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Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus wasn't having a good day. First he had woken up in a bed filed with shaving cream, courtesy of the Stoll brothers, and after he was done singing their eyebrows off, Chiron had called an emergency meeting.
He was walking towards the Big House, thankful to whichever god or goddess oversaw puberty because he had a growth spurt last year and he was no longer the shortest in camp. Distracted he walked straight into Annabeth, the daughter of Athena who glared at him as he made hasty apologies.
Ever since her best friend Luke had told her he was gay she hadn't been the same. Not that she was homophobic, the girl had openly admitted to bring very bi-curious. Leo could never figure out what was bothering her.
Instead of trying to find out why she was being extra grumpy this morning, he walked faster toward the big house.
As soon as he arrived at the rec room he saw that almost everyone has arrived already, except Luke, and Annabeth.
"Ah, Leo great we can start now."
He was about to protest that he wasn't the last one there when he caught sight of Luke sitting down and Annabeth leaning against the door frame.
"Yeah, alright" he mumbled, sitting down in a chair in front of the ping-pong table.
"Well, as you all know we have been having weird weather lately, random storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. Rest assured that the gods aren't angry at each other, even they are confused as to what going on. Although my guess is demigods."
While everyone was relieved that they didn't have to stop a possible war between the gods, they worried about possible demigods by themselves.
"I have contacted the Romans and we have decided that the only way to know who the demigods are and to bring them to safety, is to have a quest."
Everyone sat up straighter ,a quest with Romans was rare and usually very fun.
"After many hours of careful choosing we have decided that the ones from the quest from camp half-blood shall be Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, and Leo Valdez."
Everyone smiled at him, some with envious looks, others looking relieved. He sighed inwardly, he was nervous that he would somehow screw up and the quest would be unsuccessful. Anytime he went on a quest something happened that embarrassed him, nervously he started building a miniature hydra, using materials from his magic tool belt.
Before Chiron could dismiss them, Annabeth spoke up.
"Chiron, if you don't mind me asking, which Romans are coming with us?"
Chiron smiled at the grey eyed girl, he had probably known she would ask something.
"Well I know that it is one of their praetors, Reyna daughter of Bellona and Frank Zhang son of Mars."
Annabeth stiffened slightly before relaxing again, nodding to Chiron she walked out of the Big House not looking back. Following her example, the other demigods started leaving the Big House whispering between themselves.
"Leo, Luke please stay back"
Leo stayed seated, while Luke sat back down. After everyone had left Chiron got into his magic wheelchair and he wheeled himself in front of them.
"I wish Annabeth were here, but the girl needs time to herself." He muttered to himself.
When he looked at them, he looked old and tired.
"We don't know how many demigods there are, or if they're dangerous what we do know is that they're thieves. More specifically they're the infamous 'Lighting Thieves'."
Luke and Leo stared at him before Luke started laughing.
"Chiron, those thieves are a myth to explain why one of the gods took the lightning diamond, that's what we were told."
Leo stayed quiet, observing how Chiron's eyes flashed with regret.
"We lied, the lightning diamond was stolen but not by the gods, actually we don't know who stole the diamond."
He paused, letting the information sink in.
"When you find the demigods, the care of them they're probably going and scared out of their wits. Now, go get ready for your quest, you are leaving as soon as the Romans side which will be in five minutes."
Leo and Luke left the Big House silently, both lost in thought going their separate ways to get ready for the quest that would change their lives.

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