Legolas never woke up before 9:00am. No matter the day, weather or occasion, he just never would. Except this day. On this day, he woke at 6:30am and for a good reason too. Today was the day of the council of Elrond. It didn't take long to get to Rivendell. The real reason he was waking up so early was because of his Ada, Thranduil. His mind turned back to the last time he left to do something for his father. He got scrubbed down, outfit picked out and giving a stranger danger lecture. Worst thing was he was only going out for 3 hours. He gave an amused sigh as he traded his silk pyjamas for his usual clothes and a nice cloak he'd been saving for the occasion. Standing tall and proud in front of the mirror, he ran his brush through the long, blonde locks that seemed to always stay straight and plaited it like he always did. Giving his hair one final glance and smoothing his clothes down neatly, he head out into the hall way.

Creeping as silently as he could, he made his way slowly down the hall. He'd first have to get to the stables and get his horse, Arod, and of course, his bow and arrow. He got to the door of his Adas room. He spared a peek inside. Thranduil was on his bed, hair positioned perfectly despite sleeping like a hippo. Legolas watched as he snored and stifled his laughs. He continued his silent spider like crawl up the hallway until he reached the back door. Relief washed over him as he got outside and ran towards the stables.

As Legolas started down the road with Arod, he couldn't help but feel satisfied with himself. He managed to sneak away without Thranduil noticing. He would of course have to deal with him when he got back but He was willing to do that. Legolas thought back over his perfect plan

· Get ready

· Check if Ada's asleep

· If yes, Get horse.

· Collect bow

· Go-

His eyes almost bulged out of his head. He'd forgotten his bow. The only weapon he was good with and he'd forgotten it. Legolas started to get worried. He looked up at the sky and judged by the suns position it was only 7:00am. Ada would most likely be asleep. Feeling confident, Legolas turned back towards his house.

"ssshh Arod sshhh" said Legolas as he tied up Arod. He turned to look at the house. No lights were on, that's good. Legolas walked up to the door and let himself in.

He walked a little faster than before. His mind was full of nerves that he didn't bother to check his fathers' room. After what seemed forever, He finally got to his room. A slight smile spread on his face as he opened the door. That smile was replaced with a look of pure shock. What he saw was Thranduil, sitting on his bed, Bow and quiver of arrows in his hands.

"Did we forget something" He asked mockingly as he lent forward to redo his sloppy braiding.

Legolas sighed as he was led to the bathroom. He knew what was going to happen and he knew he wouldn't like it.