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The second Percy opened his eyes, he knew that he would be in trouble. Everyone in the room was asleep except for one.

"Percy, you're awake. How are you feeling?"

Nico's concerned voice sent a stab of guilt through him and Percy managed to look at the Son of Hades, who was sitting next to him.

"I'm fine Nico, how long was I out?" He asked, his voice a whisper so that he wouldn't wake the others.

Glancing around, he saw Thalia and Bianca curled up on the bed next to him with Hazel at their feet. Jason was laying next to him, holding one of his hands in a death grip and Percy could see the concern etched on his face; even in his sleep. Realizing that Nico was talking he turned to the Italian.

"You've been out since breakfast, we freaked out to be honest." Nico's voice was soft as he talked, but the shadows in the room darkened in his worry.

"I-..." He paused, not really knowing how to continue his sentence. It seemed like lately the only thing he could do was to freak out his family. As if sensing what he was thinking, Nico put a comforting hand on Percy's arm.

"It's fine you know? We worry about you because we care about you Percy." The Ghost Prince's voice was soft and comforting.

Percy looked away from Nico, and realized that he didn't even know what had happened with that weird group he saw before he passed out.

"Nico.." He hesitated, because they had seemed so familiar but he didn't know why. Taking a deep breath to calm himself and his probably childish worries, he continued. "What happened to those people you know the ones coming in before I passed out."

He refused to say fainted, because he did not faint, actually he didn't remember what had happened. Not that he would tell Nico and the others when they woke up, it would only worry them more and he didn't want that.

Looking into Nico's eyes, he saw them darken and the nervousness that he had seen before in Jason's eyes.

"We...We didn't actually pay them any attention seeing as you being a drama queen pulled our attention. We got you up here as fast as we could and kind of forgot about them."

Nico said, wincing a bit because he knew Thalia and Bianca would be pissed off in the morning and Jason would have a heart attack when he realized they didn't know where the potential demigods where.

Percy put his head back onto the pillow, and ignoring the headache he had he closed his eyes.

"Go to sleep Nico, I'm fine so please try and get some sleep." He murmured already being pulled into the world of dreams.

Vaguely he heard Nico's soft laughter and a soft conformation, before he could make sure the younger boy was actually asleep Hypnos grabbed a hold of him and he fell into a deep sleep.