Title:She Will Sing
Once Upon a Time
Swan Queen
Bedtime Series 14: The door slammed behind Emma, leaving Regina standing in the middle of the entryway by herself, her mouth open not understanding what just happened. She thought Emma would be happy. She thought the blonde would see this as another chance, for both of them. Her gaze dropped to her belly, flat and not even close to showing the baby.
Author's Note: Prompt from Tumblr: Are you ever going to make a actual multi-chapter of bedtime series, I would like to read more about the time Regina was all by herself and pregnant, a little angst never hurt no one.
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Nearly an entire month had passed since Regina found out she was pregnant. A month since Emma took Henry and moved back in with her parents. A month since James and Snow came storming into her home. A month since Snow slapped her for destroying her daughter and a month since James left the house with all of Henry's clothes and a handful of his comics. A month since Regina found herself alone.

A month since Regina started to give up on Emma ever talking to her again.

She called the Charming household everyday, hoping to convince James or Snow to let her talk to Henry or Emma. They must have gotten caller ID because all of her calls now went unanswered.

Regina sat by her window taking in the May spring weather, wondering if she'd risk leaving her house when the townspeople had once again raised their pitch forks in her direction. If Emma wouldn't talk to her, if Emma wouldn't let her explain over the phone, then Regina needed to see her in person. She could only hope to corner her in public. She glanced at the clock and felt relief that it was lunch time.

Emma would be at Granny's if she hadn't changed her schedule and if Emma was anything since she moved to Storybrooke, it was a creature of habit. Regina grabbed a light coat to wrap around herself, thankful that her body wasn't quiet showing yet, though the signs were obvious to the woman. She took a deep breath and disappeared in a poof of purple.

Regina curled into a ball on the make-shift bed she had set up in her bathroom, which included several thick layers of blankets and multiple pillows. Not once in her life had she been more thankful that she didn't have a job to go to as her stomach lurched again, forcing her to scramble to the toilet. She made a disgusted face as the oatmeal she ate not more than an hour ago made itself present again.

Giving up on brushing her teeth right after vomiting, Regina swigged a mouth full of water, spit it in the porcelain bowl, and was back down in her own little nest. She was getting sick and tired of this morning sickness and it was just her luck to get horrible sickness in her first, and probably only, pregnancy.

Regina shifted as her sore growing breasts pressed against her shirt. Sitting up, the woman quickly rid herself of the cotton shirt, an item that Emma left behind, and leaned back on the pillows. Her hands came up massage her sore chest and tears quickly stung her eyes. Feeling safe enough that she wasn't going back to the toilet, she curled on her side and breathed softly until sleep over took her.

Regina appeared behind Emma and Henry in front of the diner. Henry turned when he spelt the crisp apple scent his Mom's smoke was so famous for and his eyes widened at the sight of her. Stopped walking and stared at her. "Mom…" She could see the hurt in his hazel eyes and it broke her heart that she caused this pain in her son.

Emma whipped around and pulled Henry behind her. "What the hell are you doing here?" She growled out, giving Regina time to look her over. She was thinner, with dark bags under her eyes and the shine in her eye seemed to be gone.

"I came to talk." She stayed where she was, not willing to move and spook Emma into taking Henry away again. "You won't take my phone calls." Regina said.

Henry looked up at Emma in confusion. "You said she didn't call us."

"So you can explain how it was a mistake, and what? You still love me and it'll never happen again?" Emma said instead of answering the boy behind her. She laughed bitterly. "You're not lying to me anymore, Regina."

"I'm not lying!" She made the mistake of stepping forward. The movement had Emma grabbing Henry's shoulder and fast walking away. "Emma, please!" She dropped to her knees, not caring that the diner full of people were watching her, or that that she fell on a rock that was sharply digging into her stocking clad knee. She needed Emma to turn and let her explain. "I'm begging, Emma, I never beg." She told the stilled form of her children's other Mother.

Slowly, Emma let go of Henry and eased her body around to stare at Regina, disbelief on her face as she took in her proud lover, down on her knees, tears on her face, and desperation in her voice. "Fine, explain." A cool wind blew through Emma's hair.

"The Witching Night." Any other time and Regina would have smirked at the blush on Emma's pale cheeks. "You asked what it was, but I didn't explain it all." Regina rushed to keep her lover's attention. "A witch has two different ways to get pregnant. The human way and through their Witching Night." She took a deep breath and looked to the sky. "Mine follows the moon, when the moon is fullest, my Witching Night begins." She brought her gaze back to Emma's face.

"On ones Witching Night, a pheromone is released from a witch's body. The purple mist you saw at the house a few months ago." Regina explained. "The point of a Witching Night is to mate. The first person to smell the mist, is to come to witch's aid and…" A dark eye glanced to her son and back to Emma, "and impregnate them."

"Are you trying to tell me that I got you pregnant through some magical ritual?" Emma demanded angrily.

Regina shook her head quickly, knowing she was losing the blonde. "No, no. It's not a ritual, it's a biological need. It's the same as a period. But a Witching Night lasts for only one night of the month. It sends both parties into a lust filled frenzy with the intention to procreate. It doesn't matter the gender, the race, the species. As long as one can have children, it can be done."

"And the witch always gets pregnant?" Emma asked.

Regina shook her head. "No, it depends on the timing and who's doing what. But someone always gets pregnant if two people are together on a Witching Night."

Emma took a step forward, anger still in her eyes. "And you knew this and didn't think to tell me?"

"Magic is still changing here, I didn't think…" Regina sat back on her calves. "I haven't had to worry about a Witching Night in twenty eight years. I didn't think it would be so strong the first time it came back."

"But I smelt the…mist?" Henry looked at Regina to confirm that right term. At her nod, he continued, "I smelt it, but it was gross." His face tightened at the smell that had him gagging.

"Because you're my child. Just because you're not mine by blood, doesn't mean that my body doesn't know that you are off limits to the Witching Night."

Emma shook her head. "This is ridiculous. I'm…no," She shook her head again and turned to walk back to her parents' apartment building. "No, I do not believe this shit. Come on, kid." Regina watched with blurring eyes as Emma left, again, taking Henry with her, again. Her head fell forward. She pressed the heels of her palms to her eye sockets to try to suppress the tears when she felt small arms wrap around her head.

Moving her hands, she saw the collar of Henry's shirt and that only brought a fresh wave of tears. She returned the hug, hooking her arms around his waist. "I believe you." He whispered. "We'll come home soon Mom. I promise."