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SG-1 sat around the blazing camp fire they had built in a clearing on P3X-957, enjoying each other's company and the silence around them. Each were stuck in their own thoughts, observing the others. This was their fourth mission that they had not drawn unwanted company. They each were on the tip-toes though, waiting for the boring streak to end. As much as they desired easy missions, such was just not their luck.

Jack watched his team. His fabulous four, including himself. Fantastic Four, he chuckled to himself. 'Just call me Mr. Fantastic,' he thought to himself. But his thoughts began to deteriorate into more sober ones when his eyes fell on Daniel. Dr. Jackson. Death's lover. Mr. It Boy. The Human Torch.

Usually it took all of Jack's patience to handle Daniel and his long rants on something he himself did not really care enough to understand, but recently Daniel had been rather distant. He'd interact and inject a smart-ass remark every now and again, but he didn't seem into what he was saying. Jack knew it had something to do with Sha're's death, but no one had really talked about it.

Teal'c appeared to be his usual stoic self, tending to the fire and calmly listening to Carter and Daniel's argument on something Jack wasn't smart enough to follow. But watching him, Jack knew that he was troubled. While much anticipated and more efficient, the feeling of loss from his symbiote was profound. On the other hand though, Jack smiled, his son had just gotten married. He had never seen Teal'c beam so big or boast so proudly.

And then his eyes fell on the woman that meant the most to him. His heart sank to his stomach and his thoughts began to swirl. He was concerned about her; she had been the most introverted lately. Sure, SG-1 had gone through a lot recently, but it had hit Carter the hardest. She ignored them when she could get away with it, dodged them in the hallways in the mountain. She let her phone ring when they called her for team nights. She answered when she had to, nodded and laughed on cue. But Jack could tell her mind was preoccupied and she just wasn't into it. SG-1 took notice of Sam's silence and often tried to ask her questions that required a lengthy, heartened answer. It had worked at first, but eventually made her clam up more.

Whenever they finally caught up to her in her lab, she's retort that she was busy. Some machine SG-7 brought back from an advanced planet needed worked on, or else it'd be sent to Area 51 in a week, a report just had to be finished, or even one more project became her routine answers. Eventually she gave up getting them to go away and joined them, albeit quietly and reluctantly.

Jack was startled back to reality when he heard a voice cry out, followed by the rapid succession of gunfire. He stood up quickly and watched Teal'c wield his staff. Daniel stood up and was looking at Sam confusedly. She stood pointing her gun toward the dark, gloomy forest; she was on high alert. "What the hell, Carter?" Jack was concerned.

"There's something out there," she whispered. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end and her blood froze in her veins. She could hear their cries and their whispers. It was a cacophony of anguish and horror, and Sam wondered why no one else could hear them. They were enveloping her body, piercing the sound barrier; their cries echoed in her ears and she threw down her gun to cover her ears.

"You can't hear them?! They're so loud!" She fell to knees and immediately they were to her side.

"Carter, what the hell is going on?" Jack didn't want to raise his voice, but she was not answering him. Her eyes were screwed shut and her fingernails clawed at her ears.

"Guys, we're leaving. Teal'c, carry her to the gate. We need to get her home." Teal'c nodded obediently and picked her up. Immediately, Sam began screaming and pounding on his solid back. Daniel thanked whatever divine entity that was out there that he didn't have to carry her.

As they got to that gate and Daniel began dialing, Sam let out a shrill screech and became limp in Teal'c's arms. "She is alive, O'Neill," he reassured them after feeling for her pulse. Daniel opened the gate and with the familiar swoosh of 'water,' they walked through.

"We need help ASAP!" When the gurney arrived, Teal'c laid Sam gently on the bed and moved back.

"What the hell happened, Colonel?" General Hammond was all too familiar watching his top team come through the gate with a man down, but it didn't make it any easier. SG-1 was like his family, all of the SGC was, and Sam Carter was especially close to him.

"Sir, I have no idea. We were sittin…" Jack was interrupted when the metal doors opened and Sam began screaming loudly. Janet stopped the nurses and turned to Jack and the general, motioning them over.

"Sirs, you might want to come here."

The team and the general walked over to the wobbling gurney and looked at Sam, whose eyes were closed and were moving quickly. Her body was twitching and her hands were shaking violently. Suddenly she convulsed and opened her eyes. She looked right at Jack and whispered eerily, "Keres. The Keres." She closed her eyes again and began convulsing violently. Janet ordered her to the infirmary and everyone else look to Daniel worriedly.

"It…it's Greek. Loosely translated, it means 'death spirits.' More specifically, they were female spirits of violent or cruel death."

"And?" The general was too confused and too old to beat-around-the-bush. He wanted Daniel to get straight and to the point.

"And whatever legend has it that they were released from Pandora's box to plague mankind. I think Sam has been become the first victim."