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"Tim!" the young man turned to the younger sidekick. Tim almost flinched at the amount of hostility in his older brother's voice. He tried to keep a straight face as he could already feel pressure piling on top of him from the intimidating glare he was currently receiving. Dick hadn't said anything yet, but just by looking at him Tim could tell that he was pissed. His rage was clear in the way his hand was currently closed in a tight fist, his teeth gritted together tightly, and his entire body looked like it was trembling.

Tim didn't back down, however. No matter how intimidating his brother looked at the moment, he had to stay strong. He had come here for a reason and he wasn't going to let anything stop him, especially his own cowardice. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of being on the receiving end of a bat-glare that was somehow worse than Bruce's, Dick spoke.

"Tim…..what…..the hell…..was that?" Dick made no attempt to hide the rage in his voice as he demanded an answer to Tim's action. Word's could not describe what he was currently feeling at the moment as he stared down his younger brother who had just assisted a highly dangerous assassin escape.

"I had to do something." Tim said in a low voice. He knew clearly of what Dick was planning to do to Deathstroke, and although he agreed that the world would be a much better place without the assassin, he believed in Bruce's no killing policy.

"Oh yeah well you did do something Tim; you let him get away!" Dick practically shouted, clearly showing his anger. Tim narrowed his eyes at his brother.

"Well it's better than what you were going to do." he spat. This time, it was Dick who was narrowing his eyes. He did not like the way his little brother was talking to him.

"Really Tim, and why is that?" he asked the young teenager. Tim felt as if he was gaining confidence as he stared back into the cold eyes of his older. He could no longer hold back his anger.

"You were going to kill him! Just like you killed Penguin and Two-Face!" the young sidekick shouted angrily at the older man who didn't respond. He merely stood there motionless, watching the emotional young boy. "Dick what were you thinking! After everything Bruce taught us! How could you!" Tim stopped shouting; breathing hard as he clenched his trembling hands in a fist. It became silent as the two stared at one another. Finally, Dick spoke.

"I thought I told you, no Robin." He said in a calm voice. Tim's eyes rose at this, as it was not the reply he was expecting. However, he quickly regained his composer.

"I couldn't just stand aside while you continued your little killing spree." He said with the most seriousness he's ever used in his life. Dick continued to give Tim the worst bat-glare he has ever received in his life, and although he was intimidated, he would not show it and would hold his ground. This had to end now, before got out of control.

"Tim, I am Batman now. You do as I say. And if I say no Robin, then that means no Robin. Now, go ho-" Dick was interrupted by Tim.

"No! You don't get it! I don't know what's happened to you, but you're not my brother. You're not even a hero anymore! You're trying to rule through intimidation and murder; you're just another criminal! This whole killing spree you're on, it's wrong! And it has to end! You're out of control." Tim ended his rant never taking his eyes of Dick who never moved. Tim was beginning to wonder if he had even listened to anything he had just said. He was about to shout out again but stopped as Dick lowered his head facing down. Tim watched in confusion as the man in front of him began shaking. At first, it was barely noticeable, then Tim heard it. It sent shills down his spine. A low, sickening chuckle entered his ears and slowly grew louder, as it did, his shaking became more noticeable. The chuckle became louder and louder and Tim began to feel increasingly uncomfortable until finally, the chuckle quickly ended as Dick looked up at the young teen. Tim did not budge under the threatening glare.

"And just, what are you going to do about it Tim?" Dick told him threateningly. Tim quickly regained his composure, and narrowed his eyes. He would not back down. "Are you going to take me down?" he asked, almost inviting the side kick." Tim tightened his fist, matching his older brother's glare.

"If that's what it takes." Dick smirked. Tim quickly fired a few birdarangs at Dick who had to duck in order to dodge them. As he looked up, the young teen had already closed the gap between the two and proceeded to attack his mentor with his metal staff. Tim tried to be as creative as possible with his strikes, knowing he stood little chance against his older brother in a head to head fight. His best shot was to catch him off guard. He continued to attack with fierce strikes in every possible way that he could, trying to break though his brother's defense. However, Dick easily blocked every blow with his armguards, but never attempted to attack his little brother. Finally, Tim swung a fierce swipe aimed at the side of Dick's head. The young teen's eyes widened as the young man reached his hand out and caught the end of his staff.

Before Tim could overcome his shock, he was met with a powerful palm thrust under his chin that sent him flying back a few yards.

"You're going to have to do a lot better than that if you want to beat me, Tim." Dick simply said as he tossed the metal staff off to the side. Tim crawled up to one knee and wiped some blood off the side of his lip. He narrowed his eyes again as he looked up towards his brother who gazed down at him.

"Argh!" Tim charged once again. This time, it was a fist fight. Tim attacked with every type of punch, kick, and attacked he had ever learned as Robin. However, he was simply outmatched, and outclassed by the older fighter who easily blocked everything that was thrown at him. As Tim threw a right hook, Dick quickly caught the teen's wrist, twisted his arm behind his back, and slammed the boy face down into the ground.

"Ugh!" Tim grunted as Dick held him down face first on the ground with his knee on his back.

"This is over Tim." He said looking down at his little brother who struggled to break free. Tim, however, refused to quit.

"No!" he shouted as loud as he could while being squished to the ground. "I won't let you win! I'm going to stop you!" Dick narrowed his eyes and began to pull Tim's arm further back than it already was being held behind his body.

"Argh!" Tim gave out a cry of pain as he felt his arm being stretched back farther than it should. He tried as hard as he could not to show weakness.

"I don't want to hurt you Tim. But you're leaving me with no choice here. If you're going to be stubborn, then I'll put an end to this." Tim could tell from his voice that his older brother was not bluffing. He was going to do what he thought was necessary. He couldn't believe what was happening. He did not know who this person was anymore. This couldn't be his older brother, the carefree, laid back guy who always watched over him and the people close to him to make sure they were safe. Tim gently closed his eyes as a few tears threatened to leave his eyes and he looked back on all the good memories he had of Dick. One tiny drop rolled down his left cheek as he stopped struggling to break free and dropped his head to the floor.

"Do it then." He said in a low voice, barely above a whisper. Dick stared down at the fallen boy below him as he stopped struggling to free himself, his little brother, the only family that he had left. There was no question that he loved his brother. The two had been through a lot together, and Dick had promised to himself that after Jason, he would never let anything happen to Tim. He made it his responsibility to make sure that Tim never faced the kind of danger he and Jason faced alone. But, right now, Tim was jeopardizing his mission, and he couldn't let anything stop him from cleaning up Gotham. He hated having to do this, but he was left with no choice. Hopefully, one day, Tim would understand why it had to be done too.

Dick tightened the grip he had on his brother's arm. Tim shut his eyes together, waiting for the pain that he knew was coming. His heart was pounding rapidly against his chest and he felt as if it was going to burst.

As Dick was about to completely break his brother's arm, he was stopped as a foot came flying in from his right, connecting a crunching kick to his check and sending him flying a few yards away to the ground.

Tim's eyes shot open as he felt the weight holding him down disappear and his arm was completely intact. Looking up, Tim couldn't help be filled with a wave of relief as he laid eyes on his savior who currently had her back towards him as she stood between the young teen, and the current Batman. His rescuer then turned halfway around to face Tim. Her bright blue eyes provided Tim with a safe feeling.

"You alright?" she asked in a concerned tone. Tim gave a small, reassuring smile.

"I am now, thanks to you." The girl gave him a soft nod and turned back around to set her eyes back on back on the young man.

Dick slowly rose from one knee and wiped off a drip of blood from the side of his lip. He then turned, sending a threatening bat-glare to the red head in front of him.

"Hello, Barbara."

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