So this story is about Cato and Clove. (Fake gasp), shock? No definitely not but sorry love them! So Cato is a cop and gets a 911 call. So cant tell you what but its really important. Like major. Anyway rated M for violence and swearing. You guys who have read my work know I don't write 50 shades or lemons. Also 2 of my stories had uploads tonight. Among the shadows and mics,Lights, and white lies. But anyway don't own hunger games. Also everyone lives in Minnesota Enjoy:) R&R~ catoloverxclovelover

Cato POV

"Hi Annie" annie is the 911 operater for the station here in Minnesota.

"Hi Cato coffee?"

"Sure thanks" I say and sit next to her.

"Annie pick up line 5!" Someone yells.

Annie presses the button on the side of the head set. "911 whats your emergency?"

There is a speaker so I can hear everything Annie is saying and what is going on.

"Hello?" Annie asks again kinda worriedly.

There is someone crying in the background. "Hello?" Annie repeats.

"I need someone to come to my house" Its just a boy he sounds young too.

"What's wrong?"

"My mom and dad are fighting. I didn't see anything but I think she is hu-" The young boy stops talking when a blood curdling scream comes in the background.

"Hello? Hello?" Annie asks.

"You need to come soon. Please."

"What's your address?" Annie asks.

"I-I don't know. I-I live near the playground but thats all I know. I went there with my sister"

"How old are you?"


Annie looks at me shocked. A 7 year old called 911 because his parents are fighting. Wait there is other children in that house? He said he had a sister.

The other end suddenly hangs up. Oh god. The ling Annie was on yet again rings.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Yes, hello. My name is Effie Trinket well Im not exactly sure but I think my neighbors boyfriend is beating her."

"Whats the adress?" Annie asks.

"127 Victor Street"

"Near the playground?"

"Yes it is. Jasper calm down"

Its that boy again I can hear him in the background.

"You need to hurry she is a lot smaller than her boyfriend and I don't think it just started now I think this has been happening for awhile-" She stops talking and even Annie and I can hear the smash and scream in the background an these people are in a different house.

"Okay we will send some officers and ambulance." Annie finishes.

I get up quickly and run to get Peeta and Finnick and Marvel.

Clove POV

Another blow another scream and I hit the wall then on the floor again.

"Get up!" Gale yells at me and a sob goes through my body.

"I said get up!" He yells again at me this time kicking my ribs.

"Please stop" I beg but I know he wont even if my 2 year old daughter is in the room screaming her head off. Why cant he just kill me already?

A knock on the door stops Gale from kicking me again. Why does he do this?

Gale storms to the door and I drag myself into the corner against the wall and I cant even cry I feel so numb but I can feel every kick, punch, hit, anything physical he gave to me all the violence.

Cato POV

I knock on the door with the guys behind me.

A Brunette about the same height I am maybe a little shorter answers the door.

"Yes?" He asks us.

"Can we come in?"


"Because I asked to"

The man goes to shut the door but I stick my foot between the door and the tiny space of the doorway left.

Clove POV

I hear footsteps. Its definitely a male. He's gonna hit me again.

Cato POV

Oh my god. This house is a reck the neighbor was right something was going in here. The walls look like they were punched into, glass on the floor, smashed furniture pieces everywhere. Was he trying to kill her? Wait where is the woman that was being talked about.

I find one room where a little blonde two year old girl is screaming and crying there is a brunette little boy about the age of 4.

They aren't hurt but where is there mom?

I walk into a abandoned room the window smashed blood on the floor smudged all around. Then there is a medium height but small compared to me brunette girl in the corner with her hands over her rib cage and cuts, bruises, burns and only god knows what else.

She notices me but doesn't even move. I sit on my knees next to her.

"Are you going to hit me?" She asks. I don't think there has ever been a case this bad that I have seen.

"No I'm here to help you. Im officer Chambers but if you like you can call me Cato"

"Im Clove. We went to high school together." She starts to wince when she speaks then I can see the blood seeping through her shirt.

"Can I see? If Im going to help I'm going to need to see"

Clove the tiny petite girl who was 2 years younger than me in high school but was so smart she skipped 2 grades and ended up graduating in my senior class with me was now a never spoke not more than a 3 minute conversation in all the years we have known each other and now I feel bad. She is a reck well not her she is so abused its something that would be in a horror film. Just because she was with that ass hole down stairs. He beat her hard her shirt was slightly teared where her ribs are and blood was seeping through her shirt so much that is was already soaked.

I tell through my walkie talkie that

We need to get her in an ambulance and arrest the man downstairs.

"He did this to you?"

Clove just nods with tears coming out of her eyes.

"Im really sorry. Did your kids see?"

"Yes most of it. Jasper ran off to get help and Slade hid after about an hour of it."

"How long did this go on?"

"3 hours" Clove now has tears dripping down her blood stained cheeks.

I can hear the ambulance I need to get her downstairs quickly she is losing so much blood. I noticed the back of her head is bleeding too.

Clove POV

I try to walk but I cant. Cato ends up carrying me. Im afraid though that he will drop me to hurt me. But he isn't like Gale. I know he isn't.

Im placed in the ambulance and then everything goes black. My mind sets to different things. One thing is when Gale started to abuse me. When he found out he wasn't the father of any of my children a year and a half ago.

So thats the end of chapter one I hope you liked it hard to write because I almost fell asleep while writing it. Im sorry I'm tired but anyway. What? Gale beats Clove he isn't that father of her kids? Yeah I know obvious plot line its Cato. Well you guessed wrong Cato and Clove didn't know each other. Im lying? What? No? Maybe? Maybe I am but you wont know till chapter 2 which is confession time. So stay in tuned. :) R&R