Summary – Batman is shot while on a mission. Nightwing decides to become the Batman. But, can he handle the stress and hardships of following his mentor's footsteps, or will he be lost on his path for vengeance and become overtaken by evil.

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2017 (1 year after beginning of season 2)


A loud crashing sound was heard from the ceiling as Nightwing came crashing into the warehouse.

"Well look what we have here!" Joker exclaimed with the usual wide grin on his face. "And just when I thought things were getting a little boring!" From the railway platform he was standing on, Joker continued to fire his machine gun at the third Robin who evaded as he jumped around like a wild rabbit.

Batman looked at his former protégé and now equal who had just made a well timed entrance.

"Thought you could use my help." Nightwing called out to him as he roundhouse kicked two upcoming thugs with bats. Batman took out four thugs who wore masks resembling Two-face.

"You thought right," Batman called back. The mission which was supposed to be a small recon mission quickly spiraled into a 'try to stay alive as long as you can' battle with three of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham and their goons. Luckily Nightwing showed up to even out the playing field for he and Tim a little. Even though he was no longer Robin and had taken up his own superhero identity, Batman knew he could always count on Dick for help. He then proceeded to take out three thugs with a combo of punches and kicks. He then noticed penguin trying to make a run for the back exit of the ware house. Before he could say anything, Nightwing called out to him.

"I got him!" Leaping over multiple thugs who tried hit him with knives, pipes and bats, he landed a few meters in front of penguin, blocking his path to the exit. "Not so fast Cobblepott. You're not getting out of here that easily."

"Ah if it's not the first boy wonder," Penguin said with his rough voice. "Still playing second fiddle to Batman I see." He said with a smirk.

"And I see you're playing second fiddle to Joker and Dent." Nightwing calmly replied. "What's the matter Penguin? Not so powerful anymore that you gotta take orders from Joker?" This last sentence visibly enraged Penguin as angrily shouted back.

"Watch your tongue boy; remember who you're talking to." He brought up his umbrella and pointed it at Nightwing. "I'm still powerful enough to kill you!" With that the bullet fired from the end of his umbrella.

Nightwing dodged and quickly closed the gap between the two. After knocking the odd weapon away from Penguin, he sent the fat villain flying with a rapid combo of punches.

(with Batman)

Batman heard the click of a gun and turned around just in time to see Two face aim the machine gun at him. He ran to his left as the scared villain fired the weapon behind him. Pulling a baterang from his utility belt, Batman threw it and disarmed the gun from Two-face's hands who cried in pain at his now bleeding hand.

"You son of a b***h! I am going to kill you for that!" Two-faced gripped his hand in pain. The blood began to flow from the wound that was cut on his wrist. Taking advantage of the distraction, Batman instantly appeared behind Dent and knocked him out with a swift chop to the back of his neck. Dent lifelessly dropped to the floor.

(With Tim/Robin)

"Stay still you little energizer bunny!" Joker yelled at Robin as he tried to hit him with one of the many bullets he was firing at him. As the sound of the empty rifle began to click, Robin to the opportunity to zip line himself up to the walkway Joker was on while he was reloading. Joker then looked up to see the boy wonder standing a few feet away from him on the walkway and making his way towards him.

"Oh so the little boy wants to move up to the big leagues! Okay then, LET'S PLAY!" Joker said the last part with his trademark wicked smile and usual hint of evil in his voice.

He brought the gun down to fire at the boy wonder but it was kicked out of his hands thanks to roundhouse kick by the young teen. Joker ducked under a punch and quickly struck upwards with a knife that was hidden in his jacket. Robin jumped back to avoid the swipe as it left a small cut on his cheek ang cut a tiny bit of his mask.

"Well that was a close one! Hahahaha" Joker began to laugh. Robin hated that laugh. He wanted nothing more than to wipe that sadistic smile off his face, but he knew he had to be careful, especially with the Joker. He never knew Jason, and he never heard the exact story, but Dick had made it clear that his death was the Joker's doing and he wouldn't hesitate to do the same to him.

Robin was about to make a move towards the Joker, however a loud explosion blowing off half the roof to the warehouse distracted. Robin made the mistake to glance upward and he was met with a crowbar to the side of his head that sent him falling off the railway.

"You snooze you lose boy blunder!" Joker yelled as a rope ladder dropped next to him. Robin's vision began to blur as he made his descent to the concrete floor. As the floor quickly approached him, his body was unable to move itself and he knew a headfirst landing on the floor was inevitable. He shut his eyes and waited for the collision, however it never came. Robin opened his eyes to find himself safely in the arms of his mentor who slowly laid him down.

"Are you alright?" Batman asked Robin as he knelt down in front of the boy who slowly began to sit up while rubbing his head.

"Yeah I think s-" Robin's eyes went wide as he was interrupted by a loud bang that echoed off the walls of the warehouse. The loud ringing in his ears didn't help the headache he was already dealing with. 'What happened?' he thought to himself.

Nightwing heard the loud echo that bounced off the walls of the warehouse and quickly turned his head, but he was not ready for the sight he laid his eyes upon.

"No" he quietly whispered to himself.

Robin noticed the eyes of his mentor go wide as he knelt down in front of him but still had no clue of what happened. It wasn't until he watched as he slowly looked down that he finally saw it and his own eyes went wide with horror at the blood that was flowing from his mentor's abdomen. Batman slowly began to fall on top of Robin who quickly caught him and slowly laid him down on his back.

Joker still stood on the railway, still gripping the gun that was aimed outwards.

"Bats down!" He yelled out before breaking out into a loud, uncontrollable laugh.

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