You could always get a good feel for what was going on at McKinley by how quiet it was. If it was too quiet, something shocking had happened. If it was too loud, then it was probably just a regular day. This particular morning, it was as silent as a graveyard.

Then again, Kurt reflected, it was probably because everyone was too busy staring at him as Dave had him pressed against the lockers. By the feel of it, Dave was busy making sure everyone had something they would be able to stare at all day. Something large and dark and on Kurt's neck. He had to hand it to his fiance though. It was more than pleasurable to be marked as Dave's in front of all these people.

"What the Hell, man?!"

Getting marked as Dave's in front of Dave's best friend, however, was not something Kurt was exactly comfortable with. Snapping back to reality, Kurt brought his hands from Dave's shoulders to his chest and pushed him away slightly. He could just barely hold back a shiver at the little noise that Dave's mouth made as it detached from his neck.

Dave sighed a little and turned around to look at his friend. Azimio was standing there with his arms crossed and a dark frown on his face. "Problem, Az?"

"Problem?" Azimio repeated incredulously. "You bet your ass 'problem'."

A sick lurching started in Kurt's stomach. He knew that Dave didn't want to hide anything, but when they'd become a couple the first time, Azimio hadn't been a problem. Him and Dave had already fallen out. Now, Kurt and Dave didn't have any clue what to expect.

To Azimio's credit, he completely ignored the scared looks on Dave's and Kurt's faces before pushing onward. "First, you hanging up on me like that was rude as hell. I thought I'd be a bro and ignore it since you had a date, but then you don't call me to tell how it went even though it sounded pretty damn important. To make it worse, I had my mama asking me when you became gay when I didn't even know!"

Dave stared at his friend disbelieving, quiet and still until Kurt laid a tentative hand on his shoulder. "So you don't care?"

Azimio glared. "I care you made me look stupid in front of my mama! And I care that I had to hear it from her in the first place. But, nah, I don't care that you're banging Hummel."

"We're dating," Kurt piped up, his high voice sharp and angry a moment before softening. "And you can call me Kurt."

Rolling his eyes, Azimio shrugged and dropped his arms before lifting them in a 'whatever' gesture. He stared at Dave with soft, hurt eyes. "Shit, man, you think I was gonna drop you as soon as I found out?"

"I didn't know," Dave answered, his voice cracking with repressed emotion. Before he could say anything else, the bell rang and caused the staring crowd to scuttle away like cockroaches in light.

Shaking his head and rolling his eyes again, Azimio threw an arm around Dave's shoulders and started pulling him down the hallway. "Let's go to class, you big baby. We'll see you later, Hummel."

"I want him back in one piece, Adams!" Kurt called after the two boys, his voice forceful but amused.

"Later, Hummel!"


"Get you some, Twinkletoes," Santana called out as soon as Kurt walked into Glee later that afternoon, smirking at him from her place beside Brittany. "Never thought I'd see you in one of my favorite places."

Rolling his eyes, Kurt ignored everyone's stares until he settled into the seat between Puck and Sam. As he took in the various stares aimed at him, he sighed and focused on picking at his nails. 'Well, here went nothing.'

"And what place would that be, Santana?" Kurt asked flippantly, giving Puck and Sam small grins when they shot vicious glares toward the cheerleader, warning her against saying anything too harsh.

She smiled at him saucily and drawled, "Up against the wall, of course."

There was a choking sound from the top of the risers and Kurt turned to see Finn's face screwed in shock. Keeping his voice light and nonthreatening, Kurt asked sweetly. "Is there a problem, Finn?"

"Yes!" Finn burst out only to whip his head around when Rachel gasped dramatically.

"Finn, how could you?" Rachel asked fiercely, her voice shrill. "You of all people should understand the joy of finding a loving relationship and you should be happy for Kurt, especially since he had so few options. He's your brother!"

Nodding frantically, Finn said, "Exactly! He's my brother! I don't wanna see him making out with his boyfriend at all. Not against a wall or in the locker room or under the bleachers!"

Kurt flushed delicately as everyone turned to stare at him in surprise. "If you hadn't have been skipping class, you wouldn't have seen us under the bleachers."

"If you weren't skipping class, I wouldn't have caught you in the locker room," Finn answered loudly, an awkward flush flooding his face.

"Damn, Hummel," Santana whistled, her expression almost awed. "Three times in one day? You must've been busy."

Kurt tipped his chin up, refusing to let Santana embarrass him. Smirking, he met her gaze evenly and said, "We were only caught three times today. And, to be fair, the episode in the hallway was on purpose."

For a brief second, Santana's jaw dropped and she gaped at him in disbelief. Before she could say anything, however, Brittany spoke up in her light, happy voice. "I always feel like having more sex when I'm happy. You and Davey must be really happy."

"I like to think that we are," Kurt said quietly, sincerity lacing every word. He knew that there was still a little lingering hurt from their misunderstanding and a little wariness from their travel but he felt as if their relationship was stronger than it had ever been.

Puck snorted, interrupting Kurt from his thoughts and causing everyone to look at the mohawked jock questioningly. When he noticed everyone's stares, he snorted again and started to giggle. This caused Sam to laugh which, naturally, lead to Kurt flush deeply. It became a vicious cycle as Kurt's flush caused Puck and Sam to laugh even harder.

"You two are ridiculous, I swear," Kurt hissed, dropping his face into his hands. "I hate the both of you."

"Aw, Princess, don't be that way," Puck whined, his laughter finally dying down. "We didn't mean anything by it."

"Yeah, Kurtie," Sam spoke up, still grinning brightly. Kurt brought his head up and eyed the wide-mouthed jock distrustfully but let him continue. "It's just that unhappy couples don't typically get engaged, you know?"

All noise in the choir room disappeared as everyone froze and stared at Kurt blankly. Kurt in turn stared at Sam.

"Engaged?" Finn choked out after a few awkward minutes of silence. "Engaged?! Burt is going to kill you."

"Oh, fuck," Kurt breathed, his eyes wide in fear. "Fuck."

"Well," Rachel said quietly, her voice clear and honest. "I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we're very happy for you, Kurt. Right, guys?"

A general murmur buzzed through the room as everyone nodded and agreed. The quiet drone of pleasantry was broken, however, by a loud sob. Everyone snapped their heads to the side to see Mike trying to soothe a teary-eyed Tina who was crying into her boyfriend's shoulder.

"Tina, honey, what's wrong?" Mike asked tentatively, concerned for his girlfriend.

"It's all just so lovely," Tina replied, little sobs breaking through her words. She gave Kurt a watery smile. "I'm so glad you're happy, Kurt. I couldn't hope for any better person to find love. You can bet that I'll be at the wedding."

"Aw, Tina," Kurt cooed, his eyes tearing a little as well. "You're so sweet! Of course you will, honey. I can't be missing any bridesmaids!"


"It went better than expected today," Kurt murmured softly from where he was laying on Dave's chest, tracing his fingers over Dave's shirt lightly. He nibbled his lip a little before continuing in a whisper. "Even with Rachel."

Dave hummed but kept stroking his hand over Kurt's back gently. He knew that his fiance had been nervous about telling everyone they were together because he didn't want a repeat of what they had come from so he was almost ecstatic at the thought of how the day had gone. "Did anyone seem angry?"

"No," Kurt answered contently. "Everyone was really happy for us. Tina was so happy she cried. What about you and Azimio?"

Laughing quietly, Dave tightened his arm around Kurt so the smaller boy wouldn't fall to the floor. "He kept whining about not knowing before his mom."

"Did you ever ask how she knew?" Kurt asked, voice quiet and unconcerned. He had known Mrs. Adams almost his whole life and knew that she was a good lady. It had always confused him how exactly such a nice lady could raise a terror like Azimio.

"Yeah," Dave replied, trying not to laugh. "She heard it at church Sunday after our date."

Kurt's brow furrowed in confusion. "How did she hear it at church?"

"Apparently Mrs. Evans was telling all the ladies in her Sunday school class about the romance of it all."

"Mrs. Evans? Sam's mother?"

Dave nodded, brushing his cheek against Kurt's hair as he laughed a little more. "Yep. Sam left here when you got home and went straight home to tell his mom all the sweetness of you and me."

Little shakes trembled through Kurt as he snorted loudly and giggled. "He's such a sap. I'm surprised he could even speak after the traumatic experience of being interrogated by Carole."

"Me too," Dave agreed, a wide smile stretching cross his face at the thought of what Kurt had explained as the funniest, most humiliating experience of his life. "I'm so glad I decided to just drop you off and go home. I do not want to have any part of that."

Kurt lifted his head up to stare at Dave incredulously. "If I recall correctly, it was my idea for you to do that because I wanted to save you the embarrassment of meeting my father while you had a boner."

Flushing darkly, Dave shook his head and protested, "That's not my fault! You were totally being a tease the entire drive home."

Glasz eyes darkened as Kurt stared down at his fiance. He leaned in closer to Dave, their lips brushing together as he said, "Is that so? Well then, maybe I should do a little less teasing and a little more pleasing."

A quiet groan ripped its way out of Dave's throat right before their lips connected. A short, slick press of lips quickly degenerated into a deep, passionate kiss. Kurt would hold a long kiss with Dave, swirling their tongues together, before pulling back and pecking Dave's lips twice then moving in again to repeat the process. It had started out as a technique so they wouldn't get lost in each other but had soon become one of Kurt's favorite moves. Dave always countered it with little sucks on Kurt's tongue, trying to keep their mouths together as long as possible. It was highly effective and highly pleasurable.

So pleasurable, in fact, that neither one of the boys noticed when Burt walked in. They only noticed when he coughed loudly, causing them to break apart quickly. Kurt untangled his hands from Dave's hair and Dave slowly slid his hand out of the back of Kurt's pants, desperately hoping Burt wouldn't notice the movement.

"Don't you think you boys oughta keep it a little more PG in the living room?" Burt asked pointedly, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

"No one was home," Kurt pointed out, carefully moving off of Dave. "We didn't really think it would be a big deal."

"Well now there is," Burt replied. "No more macking on each other on the couch."

"Fine," Kurt rolled his eyes. "Can we go up to my room now?"


"Why not?!"

Burt stared at Kurt, his eyebrow climbing higher at Kurt's tone. "Because Dave's mom just called. She wanted me to send him home for dinner. Said he wasn't answering his phone. Wonder why."

Before Kurt could even open his mouth, Dave cut in. "Crap, sorry. I forgot to charge it last night and it died on the way here. I should get going. Talk to you later, Kurt?"

Kurt pouted as Dave stood up and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. "Yeah, I suppose. I love you."

"I love you, too, Fancy," Dave answered, keenly aware of his fiance's eyes on him as he made his way to the door and left.

Sighing despondently, Kurt slumped and pouted even more before he caught sight of his dad again. Burt was staring at him, a teasing grin slowly spreading across his face.


"No. Don't say a word."

"I'm just saying-"

"Not. One. Word."

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