A/N: Hello there! This is my first time to write a fanfic. I've read most of stories here (so many favorite stories!) and including those cheat ff. Well, this is a Cheat story, too. BUT, instead of focusing about the past and cheating, my story will be all about Ana and her fight to have a new and simple life. For the past few months, I followed and read a lot of cheating ff, I must say, some of em are new and interesting but it always end the same way. Christian begging for forgiveness, changing back to Heart and Flowers guy, being sweet and understanding Father and Husband again, and other things a cheating rich husband would do to take back his family and then Ana giving him another chance and BAM, HEA. Don't get me wrong, I love the original Christian from FSOG, its just that I want to give Ana a chance to get know what its like to have her normal life back, to get to do normal things without the influence of a hot-shot husband and have a relationship with a low-profile guy. And I apologize for all of my mistakes, not a writer, more like a reader.

So let me know if I should continue this or not. Reviews are highly appreciated.

I do not own the characters. Just the story.

A brand new day. It's been 5 months since we moved in this apartment in downtown Portland. It's has one bedroom, a living room and a small kitchen. It's smaller than the apartment I used to share with Kate years before, but it will do, for now. And today is my first day at work in a small bookstore two blocks from here. I know its not a publishing house, but still, it a start of something new and that is still related with books. The difference is that, I will be selling, not reading. But that's fine. The pay is a big addition with my remaining budget for bills and rent. It's been hard. These past few months, I remained tight with just spending necessary things for me and Ted. But with Teddy's massive appetite, I never think twice in spending food to feed my 4 year old child.

The other reason I chose to work in Al's Bookstore is that there's a day care center just across the street. I can't leave Teddy alone at home or with a baby sitter, wish I could afford to pay one, while I'm at work. So when I saw the day care center, I didn't think twice to accept the job knowing I could visit Teddy anytime I want just across the street.

As I open the front door, Teddy, being Teddy ran out, as he was excited to go out and play in the day care center. I was just locking the door when I hear a yelp and sound of boxes being thrown on the floor. I turned and saw Teddy giggling and a man on his ass on the floor with clothes, oh my wait scratch that, boxer shorts all over his face. Mister Boxers. Nice petname. I can tell he's laughing too cause his shoulders are shaking.

"Woah, little man. You sure have strength of a bull to knock me up with just one move, eh?" Mr. Boxers says while removing all those boxers covering his face.

"Sowry mister" Ted still giggling though I doubt he means it.

"Teddy!" I called while making my way to help the poor Mister from Ted's assault. "What did do you do this time? How many times did I tell you to not run like that in the hallway?" I crouched down to pick up the other boxes from the floor.

"Hey, it's alright." Think I heard Mr. Boxers says.

"I'm sorr-" I couldn't finish what I was going to say when I turned to the man who was now also picking up the contents of the box he was holding. OH. MY. GOD. I am now looking at a pair of light blue-ish eyes, perfect jaw line, prominent nose and OH those lips and a short dirty blond hair to complete the perfect assessment of this perfect looking man who's staring and grinning at me. He knows I am checking him out! GET A GRIP STEELE!

"Um" I faked a cough. "I-I'm sorry for being assaulted by my son." Why am I stuttering? This is not good.

"Assaulted?" He laughs. "I told you it's alright. You sure have a very energetic little guy here. And just leave this small mess to me. Looks like you're on your way to somewhere that made—"

"Teddy" I voluntarily gave Ted's name, because calling him a "little guy" won't really describe how big he is for a four year-old kid.

"Right, that made Teddy, excited and ran off like that." I looked at Ted who's now jumping and whining telling me to hurry up.

"Ted, wait a second, ok? We have to help Mr. Boxers here and then we can go." That made Teddy laugh. Oh shit. Did I just say that out loud?

"I told you, I can handle th—, wait. Did you just call me Mr. Boxers?" I can tell he is holding off his smile because of the amusement in his face.

I blushed. "Um, yeah I think I did. Sorry, its just that when I first saw you, you were covered with boxer shorts." That made me blush even more.

He gave in and laughed so hard. "Well that's fine, as long you don't call me that in front of my mother, she'll surely agree with you and might change my name permanently. And that would be telling." He winks.

Oh my. I think my heart just stopped beating. GO, NOW!

"Are you sure you don't need help with these?"

"Yeah. I will be just fine. It's all part of moving, you know."

Oh. So he's our new neighbor. Ever since we moved in here, we never had a neighbor. That's why I felt comfortable for Teddy to run like that whenever we go out.

"So you're the one who's gonna occupy the other apartment in this floor. I apologize again for a messy welcome greeting by Ted." I say as I stand up.

"No worries. Well, since we're going to bump into each other us being neighbors, why not start with a welcome bump?" I smiled. "You should go, and maybe we could do a proper welcome party later. By the way, I'm Gavin Boyle."

As I take his hand, I felt two things that I haven't felt for a long time now; safe and warm. Maybe I'm just imagining things. "Anastasia Steele. But you can call me Ana."

"Ana." He nods and smiled.

I blushed. What the heck is wrong with me? "We got to get going, first day at work and don't want to be late!" I quickly reached for Teddy who is now trying to reach the call button for the elevator. "Nice to meet you, Gavin" I waved as the doors open. We make our way inside.

"Bye, Mr. Boxers!" Teddy waves too. And before the door closes, I see Gavin waving back and flashed that panty-combusting smile that could make any woman melt. Oh boy.