A/N This plot came to me today in English while I was listening to my teacher talking about language analyses that I already knew how to do anyway, and when mum kind of "forgot" to come and get me from in town when I missed the bus home, I sat on my phone and wrote the first chapter :) Forgive me if I missed anything when I went over the fic on my laptop; iPhones, autocorrect and Stephy's do not mix ;)

The fact that Ukitake Juushiro had been abducted during the betrayal on Soul Society was something that had shaken the Captains and Lieutenants to their core. From what they could gather, the white-haired Captain had been assaulted as he suffered an attack from his illness. It only made sense; his power was too great to have been defeated easily without something distracting him.

A meeting had been called shortly after the betrayal had taken place in order to discuss what would be done about the missing Captain. Despite the fact that Juushiro had been one of his students and was like a son to him, Head-Captain Yamamoto refused to send anyone after Ukitake. It wasn't just the fact that they didn't know where Aizen and his followers had disappeared; it was the fact that someone as strong and experienced as Ukitake had been captured - even if it was because of something out of his control.

Everyone took the news hard; Juushiro was loved and well-respected to everyone in Soul Society - but no one took the news harder than Juushiro's lover, Kyōraku Shunsui. He had been devastated, not knowing what to do without his best friend by his side. They had been together for over two-thousand years and Shunsui wasn't ready to lose him yet.

Kyōraku had been sitting around his office, doing nothing but moping. He hadn't even touched his sake bottles, which caused great worry to everyone.

But, no matter how much Shunsui was suffering, nothing could compare to Ukitake's pain.


Juushiro fought against his restraints, but he was just too weak to do much. Physical strength had always been his weakness, relying on endurance in fights to gain the upper hand.

But now, Juushiro was cursing how weak he was with all his being.

"Let me go." Juushiro didn't yell - it was beneath him to raise his voice towards anyone. He stayed calm, trying to hide the fact that he was truly frightened; he knew he would not win a fight in this state, nor was running away an option seeing as he had no idea where he was.

"Why would we let such a pretty thing go?" the brunet known as Aizen Sōsuke teased. He reached out and grabbed Juushiro's chin, smirking at the way the white haired man pulled away.

"I won't ask again," Juushiro said, doing his best to hide the quivering notes in his voice. "Let. Me. Go."

"How. About. No." Aizen smirked, turning Juushiro's words against him.

Juushiro growled, not wanting to give up. But what choice did he have? Sogyo no Kotowari was nowhere to be seen and, without the Zanpakutō, there was no way he could last in a fight against Aizen. It was true his Kido was impressive, but it would not do much against three fellow Captains determined to bring harm to him.

Aizen laughed. It was a cold, unforgiving laugh that sent chills down Ukitake's spine.

The brunet got to his feet, a dark emotion burning in his eyes. He turned to his two accomplices, his voice harsh as he directed them. "Take him to his room and make sure he is well cared for."

Ichimaru Gin's ever-present smile never wavered as he moved forward with Tosen Kaname to hook his arms underneath the frail man's own. He dragged Ukitake to his feet, smiling wider as the weak struggle Juushiro presented amused him greatly.

Juushiro whimpered, unable to help himself; the pain of being forced along after such a violent coughing fit was hurting his already-tight chest. His legs shook, unable to support his weight, desperately needing the comfort of his futon before he collapsed and started drowning in his own blood.

"Why..." Juushiro coughed. He raised a hand to his mouth out of instinct and, when he pulled it away, it was sticky with blood once again. "...Why are you doing this...?"

Gin shrugged, humming in what Juushiro could only feel was a mocking tone.

Ukitake coughed again, the stress he was feeling making it worse for him. He didn't usually lose so much blood from a coughing fit unless it were a bad day.

"Aww, don't worry, Ukitake-San," Gin said, his voice thick with happiness. "I'll have Szayelaporro come in an' check ya over. We won't let ya die."

Juushiro closed his eyes, unable to believe that this was happening to him. He wanted desperately to be back in Shunsui's warm embrace, knowing that Kyōraku would never harm him.

Shunsui... Juushiro thought, holding back tears if frustration. ...Shunsui... Help...