In the ninja world, there were worlds within worlds. The ninjas in there early years used seals and chakra from their body to do the impossible. Combining the two they were able to summon beings from other lands, they were able to team up with such animals and become one with them and there tribes. On rare occasions they would even let you into their main grounds, if you were to gain there undying trust. A selected few have ever done so, but recently one boy had accomplished such a goal, though through much…yelling and fighting and a LARGE string of insults, the two shook hands and worked as one.

Said place was none other than the famed Mount Myoboku, the home of the toads. The place was one to be mistaken for a place for the gods. The rising sun shined brightly through the grassy mountains that seemed to lick the clouds, the wild life that seemed to overgrow and flock the land like an exotic green sea soaking up the sun with ease. Water falls that were crystal clear gushed with force while butterflies and fireflies tenderly danced in the sky, enjoying the crisp morning.

But one thing didn't seem to 'fit' with all the rest, while there were animal's, bugs and other life about; there was a lone human under a fierce waterfall. Sitting on a colossus toad statue, the young man's legs were crossed, his hands clapped together in a common hand sign style. His soaked sunshine hair was covering most of his slender face thanks to the frigid water pounding on his toned shoulders and all over his naked tanned body. He wasn't overly muscular, just what was only necessary. From his younger self he was deathly small, his growth stunted, but now with a little luck from puberty and an 'organic' daily meal, he was rocking five-nine, nailing ten inches taller.

This is none other than our number one, most surprising and unpredictable ninja in the whole land of fire, Naruto Uzumaki! Thanks to his never ending determination he finished a large chunk of his training early, disabling illusions, correcting his kunai throwing and mind straining chakra control too. Countless days and nights the gutsy boy would be beat down by his sensei and crudely knocked out, breaking his bones, the toad sage could have sworn his student spat out more blood than he did spit. But when you have a nine tailed fox that could heal you almost overnight, what was there to worry about? But the effects eventually paid off when Naruto could protect himself from the sage's fists and jutsu's.

Said boys eyes fluttered open from the tense meditation; Naruto a while back went through some tough puberty, growing angry and impatient, a real hell raiser. And when the Kyuubi slipped they needed to work on it fast. Jiraiya made quick work on the boy, but sadly the toad sage couldn't cure his sarcastic mouth that's got them into more than one near death situation. Safe to say they were permanently kicked out of twelve towns.

The spunky punk got up and did a good stretch, getting all the tension and stiff joints gone. He sat down once more and scooted his bare butt on the statue, sliding down till his feet hit the soft dirt, the soft grass tickling his toes. Naruto's ear twitched when he heard rustling in tall plants, only to smirk his foxy smile when he saw the seasoned toad, Fukasaku. It always made the teen chuckle when he saw the toad with a goatee and wearing a cloak. You could tell he was old, but one wrong move and prepare for a beat down with a stick, Naruto would know.

"Hey grandpa, what's shaking?" He bounced in his step, making his way over to the small wise toad, said amphibian just smiled back. "Alright punk, quite before I tell my wife you secretly crave her food!" Naruto's eyes opened wide with horror, his face tuning as green as the toad in front of him. "Now, as you may know…or forgot, your time here in Myoboku has finally come to an end." "aaaaaaw really? Come here you old fart I'm going to miss you!" Fake tears leaked from the butt naked dramatic boy as he lifted the frantic old frog, now wrapped tight in a hug. "Ack! Put me down punk!" "Hahaha, okay okay. But honestly I'm going to miss you guys, I'll make sure to stay in touch." "yes yes, now go get cloths on, it may be okay to frolic naked in here, but I'm sure the humans won't take to kindly to your rump!" "What are you talking about; I have a very nice ass, better than your saggy wart infested one!"

The two threw back insult after insult, the wise toad was a formal one at best, but the young blood grew on him. He never kissed his ass even from the start, but the two slowly bonded, a hate, love kind of bond.

"Now Jiraiya boy will be waiting for you, get dressed and head out." The frog was content and about to hop away when he was once more swooped in a hug, but this one was soft. "Thanks grandpa…" "No problem punk, now get going keekekeke."

Naruto made his way into the center of the forest, brushing past the exotic scenery with ease as he came up to the waterfall he was meditating under. He walked over to his cloths all bunched up and laid out in the sun. He slipped on his boxers and pulled up his tight jeans, they were new from cloud, when Naruto out grew his pants the toad needed to find him some new attire. With the newly made fabric how could he resist, buying a good couple of pares for the kid. They still had a little bit of elastic sown in, so doing the splits or moving around wasn't all that impossible.

Besides his newly styled pants, Naruto really didn't change much of his old style, slipping on a skin tight black shirt that went a little below the buckle. He still had his olden day orange jacket; it was so big that even as he grew up, it fit his body perfect. The rolled up cuffs now undone, the cuffs covering half of his palm, the bottom of the jacket only went down to his bellybutton, turns out the sleeves were a bit longer than he ever remembered. Fasting up the rest of his gear, black ninja sandals, his now cracked toy ANBU mask that nested in his longer, untamed locks and the famous necklace he won from the current Hokage, and bandaged wrapped hands he was ready and on his way.

Biting his thumb, he flew through hand signs with ease, slamming his hands into the soft hot dirt. His cloths ruffled as white smoke blocked his vision, only for a red toad to take his place. "AAAAH, Naruto, time to go already, you still owe me some sake for losing that bed!" "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, I'll summon you sometime and I'll buy you so many drinks you'll be upchucking bugs you ate last week!" The huge toad opened its mouth, and Naruto headed inside the traveling amphibian, it was time to get back…back to his home, back to his friends and adopted family, but most of all, to his lover.

Naruto Uzumaki was back.