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Ignotum feminam

(Latin: unknown female)

Chapter four

Caius P.O.V (Previously)

"Hey Aro, I'm a bit thirsty" she said as if nothing ever happened and looking around shocked it did look as if nothing happened.

"Um…" Was Aro's very intelligent answer "Sure, Jane, Alec go accompany Bella on her hunt."

"Yes master" Came both their replies then they and Bella left to go hunting.

The people who were now left were my brothers Felix and Demetri. Felix was the one to break the silence,

"What the fuck just happened" He yelled.

Caius P.O.V (Present)

Well I gotta agree with Felix what the fuck did just happen, then out of nowhere came a joyous laugh from Aro.

"Magnificent, a new member with that much power will prove to be a good weapon" He said while clapping his hands like a little hyper kid, I growled.

"Oh calm down Caius, you know what I meant" he said a bit angry, "I won't hurt your m-"

And I lunged at him very effectively shutting him up while Demetri and Felix stared at us in shock, they have seen many of my fights with Aro, but never have they seen me unexpectedly - as an outsider would see it- and for no reason at all, attack him. I hissed at them and they backed away as Aro and I stood. I growled at him "Just because Marcus told you what happened does not mean that you have to tell everyone you see." and left the room to go to my chambers.

Bella P.O.V (After they left her room)

As soon as they left the room the twins started pestering me with questions that even my vampire ears couldn't pick up.

"So Bella did you have any special abilities when you were a mortal" Jane asked bouncing up and down.

"Were you good at finding people?" Alec asked excitedly "You could even be a better tracker then Demetri!"

As we were entering the woods about all the things I could hear were 'Bella' and 'Talent'. Wanting to get as far away from Volterra as possible I headed for Rome, as we were entering a forest on the way there, their babbling was getting on my nerves so much that I started to wonder if vampires could get a headache so I told them to be a bit more quieter, unexpectedly they did but only a bit. Seconds later as we were exiting the forest they were getting so loud (well loud for vampires which for humans would be just a common inside voice) I couldn't handle it any more so I yelled.

"You two, shut it!" and soon as the words left my mouth the questioning stopped. It took them maybe a couple of seconds to realise what has happened and then they started running around like rabid dogs or should I say rabid vampires then it hit me, what had happened, I said shut up and they did but how?

"God I wish I had Edward's power!" I exclaimed angrily then suddenly all this noise started.

"Oh my god! What did that bitch just do" I looked at Jane sharply and she was looking down not noticing my glare then a sad thought pierced my mind.

"Can't believe I just thought that, she was the first person outside of the v- well the first person actually not to flinch away from me and my brother" that one thought changed what I will think of them forever. How could two twelve year old be treated so badly, sure they can cause you unimaginable pain and make you oblivious to everything around you while your head gets ripped off but that is no way, I repeat no way, to treat innocent children. Picking up all my courage I sat in between them and gave them a great big hug muttering "Sorry" and "Speak" without warning their arms came around me and they started crying.

"Jane, Alec I'm sorry for cutting of your vocal cords and reading your mind" I told them apologetically.

They all looked up suddenly and their eyes were filled with joy and understanding. Suddenly an annoyingly lustful thought when throughout my head 'hmm I wonder what Demetri looks like under all those clothes', and got a picture in my mind of Demetri only in his boxer shorts and cloak.

"Jane" I gasped looking at her shocked "I don't want to see a half-naked Demetri in your brain!"

Jane looked at me shocked for a moment then it hit her.

"Bella please, please, please, don't tell anyone about Demetri and I... we're guards and not supposed to have relationships" she yelled, in a high pitched voice I thought only dogs could hear, turns out I was wrong.

"Calm down I won't tell" I assured her. Then got a very very disturbing thought from Alec "And I also won't tell that Alec has been eyeing my chest for the last two minutes that we have been talking" I looked at him sharply and he looked away I thought that I even saw a slight silver tint in his cheeks if I focused closely enough- STOP you can discover your powers later now is time for hunting I got up and pulled them towards me and started running.

As we were running I thought about not having to hear their thoughts and it suddenly stopped, great I can control my powers now. While were were running I picked up a scent that was heading left and not towards rome following the trail it led to an old abandoned warehouse where I picked up six hearts- lovely two for each of us.

"Okay guys" I said turning around to them the blood lust was as clear on their face as the sky was blue, changing the subject I said " Never mind, just leave some for me" and they were off speeding through the warehouse while I stood out and watched suddenly I remembered something; wasn't it me they were suppose to be taking to hunt not the other way around. Sensing that only four heart beats were beating, two very fast and two slowing down quite rapidly I ran to the warehouse and got my first kill. He was a tall man curly hair and a slight alcohol smell to him, I shrugged and bit down on his jugular; the blood exploded into my mouth it was hot, sweet, and a bit of an aftertaste (like you get with coffee) due to the alcohol but all 'n all it was fine, as the mortal ran dry a couple of seconds later I pounced on the other one who was a few inches shorter then me. He had bright orange coloured hair that shone; but he also became my dinner.

As we were heading back to Volterra, Jane looked scared about about disobeying an order,and practically begged, "Bella please don't tell the masters what happened."

"Jane you have my word" i told her sincerely "I will no more tell them then i will jump in a burning building."

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