Chapter 1

Deep with in the ghost Zone, in a place only a select few know about. Clockwork, The most powerful ghost in the entire Ghost Zone , stood staring into his portal. Watching the young hybrid Known as Danny Phantom AKA Danny Fenton, grow and mature into the hero and savior that he had foreseen him to be. Waiting for the opportune time to put his most... well some would call it really stupid plan in to effect, but before a fire can rage, there must first be a spark.

"My, my, Daniel. You have really out done your self this time," He chuckled to himself, after Seeing Danny's most recent act of heroism.

"What has my younger self done this time." A dark voice said sarcastically from the dark, tired from hearing Clockwork constantly talking to him self.

"Huh?" He said turning around. "Well... this is a surprise, I've never heard you say anything before, have you been able to hear this whole time? well, If you must know-" Clockwork said before being interrupted.

"Ever hear of sarcasm?" the voice Questioned. "And yes I've been able to hear."

"Yes I have," Clockwork said while transforming to his older version and walking over to the place were the voice originated. "Besides I was talking to my self. I'm sure you know an awful lot about that. Don't you, Danny?"

"Grrrr" the voice groaned. "Don't call me that,"

"Call you what? Your name?"

From within the thermos, He said angrily. "My name is DAN! Not Danny, not Daniel, and not any other name that pathetic weakling goes by!" He growled.

"We really need to work on your people skills," Clockwork said, with a cheeky grin plastered on his face. He bent down and he picked up the thermos from the pedestal.

"You need to learn to stop talking to your self! This thing's escape proof, NOT sound proof!" He spat back.

"Huh, I always found my voice rather soothing. Besides, If you had said anything before. We could have worked on your social skills," He flicked the thermos, and chuckled to himself. He then started Walking back to the main room.

"Do you find it fun to annoy prisoners?" Dan said dryly, from within the confines of the metal cylinder.

"Only you Danny," He said, elongating the name.

"Graaaaaa! If I ever get out of here you'll be the first one, that I'll personally take down!" he yelled, banging on the inside of the thermos.

He placed his hand on the cap ."Don't You mean when you get out of there," clockwork corrected.

"What? What are you babbling ab-" he was suddenly cut short as clockwork unscrewed the thermos cap and pressed the release button. "Aaaaaagh" Dan screamed as he shot out of the container, hitting the far wall and sprawling out on the ground.

He sat up, rubbing his head. "Ow"

"This is what im talking about," Clockwork said, walking up next to him.

"Huh... what? I'm free?" looking at his hands. "I'm FREE!" he yelled all the while laughing hysterically. From the distance lighting flashed.

"Are you finished?" Clockwork asked without worry.

"You fool, you just released the most powerful being ever seen! Hahahaha," Quickly turning to face Clockwork with an evil grin plastered oh his face.

Clockwork just stared at him with a straight face. "Are you done yet? Because there are some things we need to talk about."

"You don't get it do you? I'M FREE!" he yelled as he charged a plasma bolt and threw it at Clockwork. "Hahah-

"Time out," Clockwork said as he pressed his time staff, freezing time. He moved out from the path of the plasma bolt and flew behind him. "time in." pressing it yet again.

"-aha! Huh? What! where did you go!?" he yelled as the bolt exploded harmlessly against the wall. He turned his head every direction.

"You don't get the concept of master of time, Do you? And no you're not the most powerful being of all time. that tittle would belong to me," Clockwork said in a teasing tone from a few feet behind him. "Besides, why would I release you, if I could not handle you?"

"What!? WHY YOU- AAAGH!" He screamed as he charged a plasma bomb, "I DON'T NEED THE POWER OF TIME TO DEFEAT YOU!" He added as he threw the plasma bomb at Clockwork, followed by multiple smaller bolts all while lunging at him at. Clockwork side-stepped the first blast and flew out of the path of the smaller bolts, easily dodging Dan's lunge and countered it with a side kick to his head, causing him to fly in to the wall.

"I don't need to control time ether. It's just funnier to see someones facial expressions," he said chuckling. he began looping Dan into the wall with his time staff until he threw him into the opposite wall.

Dan quickly corrected himself in mid fall, landed with his feet on the wall and bounced back at clockwork with flaming gloves. "Then PROVE IT," he screamed, throwing bolts and punches at the master of time who effortlessly dodged them. He dodged every thing Dan threw at him. Every move that Dan Threw, was countered with an equally powerful move, that hit where it was intended. Within ten minutes Dan was on his hands and knees panting and cringing in pain.

"Are you done YET?" Clockwork said, standing next to him. "Because I still have a lot of pent-up energy left.

"Why? (groan) What...(cough) do... you want from me?" Dan said, drained from or better yet being whooped on.

"I just want to have a talk with you Dan like I said. Not everything needs to have an alternative motive as you think," he said, changing into his younger version. "You need to keep your cool,"

At that statement Dan lost it. "keep my cool? KEEP MY COOL?!" His sudden burst of anger fueled his new found strength. "Do you even know what I've been through?" He questioned, his flaming hair grew larger with every breath he took. "My life was torn from me, my friends and family killed. I've been hunted, shot at, and above all-" he yelled as he struggled to get up.

"I know," he simply said, interrupting Dan. Clockwork walked to his time portal and activated it.

"I've seen every possible outcome of this little encounter were having." Dan saw the portal swirl showing the time stream.

"I've planned for this ever since Danny gave you to me," Dan Saw the moment where Danny gave him to clockwork. "Danny told me once that what everyone needs is just a second chance."

Clockwork then motioned to another portal. "You say that I don't know what you've been through," Dan recognized the scene that he was watching as the Nasty Burger.

"I know more than you could even possibly imagine. I know what you've been through, I know that you blame yourself for what happened," Dan saw the Explosion consume every on he ever loved in one fatal swoop.

He closed his eyes to keep from seeing them like that again. "I know that every time you close your eyes you see their faces." Saying that made Dan look up and stare at him.

Clockwork then caused the screen to change yet again. Dan recognized it as Vlad's mansion. "I know that you don't personally blame Vlad for what he did, and if given the chance, would say that your sorry and say that you don't blame him,"

The screen changed to runes of Amity Park. "I know every time, when people would scream and run away from you. You would remember how they had someone to run to and you didn't, Oh how much it must've hurt to see the children run to the arms of their parents." He saw little kids run to their waiting parents, as the police and military held him back.

"I know that when you would kill, you never let your victims feel the pain, both physical, or mental. It was always quick and silent...well, at least you tried to be. In any way it was Humane, something that you never had the pleasure of," Clockwork said while walking around Dan, whose eyes were glued to the screen that showed every last one of his victims die from his hand.

"I know that, because you knew the pain of losing someone, you didn't want anyone else to feel what you felt. That's why you killed so many." The screen switched, showing families huddled together before being destroyed .

"So many families shattered and destroyed, but they always died in the arms of someone they loved, so that they too didn't have to know that feeling of losing someone close. Fathers were able to comfort sons, daughters were able to tell their brothers they were sorry, and mothers were able to hold their baby, one last time. You did this because you didn't have that chance to." Clockwork said while pacing around him.

The screen switched to a massive graveyard. "I also know that you personally buried the dead. You gave them personal burials, you didn't desecrate the bodies, and you buried them with their families,"

The screen switched to a moment that he had almost completely forgotten. "And one more thing that I know," Dan reached into his suit felling for the object of interest. "Is that you..." He felt his fingers slide across something flat. he pulled it out and stared at it, It was the picture that he had kept on his dresser. "...still have the picture of them in your suit,"

Dan felt a tinge of regret, as he remembered what he had said to his family, and friends that faithful day, tears were beginning to form at the corners of his eyes. "Enough!" he yelled as fell to his knees in anguish. "that doesn't matter now! I have no meaning! You said so yourself! I exist outside of time. there is nothing for me," He yelled, turning his head to face Clockwork, his eyes glowing a bright red, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. "You said you want to talk?" he bowed his head, and he got up to walk out of the room. "Theirs nothing that can be said that you don't already know,"

"See that's were your wrong" Clockwork said, appearing in front of him. "You see... Its my job to keep the time stream going," He said pointing over to the portal. "That why my employers hired me," floating over to it. "They can't affect the time stream like I can. But unlike me, their job is to protect the time stream, to keep evil at bay or something like that," He shook his head. "Anyhow when they saw that Danny Phantom would become... You," motioning Dan, "They thought that the only way to protect the time stream was to eliminate you from the equation, I on the other hand, found another option. That option was to put a wrench in the gears," showing the moments that he sent his enemy's to fight his younger self. "Basically cause the time stream to overlap,"

Dan remembered the moment when he saw his younger self and his old...friends. He felt a small smile form as he remembered them, Before it turned to a frown of saddens.

Clockwork saw this and continued. "Which I mind you something that must not happen a lot," Turning around to face his portal. Dan regained his composure, intent on focusing on what clockwork was saying.

"You see, controlling time is a tricky task. the observers nor I are in complete control, some things are fixed in time. Your accident for example is fixed," The portal showed the accident that created Danny phantom.

"For the time stream to continue there needed to be some one who could protect and destroy, or something along those lines. It's hard to explain. But essentially you were meant to happen, the time stream would be in complete chaos without you in it. You are a catalyst, something about you, be it your powers or something deeper. its complicated, unreadable even," He said as he become lost in thought...

"Don't think that makes you special," Pointing a finger at Dan, "There are hundreds, thousands even, that have a fixed point in time. they can't change it neither can I. The observers never under stood that fact," Shaking his head. "They order me to do their bedding without the slightest of remorse. Nor do they stop to see the possible outcomes of interfering," The portal showed many people getting killed because of the orders of the Observers .

"Like I told your younger self, the time stream has many twists and turns, the observers watch it like a parade, going with the motions until it's too late, but I..." Motioning himself. "I watch from above, viewing ten steps ahead from every one else. I know every outcome of every action." the portal showed Dan glimpse's of events that have happen through the course of time. "They think that just by me being the master of time, I can change something I don't like. I have to be careful, if not and I change something that was meant to happen and something happens far worse, and the observers order me to fix that problem, and so on... well then theirs a chance that a paradox might happen. Now the death of your parents and well... you, er well... your human half, happened, but the reason I changed your future is this, it didn't cause a future/damaging event that was as threatening as... you." he sighed, rubbing his eyes together. "Even after thousands of years I still haven't figured out all the tricks. Back to the matter at hand. the reason that I want to talk to you. Is that while I may know what you did, for the reasoning behind those acts, that's an educated guess. I want to know from your mouth why you did, what you did. And don't worry about time we have all the time in the world. and later we'll talk about your future,"

"What about my future?" Dan questioned, a puzzled look to his eye.

"All in due time, but first tell me your story," Clockwork answered, as he dismissed the portal with his staff. He waved his staff over to the center of the room, and a chair and day-couch appeared.

It took Dan ten seconds to register what Clockwork was up too. "Are you kidding me?" Dan asked waving his hands in the air, with a 'are you kidding me look' on his face.

"What... too much?" He asked looking from the Chair, and couch to Dan, who had his arms outstretched to the pieces of furniture. he picked up the thermos. "Its ether that or this," she said while shaking it, a small smile an his lips.

Dan looked back between the thermos and the couch.

"Are you kidding me?"

"What? I'm trying to decide which is more torturous."

"Just take a seat," Clockwork said, motioning to the couch.

"Fine," Dan floated over to the couch, mumbling something inaudible. He found it hard to sit down.

"Something wrong?"

"What? No. It's just that its been ten years since I've sat in a couch, they remind me of them..."

"I could guess, But the sooner we get down with the formalities, the sooner we can move on to the fun stuff," clockwork said a child like grin on his face.

Dan took a hesitant seat. "Alright let's get started."

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