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Ignotum feminam

(Latin: unknown female)

Chapter 1 (?)

Bella P.O.V

As we entered the Throne room -well I thought that it was because of the three thrones and all -Edward again tried to grab my was it, my anger shot out like a bullet out of a gun.

"Edward" I growled "Stop trying to grab me like I'm your property, 'cause I got a news flash for you: I'M NOT!"

I got out of his grasp and went to the right as far as I dared, because the guard was a wee bit scary and thats coming from some one who spent all there time with a coven of vamps before their boyfriend decides to leave them for dead in the woods, thats when it hit me everyone and I do mean everyone in the room was staring at me.

"Oops" I said covering my mouth with my left hand and blushing redder than mars.

"Sorry I didn't mean to hurt anyone, you know with your..uh..um..extra senses…and all." I said, again blushing like a tomato.

To my surprise they all burst out laughing, even the one that looked eternally bored, though his lips only twitched upwards a bit. I looked to the blond one expecting him to smile also but he just scowled and stared ….Strange.

When the laughter died down I saw the one with jet black hair come down the steps to me. Aro, I think was his name.

He came and stood about two feet from me.

"Ah Bella. Interesting, a human worrying about vampires, most unheard of." He said giving me a smile.

"Bella why did you act that way I thought you love me?" Edward suddenly yelled.

"Edward, Edward, Edward of course, I use to love you but after your family of veggie vamps left" I heard him and pixie growl and a few sniggers "after your family of veggie vamps left" I repeated loudly trying to drown out the sniggers "I didn't break down like the weak human I was, I stayed strong and had a good four months of vamp free time" But I thought.

"But" Edward said

I grinned, as my prediction came true so I thought, I'll tell him my whole story -but the shortened version.

"Well" I said dragging the word out.

"After you left I took my time Thinking everything over, that included the veggie vamp Cullen coven'' I heard a few sniggers and this time I couldn't help but join in, when my laughter died down I continued "anyway I said I thought about the veggie vamps and about every things I did with them and then I remembered, a book that I once read it was about the Volturi and the Ki-"

I barely got the word out when I was interrupted by Aro '' A book about the Volturi and the Kings?'' he asked shocked ''Where did you get this book?''He asked suspiciously.

'Oh shit' I thought 'Missed that out'

"Oh..Um...One time I was in Cullen house and and I was speaking to Carlisle about books and what I like and he told me that he has lots of books in his study and said I could read any book but the black leather ones so I said ok as I entered, tripping on thin air because of my clumsiness'' I heard a chuckle from Edward I sent him a 'shut the fuck up' look and he immediately stopped ''so while falling I grabbed a shelf to steady my self and anyway a book fell and I picked it up only to realise that it was a black leather book and it had written on it The Volturi By Carlisle Cullen on it and so on, and so on. So now I basically know everything about the Volturi around the time when Carlisle was with you!" I finished excitedly.

"Ah so this is the work of my old friend Carlisle." Aro said sadly.

"No,no,no,no,no Aro it was 100% my fault because I should've listened to Carlisle and not read the book." I rushed out nervously.

"It's ok mia cara, calm down." Aro said softly "Now, I was wondering if you were an exception to my gift as well as Edwards?" he asked curiously holding out his hand.

Edward no, Dick-ward growled as I was about to touch Aro's hand with my fingertips.

I glared at him "Shut up, you sound like one of those fucking mountain lions you love so much" I snapped as I gave Aro my hand while the guard was laughing their heads of.

His hand was smoother then marble and as soon as I gave him my hand he grabbed it and brought it up to his face and closed his eyes as he concentrated on trying to read me.

A while later he released the hold on my hand and said excitedly "Bella thats amazing the first human thats immune to my gift. Since you know about our kind I was wonder if you'd consider joining the g-"

Practically jumping with joy I yelled "Really you want me to join the guard? I was planning to do go to Italy and ask after I graduated but never mind, the sooner the better" I said excitedly

And then suddenly out of the blue a roar came "NO" I looked at Edward startled "What?" came out a shocked whisper from me.

"No Bella, I wont allow you to stay with these monsters" he said the word 'monsters' with disgust.

"Careful who you're calling monsters!" The blond one snapped. Damn, why can't I remember his name.

"Edward you know that you're here thanks to me right? I asked him like I was talking to a 5 year old

"What?!" exclaimed suspiciously

Then Alice gasped and her eyes glazed over and she fell to the ground screaming "NO, BELLA WHY?" I looked at her shocked then it hit me, finally the psychic pixie found out. My eyes fell on Edward he just looked just looked shocked…just plain…shocked.

Aro looked at me quizzically and I thought why not, now is a good time as any.

"Aro you know why Edward is in Volterra, do you not?" I questioned and he nodded so I continued "Well Aro due to your gift you know about the La Push shape-shifters right?" again he nodded "Well we found out that psychic vampires don't see them so I told them, I would like to be a vampire they were all against it but agreed because they knew thats where I belonged so we came up with a plan. I was going to jump of a small cliff into the water and the Cullen psychic would see me jumping but not getting pulled out of the water by one of the shape-shifters then she would come to my dads house for the 'funeral' " I made air quotation marks with my fingers " she later finds out I'm alive, tells me Eddie boy here is going to commit suicide, brings me to Volterra to save his sorry ass, then she finds out that I'm just using them to get what I want, by the time she find out I trust I'm one of the Volturi guard, thanks Aro by the way, and then they hopefully leave my life for the rest of eternity, the end" I finnish dramatically

At the end of my speech Aro was looking pleased, Alice was leaning on Edward crying tearlessly, Edward….Oh Edward was looking like..Um..I don't know…like he just witnessed the murder of Esme and the guard well the guard just looked plain smug.

Trust Aro to break the tension "Well then Bella, welcome to the family"

"NO" Edward yelled again "Bella why did you do this?"

"Well Edward, maybe revenge. See how you like it when the love of your life dumps you 'cause ya know what I talked to Victoria, told her everything and at the end she told me she has a gift that allows her to see mates and where in the world they are so she told me you are not my mate and that my real mate is in volterra somewhere so goodbye Cullens." I told him happily as he was led out by Jane.

Before I could forget I yelled "Oh and Edward, Tanya's your mate." At the end of that I was in a fit of giggles

After my giggled subsided I turned to Aro which turned out he too had a smile on his face, he was about to say something when he was interrupted by the blond one, god damn I still can't remember his name, "Aro, what the hell do you think you are doing with this Human?" saying the word 'human' with disgust, like I was something dirty on his shiny shoes.

"Oh Caius" Caius! now I remember "don't be so absurd, surely you see the potential here no one but Renata has ever blocked me." he said a little bit angrily

"Yes, but Renata's ability is much more developed than the humans'." He hissed, again with the 'human is disgusting' shit.

"She's joining the guard and thats final" Aro snapped.

"Oh sure, but you won't be seeing me defending the human if she she gets attacked by one of the guard." Caius snapped back.

"She won't be human any longer because I'm changing her as soon as this conversation is over." Aro snapped again at Caius.

"Fine but listen here human, you-" his voice died in his throat as he looked into my .

At that moment my whole world changed as I stared in to vermilion eyes.

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