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Mr. and Mrs. Muller


'Not the person to play poker with, huh?' - Jake Muller

New York Airport
1 July 2014, 12.04 P.M

Arms crossed, a certain red-head was slouching on one of the the airport bench impatiently while flipping his cellphone once in a while. Nope, nothing had come, still the same cyan screen showing the same thing. 'My god, does the government played pranks too?' It wouldn't be possible, they were the one that mailed him the ticket to New York; they even provided a first-class ticket for him instead of his usual cheap-ass economy class flight.

The passers-by on the airport were eyeing him, or more specifically, his facial comet-like scar that ran down his face. Jake Muller was very used to it, having people looking him with odd expressions and quiet whispers as they walked through. It didn't anger him, but it annoyed him. They looked like they had never seen a scar before.

He as wearing only a pale grey T-shirt and a faded jeans yet he sweated uncontrollably. The air-conditioning wasn't helping much either way with the sea of people on the airport. His impatient as grewing as minute passed as he finally stood up from the bench, ready to buy another ticket to fly away to another continent.

As if on cue, the moment he got up his feet, his cell vibrated on his hand. 'Finally.'

Incoming call: Leon Kennedy

"Bout' time, Kennedy. I was about to get myself another ticket." He hissed onto the phone and could only hear a chuckle at the end of the line.

"Sorry, buddy. I got caught in a jam on my way here. I am already on the airport, where are you?"

Jake took his time to look at the surrounding, a few shops here and there and a cafe nearby. But obviously he will not going to name them one by one for the agent to find him. "Wait for me at the main entrance." It was not very far from where Jake was. Convinient. After an OK from Leon, they hung up.

Well, some payback time. For making him wait for nearly an hour on the airport.

Instead of going straight to the main entrance, Jake grabbed his duffelbag over his shoulder and strolled over to the nearest cafe he could see. Got himself two cups of coffee, then he purposely walked casually to the man dressed in denim jacket and a pair of newer jeans. Took him a few minutes before he could reached the bronze haired man.

Leon Scott Kennedy.

Jake thought that it was pretty funny that he could remember the agent. He was usually very forgetful when it comes to remember people. Except for a handful of people whom he decided to remember. Surprisingly, he actually recognized Leon when he saw him from a distance. Standing under the shades, Leon himself was looking very impatient too. That's for making him wait, Jake thought.

"Kennedy." He greeted. Leon quickly turned to him with a frown, "You sure took your time finding the main entrance."

"Thought I'll get ourselves gentlemen some coffee." He handed him the styrofoam cup which Leon accepted easily. As Jake took a sip, Leon gestured so that Jake followed him as they walked to his car. Leon drank the beverage in one go, disposing the cup onto the nearest trashbin he could find before he unlocked the dark blue Cadillac at one corner of the parking ground.

Leon climbed in the driver seat as Jake went for the passenger seat next to him, dumping his duffelbag at the back of the car. "Seatbelt." Leon ordered as he buckled his up when he noticed that Jake had no intentions to do so. With a short grunt, Jake obeyed without talking so much. It's only fair that he's on Leon's car.

The Cadillac swiftly left the airport and straight to the highway. Jake's eyes were to the outside when he suddenly asked, "So, what's this mission your lady boss mailed me about?"

About two months ago, Jake was on the Middle Eastern rural area eliminating BOWs when an agent came over to him when he was taking a break at the streets, awaiting his new contracts. The male agent claimed himself to be sent by the States government when Jake immediately brushed him off. He didn't want to involve himself in political shit, as he quoted.

"Did I forgot to mention that I was sent by the Division of Security Operation, Mr. Muller? Our Director had a special mission that required your assistance. It involved eliminating BOW as well. In a larger scale."

Wait. DSO? Why did that sounded so familiar?

Jake took an interest in the man in black now, smirking into his direction, "So, what do you guys have to offer?"

Pulling out an envelope from his breast pocket, the DSO agent handed him without saying its content.

"This will be all you need to reach us. Should you decide to accept this mission, please contact Agent Leon Scott Kennedy as soon as possible. His number had been provided inside this envelope." And he walked away without a word. Trying to lay low, Jake guessed.

The content was really simple. A first class ticket to the United States of America and a small piece of letter.

Since Jake had nothing to do, he decided he might humour himself to them.

Plus, he might have a chance to meet her again.

"Sorry, Jake. The truth is, even I don't know about the content of the mission Hunnigan was sending you. My duty was only to escort you to our HQ for briefings." Leon replied. This earned a scoff from the red head as he leaned back against his seat, "Man, what have I got myself into?"

"Just some same shit that I've got myself into years ago, Muller. Ain't so bad if you get used to it." The bronze haired agent chuckled lightly and Jake couldn't agree more, "Hope not."

New York City
1 July 2014, 12.36 P.M

Instead of stopping at a very large bulding with at least thirty storeys tall with a large logo of DSO on it (as Jake had presumed), Leon stopped at where a hotel was situated. His vehicle stopped directly in front of the main entrance and he unlocked the door for Jake, "Go to the lobby first, I need to get a parking. A friend of mine will take you to your room."

"I thought we get straight into business, Kennedy. I'm not used to R&R when I'm on a mission."

Leon tilted his head to his side in disgust, "Don't worry. Your mission isn't even starting yet. Hunnigan asked you to get a break from your seventeen hours flight before your briefings tomorrow. And by the way, my friend is also a red-head but more to a brunutte side. She one cute lady."

With a frown, Jake grabbed his duffelbag and dismounted the car. He didn't even bother to look back as he entered the hotel. A pretty nice place, the air-conditioner was blasting and the hotel was well decorated. Jake looked to his left and right to find this particular friend of Kennedy until a woman walked up to him.

She was a red-head, around 5 feet seven and she did have a striking look on her face. "You must be Jake Muller." She greeted with a warm smile. Jake replied by nodding his head, "And you must be Kennedy's 'friend.'"

"I am Claire Redfield." Jake instantly recognized the name. Redfield was being the name of the asshole who killed his father and the name Claire, he picked it up from Sherry Birkin in Edonia. She extended her hand in a handshake and surprisingly enough, he found himself responding to the handshake, "I've heard you from Sherry. She said you're the one who saved her at Raccoon City."

He wasn't very used to formalities, but facing this woman here, Jake didn't understand why he was so courteous to her. Maybe because it was the fact that Claire Redfield was Sherry's saviour and Sherry was his saviour in turn. Claire giggled, "Well, that's very sweet of her. And I've heard a lot about you from Sherry... and my brother too."

Chris Redfield.

And Jake suddenly felt bad. He had attempted to take his life back in China and now his sister was being friendly to Jake. Although Jake didn't shoot him in the end. He was glad he didn't. Shit, why did he want to think about Chris right now? "So, how's Sherry doing?"

"She's doing fine at the DSO. Heard from Leon that she had received a new special assignment for herself too. And it commence at the same day as yours." Claire said in a relieved tone.

'Damn.' Jake suddenly regretted coming over to the States.

Moments later, Leon rejoined the duo as they walked Jake to his hotel room. After passing Jake the keycard of the room, Leon reminded Jake once again, "So, I'll pick you up at exactly ten o' clock sharp tomorrow. Dress nicer, okay?" he coughed awkwardly and Jake smirked at him.

"Right, we're going to a high-rise building and T-shirts with jeans certainly won't cut it. I know what I'm doing. Kennedy, don't worry."

"Sure. If you say so."

DSO Headquarters
2 July 2014, 11.00 A.M

"It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Muller."

His limbs were crossed as he sat at the chair directly opposite to Ingrid Hunnigans'. He had a rather disinterested face as he tried his best for maintaining his degree of formalities, "Jake is fine. And you're supposed to be my contract?"

Hunnigan didn't felt the discomfort of Jake's directness one bit. She had came prepared for his brash attitude and Jake certainly wasn't the first person she had ever dealt with, "Okay, Jake. So, yes, have it that way. You're my contract and I'm hiring you for a mission. With special requirements."

Jake again gave his third bemused smirk of the day. The first was being Leon complimenting his gray shirt with dark slacks looks good on him and second was when Leon told him to be polite to Hunnigan. "So what's so special about this mumbo-jumbo mission?" He asked as he tighten his arms around his chest.

"You are going to have a partner for this mission."

Bewildered, his eyes widen in shock, "What?!"

Hunnigan motioned a finger to him and he went stiff completely as he glared to the door. There were footsteps closing in and they sounded like... high heels? A lady? His future partners in crime was a girl? Jake silently hope that she was hot and could handle herself.

A soft knocking came twice to the door and Hunnigan pushed the buttons on her desk, unlocking the door for her.

And his feet quickly jump to a stand.

Sherry Birkin.

She looked just the same as she had a year ago when he last bid her farewell. Same short blonde hair. And she still maintained her curves. The moment that Shery laid her eyes onto the man, she had the same expression that mirrored his. Shock, bewilderment and surprise. She certainly didn't expect to see Jake Muller on the DSO office.

"...Jake?!" She hadn't heard from him for nearly 6 months ever since he went to Middle East. The line there was so bad that Jake had no way of contacting her whatsoever. Personally, she thought that Jake Muller had moved on and decided to forget about her.

He didn't even second guess himself when he walked over to her and squeeze her in a hug. He was fully aware that Hunnigan was watching them but he just couldn't help himself. He missed his Supergirl. And by the way that she was returning the hug with the same enthusiasm, he knew that she felt the same.

Hunnigan faked a throat clearing and Sherry quickly pulled away, blushing heavily. Her boss was there but with the smile on Hunnigan's face she felt better, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Director."

"No problem, Agent Birkin. I understand that you have not seen him or to contact him in this past few months. He was in the Middle East. But don't worry about your chance of reconcilement. Both of you have plenty of time to do so."

Jake's brows raised in curiousity, "What do you mean?"

And Hunnigan smiled mischieviously, "Agent Birkin, your new partner for your next mission is Jake Muller. And Jake Muller, you new partner for this mission we hired you for is Agent Sherry Birkin."

They were all now seated facing an LCD with pictures of the map Puerto Rico. A red dot was blinking at one part of the map. Then another pictured popped out on the upper left side of the screen. It was a man with dark tanned skin, a layer of thick goatee covered his chin and he was sightly obese. His face was definitely Peurto Rican and he was wearing classy clothes; leopard spots jacket with his maroon pants smoking a cigar. Typical.

"This is Aldiel Cordero. Thirty-nine. Most of his wealth came from his very own tourism business he had in Puerto Rico but sources shows that he was also involved in smuggling BOW along Puerto Rico to North America. But of course, we have no evidence to justify that. Your mission is to infiltrate his business to secure evidence so that we can issue an arrest. And if necessary, dispose any traces of BOW he had with him." Hunnigan briefed as she pointed to his picture.

Jake had a lot of odd missions in his life time - murdering, stealing, planting evidence but this is definitely the weirdest. "Why send us to secure evidence when you know that he got aliens as pets?"

Sherry rolled her eyes, "C'mon, Jake. Obviously because he had covered his tracks."

Jake scoffed, "Not the person to play poker with, huh?"

"Very true. So the two of you will be infiltrating there as one of his tourists. Wealthy tourist who invest a lot of money in him so that Cordero pay attention to you. The government had provided the fund for this mission." The slide now shows pictures of the tourist spots layout.

"Well, that's almost sounded too easy. Spend money on him, get close, and grab some papers. I don't think that you'll be needing a mercenary like me for this kind of mission." Jake commented. Hunnigan shook her head in defiance, almost disappointed, "Well, just so you know, Jake. We have tried to find some other candidates to go along with Agent Birkin. But none seem to fit. And since you had firsthand experience with Sherry, we think that you are the best person to choose for this mission. Because..." she trailed off, unsure to elaborate further.


She sigh and finally admitted, "You two will be disguising as newly weds."

It took them a nanosecond before the words sunk in the mercenary and the blonde agent. As soon as they caught Hunnigan's meaning, their eyes widen and they almost launched themselves from their seats. And they blurted out simultaneously.


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