.

But she didn't she was about to say something like, Sesshoumaru I regret to inform you.

Oh shut up she does not speak like that.

She won't say yes. She still thinks you were with Kikyo.

I killed Kikyo

Meanwhile Kagome was about to retaliate when she noticed his eyes flashing gold to red. He's speaking to his beast. I wonder why. "Excuse me, Sesshoumaru."

Mate talking to you

We will speak later on this issue

When he did not get a reply he answer Kagome with a little rushed "yes"

"Oh, well um the cop wants to know your address and wants to see your license and registration."

"Oh yes, well, here it is." He handed over the desired documents and stared at Kagome.

The cop went on to ask if they would need a tow truck and a ride to where ever they were going. But Sesshoumaru assured him that they would be fine and he would take care of it.

I wonder why he is doing this. Who does he think he is?

"SESSHOUMARU! How do you know that I didn't need a ride? My bakery is on the other side of town. Do you just expect me to walk all the way there? Another thing why did you take the ticket you know very well that it was I who ran into you? Sesshoumaru are you even listening to me?"

'' I will call my driver and he will take you where ever you need to go do not worry about it. And Kagome."


"You never did answer my proposal."

She was staring at him dumbfounded. Was he really that serious? I thought he was doing just to "Sesshoumaru, I'm sorry but I just have to think about it. I mean it's been such a long time and I just have a couple things to take care of. I'm sorry." She was staring at her feet by the time she had finished. Afraid to look up at him.

Told you mate would say no.

She said she has to think. It has been a long time.

She rejected you. You will have to make her remember the times before when you were happy.

I know this just leave me be.

I can't for I am you

"Then just be quiet."

"Sesshoumaru, I didn't mean to make you mad it's just..."

"No, its ok I understand I was speaking to my beast. Very well Tatsu is here where is your bakery?" he then opened the door and allowed Kagome to slide in before entering himself. After he had relayed the address he sat back into his seat. Defeated. She really didn't say yes. But she didn't say no either.

"Kagome, will you at least where the ring. To humor me even. To give me a little hope?"

"I guess." She stuck out her hand and let Sesshoumaru slip the ring onto her finger. I shouldn't be doing this, but it feels right. I hope Tatsu drives faster I can't take this much longer.

"Kagome do you remember, the time we went to the outdoor hot springs, it was our 3rd anniversary do you remember?" please remember.

I can't believe he remembers that. It was a great vacation I will say that.


"Ouch it's scorching hot."

"Hahaha just ease into it my dear, it isn't as bad it just feel s that way due to the cold outside."

"They what, Swim past you. Beside it is too hot in here for fish."

"Not demon fish, when I was 15 remember what happened you were there that damn thing nearly ate me whole."

"Ate you whole huh, well I assure you I will protect you. Although I would love to eat you whole myself."

"Sesshoumaru!" as Kagome went to back up to playfully run away she forgot that it was all snow surrounding them and she slipped and fell down the hill they were on. Right into a bush. That of which she was great full for due to the fact she was stark ass naked. And there were people in the spring ahead of her. What do I do now? If I get out they will see me. Oh I could just hide myself behind a barrier. As she brought up her barrier she stood and started to rub her sore behind when a naked Sesshoumaru went running right past her and barged in on the couple ahead of her.

"Kagome! Kagome are you alright? Kago… me..?" there in front of him was a woman trying to hide herself behind a rock and a very pissed off man in front of him. Not bothering to cover himself. He was yelling at Sesshoumaru but Sesshoumaru did not hear anything the man was saying due to the fact that the cold of outside of the water made the man's appendage shrink to that of a new born baby. "Oh I'm sorry I was looking for my girlfriend, and she's not her so I'm going to go look over there and sir I am very sorry for your miss fortune." The man was taken aback by what Sesshoumaru was saying to him than he looked down to his little guy and noticed what he was talking about. His face turned to the red of a tomato and he dunked down in the water and scrambled back to the rock where his wife was. Meanwhile Sesshoumaru started back up to his hot spring part way up Kagome grabbed him and pulled him into her barrier.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I…..cant…..believe…you….just….did…that…HAHAHAHAHA. That was so funny. You really just, EEEPPP!" she wasn't able to finish due to the fact that Sesshoumaru picked her up and rushed them back to the springs where he showed her how funny he could be.

-End Flashback—

"Yes Sesshoumaru I remember that time." She was now trying to stifle a laugh. And just couldn't hold it in any longer.

"I see you still think it was as funny as it was then."

"I can't help it, you made fun of his penis, and just walked away all proud while your bare ass was staring them in the face.

"well." He moved up right next to her and put his face into the crook of her neck. "Would you like me to repeat my actions from that night?"

"Oh Sesshoumaru." She started to moan at his breath touched her bare skin.

"Kagome you have no idea how long I had wanted to do this. How long I looked for you. Kagome I still love you, please don't make me wait please just say yes now. Kagome?"

"Yes, Sesshoumaru, yes. But I do have a surprise for you, Tatsu?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Please bring us to tis address instead." She handed a card to the driver as he said yes Sesshoumaru grabbed the card. He starred at it.

Why are we going to a daycare?

As they pulled up Kagome got out and motioned for him to do the same. She escorted him to the front door and pushed the bell. The door opened to an old lady with an eye patch.

"Why hello young one, I did not expect ye till later today."

"Yes well I seemed to have taken the rest of the day off. Is Sazaki awake?"

"Yes he is, my granddaughter Rin is over today she is in holding him."

Sesshoumaru just looked on in confusion. Who is Sazaki? As he looked up he noticed Kagome was already half way into the house and to her destination. When he rounded the corner into what he could only describe as a play room. He was met with a smell like him but there were children all over the place. He looked over at Kagome and noticed she was bending over to pick up a baby which couldn't be more than 4 months old. The baby boy had Kagome's black hair and yet when he seen his hand rap around some of Kagome's hair he noticed claws and a magenta stripe along his wrist. No it couldn't be he couldn't be mine I would have smelled it on her all that time ago.


He looked to where his name was being called from and noticed Kagome had turned to face him. He could now see Sazaki's eyes they were golden just like his.

"Sesshoumaru I would like to introduce you to your son, Sazaki."

My son how could I have a son. She wasn't pregnant when she left but maybe I can't detect her aura. "Kagome why didn't you tell me you were pregnant when you left?" he was starting to get irritated.

"I was going to. That package I had delivered to your office was a portrait of my first sonogram. It was going to be your birthday surprise. But don't feel left out nobody new about Sazaki not Koga, Ayame or even Inuyasha. Only Sango knew. Please don't be mad." She was so afraid he was going to flip. So afraid he was going to try to leave her now and take her little boy.

"Kagome, we will have to make a nursery at the house now, I'm afraid your sowing rom will have to go.

"You're not mad really? Oh Sesshoumaru. Here why don't you hold him?"

She handed Sazaki over to Sesshoumaru, Sazaki didn't like going to a stranger and started to growl. But as soon as Sesshoumaru growled back he called down and look up at him almost knowing that he was his father. Sesshoumaru looked at Kagome. What a great start to our future.



-6 months later—

They were married at the same resort that housed their favorite hot springs. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru settled their differences and he even stood next to Sesshoumaru as his best man. Kagome wore a magnificent dress. And the decorations were beautiful as well. Everyone had shown up. And she even had decided to hand over her business to Sango.

As they were driving to their honeymoon, kagome had one other surprise for Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru, I have one last surprise for you."

"Yes Kagome what is it?

"I'm pregnant."


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