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Clove POV

I lay down in the bed in Cato's guest room. He makes me rest a lot. My robs have finally healed. My bruises now a sickly yellow color, my cuts mostly healed. The door creaks open.

"Hey,How do you feel?" Cato asks me stepping in the room.

"Better" I say looking at My hands that are resting in my been a month since my last incident with Gale. No luck of the police finding him.

"All right, do you need anything?" Cato asks me.

"No" I state but he doesn't leave. Cato sits down on the bed next to me.

"Do you need something?" I ask him.

"Could we talk about Jasper and Slade"

Oh, I knew he was going to bring this up sometime. M- Our kids.

I give him a slight nod refusing to look into his beautiful deep blue eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Ugh, Cato. I just couldnt. You didnt even know me and I-I just couldnt be like 'Hey, do you remember me? We had sex at Marvel's party when we were drunk. Even though your dating the BITCH of the school and we HATE each other. Oh um what am I forgetting Im pregnant and its yours'. Seriously what did you expect me to do." I say.

"I would have helped out. I wouldn't have been like fuck off Im not like that" Cato tells me but he sounds like he is trying to reassure himself not me.

"I didn't want either of them, Okay! I didnt. I considered adoption a lot. And labor- the worst thing that ever happened to me. Twenty hours with Jasper and Twenty-Two with Slade. Its painful the fucking living HELL and trust me I wanted to kill you"

"If you didn't want them why did you keep them" He asks me a bit aggressively.

"When I held them for the first time... I couldn't go through with it. As they both got older they began to look more and more like you... It hurt knowing that I would never tell you. Then I met Gale maybe a year before I had Slade. He was sweet,charming and everything I wanted. Till- till I met you again at Thresh's party. You came up to me asked me how I was. I was going to tell you everything then and there but we ended up drinking and we hooked up again. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant again and Gale was furious. Gale threatened to kill me and the baby if I didn't tell him who the father was I told him it was some random stranger I met at Thresh's party and never caught his name. Just a month after Slade was born he started to beat me. You seriously have no idea how many times I tried to tell you but you never let me" I explain now looking up at him.

"I wont let Gale hurt you I promise" Cato says.

A smile comes to my lips. "When the boys get back maybe we could try to work out the family thing" I say.

Suddenly Cato's lips slam into mine aggressively. I let out a little squeal at first but quickly kiss him back.

We break apart and I get up. "Im going to get some water" I tell him and give him a quick peck on the lips. Maybe Cato and I will work out...

I walk into the kitchen then before I can register whats happening I feel a cold , solid, metal, object at the back of my well back between my shoulder blades. Then the faint cock of the gun.

"Hi, Clove. Looks like I found where your hiding. And oh interesting that Cato's the dad? Guess I found out after all" Gale whispers in my ear.

Then the click of the trigger getting pulled back and a thud. Now just black space.

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