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'Mr. and Mrs. Muller.' - Jake Muller

Birkin's Residence
19th July 2014, 7.00 A.M

"Wake up."

Sherry groaned in protest. Stirring away from the source of the voice. The actions clearly indicated that she was already awake and yet she was reluctant to do so.

"C'mon, Supergirl. Wake up already."

The voice beside her begged again. This time a kiss was landed onto the back of her neck and Sherry involuntarily squirmed to the ticklish sensation. Giggles fluttered around but he was relentless, the ruthless assault continued until Sherry had to rolled herself over to face him.

"Hmph, that was easy."

Flashing her eyes open, Sherry smiled upon the first sight of her morning. Greeted by the image of the very sexy Jake Muller, she could help but to snuggle up closer to him and Jake frowned. His arm was planted on her bare waist and he made little circles there, "Where's the 'I don't need sleep' thing from my Supergirl? I thought you can manage longer... " He teased, kissing her messy hair.

"God, Jake. We slept at three in the morning last night. Now it's only seven. What's up with you early in the morning?"

The man only grinned idiotically, his arm on her waist traveled upwards to her back, then to her hair.

For a moment they just stay like this in each other's company. It's sufficing enough.

Then, the mercenary kissed her forehead solemnly to her surprise, "I just didn't my girl to wake up alone in her bed. I am not a bastard like my crazy old dad."

"Then stay with me."

Pulling into a smirk, Jake leaned down and kissed her before pulling the blankets up over their shoulders again.

He couldn't agree more.

6 months later

They got Leon off to the extraction chopper with a stretcher. To say that his injury wasn't very severe was an understatement - Leon nearly lost his right arm. And Claire could barely stand on her own feet, the deep gash on her shoulder blade was bleeding profusely and yet Claire survived.

The medic tended to them the moment they got off the burning facility.

Claire was staying close with him while they were transported back to the States in one piece, barely. But through their tired eyes, Leon and Claire looked at each other at the shaky chopper and smiled victoriously.

"They are gone now, didn't they?" She asked softly, she was lying comfortably right next to Leon. He smirked, turning his gaze out to the open sky that was turning brighter when orange began to fill the black, "They are. The Family is now wasted to hell."

"...Can't wait to tell the good news to the kids..." Claire murmured softly, the smile on her face was hurting her bruised cheek and yet she couldn't stop it. Not when she thought about the possibilities that will to come when they deliver the news of Family's destruction to them.

Leon laughed back, the sharp pain on his broken ribs was ignored, "They aren't kids anymore after this, Claire. Now that the Family's gone and Neo-Umbrella had nothing to hold onto, they are free. No one can pose a threat to them anymore... Just like how Albert Wesker was to Sherry. "

Another deep breath from the brunette and she gazed at the same direction as her partner, a soft sigh escaped her lips, contented of the outcome of the mission they were sent to.

Six months. Six months since they had been investigating about The Family and now they could finally see the daybreak with their destruction. Along with their sickening plans to take over the world or to cause another catastrophe just like Raccoon City and Tall Oaks and China.

One nightmare is already too much.

And the Family had also vicious plans to develop more kinds of viruses and BOW but that was now history. The Family had reached the full stop of their story. All thanks to Kennedy and Redfield and the rest of the BSAA who helped.

His head tilted over to his right side so that he can see Claire as she rested.

"I heard that the kid had already brought a ring."

"A ring?"

"Haven't you heard? Jake had already made up his mind."

It was the last day before Leon and Claire will both be embarked to the mission that the Pentagon had sent them to:To eliminate all traces of The Family alongside the BSAA. That night, Jake visited Kennedy household alone. Sherry was nowhere to be seen and this surprised both Leon and Claire because Jake Muller will never visit someone unless Sherry was with him.

Jake explained that Sherry stayed over at the DSO office due to Hunnigan's order. Her day off was canceled per Sherry's personal request and she want to be a part of the mission which Hunnigan hesitantly approved her of - But only paper work, no field mission for her until the next few months. Thus, Sherry was appointed as the Leon's and Claire's operator just like how the latter were to Sherry on her latest mission with Jake.

"So, it's on The Family, huh?" Jake took a swig from his beer.

Leon only watch his own bottle in disinterest, "Vector Alcott might have been passed, but I'm pretty sure that they had already found his successor just like how they did to Simmons."

"Simmons," Jake said the name with a sense of familiarity, he had heard his name - heck, met him on China, "He's Sherry's commanding officer when she had to bring me back to Uncle Sam, wasn't it?"

"Not just her commanding officer. Simmons was Sherry's... let say father figure. He was her legal guardian when she was in custody." His eyes were sad when he told Jake so, "A shame that Sherry actually look up to him as one. Unfortunately that jerk was only using her for his own benefits, Simmons was giving her the fake sense of security so that Sherry voluntarily stepped into his mindless experiments. And there he went, the C-Virus."

Jake gripped the glass bottle tightly, threatening to break it with his enhanced strength. Lucky for him that Leon and the Harper woman had already dispose him. Or else Simmons will have to face his wrath.

"Take Simmons and Alcott as an example, did you see just how twisted and delusive The Family are? They used people, causing outbreak, killing innocents like it was justice to do so. They had to be stopped," Leon placed his untouched bottle down to the table, "And they were a threat to you and Sherry. "

Jake knew that, Leon didn't need to tell him. With Sherry's G-Virus and Jake's own special blood, of course The Family tried to hunt them down. "So, once they are dealt with... Sherry will be safe?"

"As long as they will be no other delusional psychopath thinking that they can dominate the world."

There's only one that Jake knew off about delusional psychopath, Albert Wesker.

And he's dead.

"Jake," the mentioned caught Leon's glare, "you're not using Sherry for your own benefits, do you?"

The mercenary's eyes narrowed against the veteran agent who was now trying to interrogate like Sherry's parent.


"Do you really love her, or are you just trying to fool around?"

Jake would have punched Leon in the face if he didn't realize Leon's good intention.

"I love her, as much as I loved my mom. And my mother had been the most important person to me but now she's gone. Know what that means?" Jake growled, "Sherry is the most important person to me now."

"Good answer, Muller."

2 years later
San Juan, Puerto Rico

They walked up to the check-in counter hand-in-hand when the burly manager greeted them with a hearty smile.

But it was quickly reduced to a confused one upon the sight of that comet-like scar on the man's face.

"You two looked familiar... Have you ever accommodate in our hotel before?"

Jake wore his trademark smirk when Sherry shushed him, "Um... Remember the incident two years ago?"

Then the manager's mouth pulled into a full circle with a familiar, "Oh." Of course he would have remember that incident. Who could have forgotten that? With all the stunt that Jake and Sherry had pulled off, they returned to his hotel battered and bloodied all over, how could the manger forget what they had done in his hotel?

"But don't worry, sir, we are here today under a more normal circumstances. In fact, a NORMAL circumstances." Sherry reassured him with a smile. She can't risk giving this poor man another heart attack after the agent scare two years ago.

But the manager was skeptical, "No lives included?"

"No. Me and my husband here..." Sherry raised her hand which was intertwined with Jake's, "We're on our honeymoon."

But the frown that the man wore was still intact, still in disbelief because that was exactly what they had said the first day they were here.

Jake actually chuckled on the manager's priceless expression, but he can't really blame the guy, "Don't worry, man. This time, we're really married."

Finally, the manager sighed in defeat when a smile began creeping up his professional face as he extended a hand to Jake, "Then I welcome you to El Convento. Yet again. May I have your name please? Mr..."

"Mr. and Mrs. Muller."


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