Chapter 5

You must look within to find what you ask. - Clockwork

Clockwork was in his throne room observing the time stream, trying to find any problems or dangers that might damage it.

Even though he had seen every possible outcome to him freeing Dan, he felt as if this could backfire on him in some way... It had before, but that's different story entirely.

He had other responsibilities than worrying about someone who was obedient... granted, not willingly, but never the less obedient.

Just then He heard a loud moan coming from the hallway that led to Dan's room. he wasn't surprised just shaken at the sudden appearance of it in such a quiet place.

He went to Dan's room and went inside, there under the covers of the bed sheets, the most evil being in the world... well second most, was peacefully asleep.

Or so it seemed. Dan would sometimes thrash around in the sheets, then would stop until he started up again.

Clockwork knew that he was having a dream, of what he didn't know...

So he decided to find out, Sometimes he loved being a ghost, especially a powerful one.

He had the ability that Danny, and Dan had, It was being able enter the dreams of beings, even ghosts.

Although he had only tried it once before, it had been an easy way of finding that someone's greatest fears... and desires.

Clockwork shuddered at that memory. "Stupid wishing ghost," he said aloud.

But Dan is another story. It could be a useful way of seeing what Dan thinks.

Before he could phase himself into Dan though, Youngblood flew through the window, knocking over a piece of furniture in the proses. He had a scroll in his hand.

Clockwork sighed. "What is it Terrance?" he asked, annoyed. He motioned him to fallow him out the room.

The young ghost dressed as a poor sailer, quickly got into character. 'Rgh me hearty, Me name be Youngblood, an ye be walk'n thee plank if eh hear that again," Youngblood said in 'pirate talk' following Clockwork.

"Terrance..." Clockwork said, turning to face him his face blank.

"Aw... your no fun," Youngblood pouted.

"So, the what brings you to my domain, Terrance?" Clockwork said. he had a small smile on his face. He always loved the way Terrance could find his castle, It must be a kid thing.

"What? Oh, ya. The Observants told me to give you this," He stretched out his hand with the scroll in it.

"You are their new message boy? What happened to the old one?" he asked taking the scroll from him.

"They said you knew what happened to him," Youngblood said.

"Did they now?" he opened the scroll and read the contents. He smiled at the message. " Hmm, apparently they want to speak to me and my guest."

"Oh ya who was that in the bed any way? That room reminded me of Danny phantom's room." Youngblood asked, looking back to the closed-door.

"It is no importance Terrence, you have done your task. Go tell the Observants ill see them soon... me and my guest."

"OK Clockwork... oh wait there's one more thing!" Youngblood shouted.

"A yes one moment," he twirled his staff and changed Youngblood into an astronaut. "Is that better?"

"Ya! Wait till Danny sees me now!" He flew out of sight yelling thank you to Clockwork.

Clockwork had a smile on his face. He always loved the joy of kids, he shook his head and pushed down those emotions. he had a job to do, seeing what Dan was dreaming about had to wait. His 'employers' wanted to speak to both of them.

He went back into Dan's room to wake him up.

Clockwork went over to him and tapped his shoulder. "Dan, its time to awake."

He only moaned in response, and rolled thrashed some more.

'He must be having some dream.' Clockwork thought to him self. He tapped his shoulder again,this time yelling "Dan. awake!"

Dan screamed and shot out of bed, his hands glowing with ecto-energy.

Clockwork was behind a ghost shield that he erected expecting the worst. It never came, instead Dan scanned his surroundings and calmed down.

deactivating the shield he asked. "So I take it you slept well?" Waiting for the appropriate response.

"You gave me this room to help clear my head correct?" He asked, closing his eyes turning around.

"You could say that... why do you ask?"

"No reason... Why did you wake me?" Dan asked turning back to look at Clockwork.

"This is why," clockwork lifted the scroll for him to see.

"Well what is it?" Dan asked, his eyebrow rising.

"The Observants have requested to see me... and you."

"Wait... no we can't do that." Dan put up his hands.

"Now Dan, come now they put me in control of time. They won't cross me." he said crossing his arms.

"Alright fine. if you insist... I'll go," Dan grumbled, kicking his feet on the ground.

"Thank you Dan. Now... we need to work on your outfit."

"Why?" he looked himself over. His jumpsuit was torn in several places, dirt covered his arms and legs and the DP insignia was gone.

"Just fallow me," Clockwork said waving his hand.

Dan just shrugged and followed him out, into the hallway. "what do you have in mind?"

"You'll see," clockwork stated.

"Alright..." Dan moaned.

when Dan saw what Clockwork had in mind, he said "Well, definitely not what I thought you would have as a wardrobe,"

Clockwork didn't know either to take that as an insult or a complement, So he just shrugged

Clockworks cloths were all out of date robes, they were ether all old, or used. "you expect me to were one of these?"

"No, there is one that I know you will like. It's around here somewhere..." As Clock work began looking through the robes, Dan started to walk around, ending up at the other end of the Closet.

"What is that?" he mumbled to him self as he reached the back wall. On a display shelf there was a tunic, from what he guessed, around 30000 B.C. There was also a sword. he was about to pic it up when he saw a robe, It was unlike the ones before. It look almost new, aside from the aging It had experienced.

Dan felt as if he was being drawn to it. He reached out to grab the robe, but when his fingers grassed the fabric, his eyes became clouded. Dan saw a kingdom with a castle in the center, and It was under siege, It looked like Clockworks castle, but with certain similarities to something else. Images flashed by his vision, He saw women and children lay dead or dieing in streets, he saw hordes of soldiers fighting each other, he saw flashes of a Castile hallways rooms and finally a throne room.

that's when every thing went back to normal speed. There was an elderly man standing, his back to the door. he was over looking his burning city, his hair had a reddish hue to due to the flames. Then suddenly soldiers wearing the same colors as the banners on the wall surrounded him behind them came even more soldiers wearing dragon like armor. They attacked without mercy. It was too much for him to bear, he forcibly let go of the robe, and when he did, the vision stopped, and he fell to the floor.

Dan lay panting on the ground holding his head, Clockwork stood off to the side looking down upon him. "I would ask you not to go through my personal effects, they are very old... and valuable to me," he said his eyes squinted.

"What was that!" Dan demanded. getting back up on one knee.

"That is of no concern for you at this moment!" Clockwork yelled. "This is what you are to wear..." He tossed a robe to Dan, who stood to catch it. Dan had obviously hit a nerve, and now Clockwork was mad. "Go to your room and get dressed. we leave in ten minutes," He said as he shoved Dan out.

"Humph! fine," Dan flew back to his room, all while thinking to himself.

Ten minutes later, Dan looked at himself in the mirror. The robe that Clockwork had given him was a perfect fit, although he felt obligated to make it his own. I mean white and gold trim just wasn't his style.

"Well I will fix this when I get back," he phased out of his room. and quickly found the throne room. He loved having a good memory. There he saw Clockwork starring out into the ghost zone thinking. for some reason the image of the elderly man appeared. Dan shook away the image and floated down to meet him.

"I'm ready" He said.

Good, this will only be a few moments... but stay close to me, and try not to destroy them." Clockwork said, his back toward Dan.

clockwork waved his staff, creating a portal, together they went into it.

Dan instantly found him self swarmed by floating eyeballs. "whoa!" Dan yelled as Clockwork stood off to the side, obviously enjoying his current situation. Now he could have easily destroyed them all but... when you have hundreds of eyeballs looking at you, you tend to forget even the basic of fighting skills.

Three loud cracks echoed through the room. and they instantly took their seats above him and Clockwork.

Now that the eyeballs were gone, he then noticed the room that they were in. The room was huge and it looked like the roman Colosseum, with high walls and large stone pillars supporting the entire arena, most importantly he noticed all of them, there were easily over a thousand, looking at him. It wouldn't have been as bad if the eyes were in the head of a person but these guys were all, eye... and arms... and optical nerve... well in any case, they were gross.

His train of thought was interrupted when Clockwork spoke to a group that were at the apparent head of the arena. seeing that they were the only ones with a table. "Ah good to see you all again. What brings the mighty counsel together, if I may ask?"

"We have observed you Clockwork, and we think that time, has made you unfit for this duty as master of time." One said from the far end of a table.

"Really, You have now. Why, might I ask is the reason I am unfit for this duty?" Clockwork said calmly.

"You know why you are deemed unfit Clockwork. You have ignored direct orders from us, for the last time," Another said from the other side of the table.

"Oh you mean the execution of the one who saves thousands of people? Or how about saving a select few from disasters so that they could tell their story?" Clockwork spread his arms. "If i am over stepping my boundary's by saving a few for the greater good of humanity, then what does that make you?" Clockwork said, as he pointed his staff to the head table.

"This is not about the fate of humanity, this is about the fate of the world. Humans are a disease that cause too much destruction for their own pathetic existence!" one yelled from the stadium.

There were yells of approval throughout the stadium, Though Clockwork stood silent.

Dan was scanning the Observers in the stands, they were arguing among them selves and yelling at Clockwork. He had heard enough.

"Enough! If this is how you act when deciding something, I can see why you chose someone else to do your bidding. all I've seen you do, is threatened to take "the responsibility of time control" away from the one person who had done more in ten years then you did in ten thousand years!" He yelled.

All at once every eye was looking at him even Clockwork's who had a grin on his face.

"Is that?..." one began to ask

"Supreme council my I introduce Dan Phantom,"

Dan visibly saw all of them shrink into themselves.

"So this is the being that you freed, endangering the worlds. Ours and the humans you seek to Protect," said the observer as he floated from his position from the table. "I've seen what you can do, And I am unimpressed," he said as he circled around Dan.

"Funny I didn't know I trying to impress you!" Dan sneered to the Observer.

"Yes and unlike my counterparts here..." he leaned in closed to Dan. " I'm not afraid of you." He poked Dan, with a gloved hand. "But you should be afraid of me,"

"Why should i be afraid of a 'eyeball' like you?" Dan asked pushing his body into the observers finger.

"Because, Unlike clockwork I do not answer to no one except the master himself. I can do so much more than Clockwork said I could do. Isn't that right Clockwork?" The eye turned over to Clockwork who stood still.

Clockwork took a breath. "It is true you have more power, but what good is power when you have no authority over it?" He asked to the observer looking at him. "That was a responsibility that was given to you at the beginning. And as I recall you gave up that responsibility, to be the "watchers of time", and you gave that responsibility to me. So in a way you are more powerful," he shrugged. "But in the end You have no control over that power, I do"

Dan saw the observer turn red. Not so sure that's healthy for the eye but who knows. It turned back toward Dan. He spoke "So why should I be afraid of you again, Mr eyeball."

"Clockwork may not be afraid of me," he floated closer to him. "but you should," He rose his arms and the others did the same the green swirling ectoplasm began to circulate. "We may be weak individually," The swirling cloud began to entangle Dan. "but It was us who brought peace to this realm. We are more powerful then you will ever observer grabbed Dan's Face. "Be warned, make one step from the beaten path, and you will not see the light of day again. Because not even He will be able to protect you from Our judgement." He squeezed his cheeks and then released him. "and If you call us eyeballs again, you won't have any. You may call me Videns

They put down their arms and the twisting ectoplasm stopped and went back to normal. Dan was about to destroy every last one of them, but Clockwork put a hand on his shoulder and spoke with defined in his voice.

"You may be The ones who stopped the self-appointed King" but if you try to destroy him, you will have to go through me," he pointed his staff at Videns. "You appointed me to look after him, and how i see it, this is better for time, as well as all the problems we are about to face."

The observer looked at him. "We told you he was your responsibility, that we did. But in retaliation, we have no idea what your intentions with him are or are not, and that is why we are being so defensive. If you have seen what we have seen, you would understand."

"What you've seen, If I may. I have seen more in one lifetime, then you have in all yours combined." Clockwork said

Dan tried to walk past Clockwork but he stopped himself when he was next to him.

Another observer from the table spoke up. "We are the observers. we called you in to this council only to observe the status of this being that stands before us."

"Really because I'm sure you threatened to take time away from me," Clockwork countered.

"Time is not yours to control," One said from the stands.

"I understand that councilman, but what concern is Dan to you? He is my responsibility, not yours."

"We fear what could happen Clockwork," Videns spoke, his voice soft. "Time is not a fixed point. What happens if he escapes, or take control of your staff, there is too much as stake.

Clockwork looked over to Dan, and Dan did the same to him. He turned back to The observers. "He wont I can tell you that,"

"how can you be sure?" Videns asked.

"Because I for see it."

The one of the observers stood in the back of the stadium. "I call to let them be."

Videns spoke up. "I second that motion,"

'All for the motion for letting Clockwork continue with this task. say yea," the second in command said. a chorus of yea's were heard in the stadium. "all opposed?" No one spoke.

"Then it is decided, Clockwork I would appreciate current up-to date information on you 'project' from this point out. Am I understood?" Videns asked.

"Yes, I understand. Are we free to leave?" He asked.

Yes but..." He walked up to Dan and spoke in his ear. "Remember You may have his trust, but you don't have mine. Ill be watching you very closely."

Dan Glared at him when he finished speaking.

"Alright I will see you again soon enough" Clockwork spoke, as he opened a portal to his Castile. He grabbed Dan by the shoulders when he tried to grab Videns, and tossed him in like a child. "Goodby Videns" he spoke as he fallowed Dan through the portal.

The portal disappeared with a pop.

"So Videns, Do you still think that he is the one?" One spoke from the Head table.

"Yes Oculus, I do. I see in his eyes, He is curious. He wont be any more trouble. At least if Clockwork's Plan works. well see in do time" he spoke. "Now we must work on the trial of Undergrowth, Wait where is he? Videns Bestia did you keep an eye on Undergrowth during this meeting?"

"Um... No, why?" a random Observer spoke in the stands.

"Aw butter Biscuits!" he yelled.

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