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Clove POV

Its been hours since Cato found out he was the dad. We haven't talked. He just left and I had to explain to my kids why he got mad.

I don't really know what to do. Im so tired though and I fall asleep on the couch. I have been way too stressed lately.

"Clove wake up" someone says. A familiar voice. A boy. But wait, oh no.

My eyes shoot open. I immediately get up and get as far away from him as I can.

"Well you know getting arrested really sucks." Gale says angrily.

I stay silent and try to step away as he steps closer to me.

"What no 'Hello' thats rude. We still have some very unfinished business, Clove"

"No Gale we really don't " I say but he steps closer as i step back and I'm up against the wall.

"Of course we do. You never learn do you Clove" Gale tells me then hits me.

"Why don't you fight back!" He yells at me and punches me.

The yelling and punching continues till I cant even stand. I screamed louder than ever before.

Now that I'm on the floor he kicks me. Sending kick after kick to my stomach and ribs.

Another kick to my ribs and I start to cry. I somehow reach the phone but only get to press the 911 numbers and the green call button.

I scream again as Gale throws me against the wall. I hear a crack. I fall back to ground and cry and scream while Gale continues to hit,punch, and kick me hard.

It feels like hours. This time I think Gale is going to kill me.

Then the red and blue flashing lights appear through the curtains and the sirens loud.

My blood is everywhere. On my clothes, Gale, the wall, the floor. Im covered in it. I just lay in the dark silently crying in pain.

Gale doesn't leave. I blackout. "Clove?" A voice asks me.

My eyes open to see Cato in front of me. I blink a few times and then the pain hits me again.

"Its okay your gonna go to the hospital." He says.

"Cato I cant move" I manage to get out. The crack earlier was it my spine?

"I know I might have to carry you." Cato says and I realize he is holding my hand.

"Where is Gale?" I ask him.

"We don't know. He ran off after you blacked out"

A few hours later

"Cato its okay you can leave" someone tells him. How long has he been here?

"No Im going to stay." He says and I eventually open my eyes.

"Cato?" I ask him and he look over at me who ever he was talking to is gone.

"Yeah? " Cato says coming over and sitting on my bed.

"What's wrong with me? Why do I have to stay here?"

"Well you almost bled to death, you have 7 bruised ribs, head to toe covered in bruises and cuts and your left wrist sprained" He tells me and I stay silent.

"You don't need to stay" I tell him.

"No I'm going to. Gale still isn't found."

I cant find anything to say. Gale could come back and finish me off. Most likely he will.

"Where is Jasper and Slade?" I ask him urgently.

"With your mother. Does Gale know where she lives?" Cato asks me.

"No but, but my mom lives in California" I tell him.

"I know your sister flew out with them. We don't want to risk anything. If we find Gale today or tomorrow Gale's trial is going to be the next day." Cato tells me.

"Will he go to jail?" I ask Cato a bit tiredly.

"Well its a 50 50 chance that he might not. He hit Jasper and Slade. We think he is planning to tell the judge you did it." Cato answers looking down at the floor.

That woke me up. "Are they okay?" I ask urgently and quickly.

"Yes a few bruises and cuts but nothing compared to what you have"

"Does Gale know?"

"Know what Clove"

"You- being the dad" I ask him.

"Its unlikely. The birth certificates files were locked so there is no way he'd know" Cato says looking at the floor.

"How long do I have to stay here?"

"Overnight then you can leave. But you cant be alone " Cato tells me looking back up at me.

"Then where am I going to stay? Gale knows where I live and where all my friends live and my sister is in California" I say. Wait he wants me to stay with him?!

"You could stay at my house. You can stay in the guest room." Cato offers.

"Well I don't really have a choice so fine. When is Jasper and Slade coming back?"

"The day before Gale's trial. They have to be there"

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