Juushiro had been with Aizen for five days now, having endured beatings, rapes, verbal abuse and even been the test subject for a sick experiment of Szayelaporro's which involved being cut open so the pink-haired Espada could fiddle with his insides.

However, throughout all this, Juushiro was grasping desperately onto whatever kindness came from Aizen. He was doing his best to become obedient, wanting nothing more than to avoid all of the cruelty and instead receive the gentleness that was so scarce. He was currently lying naked in the brunet's bed, waiting for him to get out of the shower so that they could attend the meeting Aizen was holding.

The man rocked back and forth slowly, lying on his side with his knees pulled up to his chest. He mumbled to himself, his eyes wide and unfocused. He was unaware of how long he was in this position for before the bathroom door opened and Aizen stepped in, wearing nothing but a towel.

Juushiro's eyes instantly focused and he flinched, resting his face against his knees. "...A-aizen-sama..."

Aizen smirked and walked over, running his hand through the man's hair. "Have you been good while I was away?"

Juushiro nodded, too afraid to look up at Sōsuke. "...I... I-I waited, just like you told me to..."

"Good boy." Aizen nodded to himself before he moved over to his wardrobe and pulled clothing out. He redressed before he moved to the pale Shinigami's side and put a hand on the other's shoulder. He smirked as Ukitake tensed and shivered beneath his touch. "Get up. We're going."

Juushiro did as instructed, embarrassed greatly about being forced to attend the meeting without his own clothing. He kept his hands over his crotch as he followed behind Aizen, trembling. He was glad they didn't run into anyone on the way to the conference room, but that didn't change the fact that as soon as he walked in, eleven sets of eyes raked hungrily over his body.

Aizen didn't react when pale hands grabbed his shirt in a death grip, the emaciated body pushed as close as possible against his. He smirked and continued on towards his throne, the timid Shinigami clinging to him like a lifeline.

As the brunet sat down in his chair, he reached out and pulled the frail man onto his lap in a rough manner, pressing his chest against the scarred back. His hands moved to the man's thighs and spread them before he removed the one hand that had travelled back downwards to hide his crotch, revealing Ukitake to the Espada in the room.

"Don't move," Aizen hissed into the pale-haired man's ear. "Keep your legs spread or else I'll kill you."

Juushiro sobbed as he did as told. His heart raced as he fought the instinct to cover himself. He was aware of the way every single person in that room stared at him as if he were a piece of meat.

As expected, Aizen was more concerned with showing off his prize then he was with giving out demands. He had given a few missions to several of the Espada and talked a bit about the plan with Ichimaru and Tosen so that the Arrancar knew what was happening but, even through all this, his hand would occasionally wonder to Ukitake's personal parts, stroking him to life and bringing him to an unwanted release.

When at last the meeting was over, Aizen threw Juushiro onto the ground before he stood up, looking down in pity at the cowering male. He glanced at the Sexta Espada who had stayed behind, a smirk on his face.

"Grimmjow," Aizen spoke, beckoning the other over with his voice. "Grimmjow, do you want to play with my Juushiro?"

Grimmjow's face contorted into an expression of sick amusement. He nodded. "Fuck yeah!"

Aizen glanced at Juushiro, laughing softly at the look of terror on the pale face. He leant down and pulled Juushiro to his feet before he shoved the other into Grimmjow.

"Do what you will with him," Aizen instructed as he turned around to leave. "I will be back for him when I think you've had enough time."

Aizen ignored the screams of terror and pleas for him to come back, instead making his way to Ichimaru's room, knowing the younger had retired there for the day. When he walked into the room without knocking, he was just in time to find the silver-haired Shinigami changing into pyjamas.

"Going to bed so early, Gin?" Aizen asked, stepping closer to the younger until he was able to wrap his arms around Gin.

"Yes," Gin said as he slipped his shirt on. "Tirin' day an' all. Where's yer pet?"

"With Grimmjow." Aizen's tongue lapped at the pale skin of Gin's neck. "You know he's nothing to me. You're the only one I want. He's nothing more than enjoyment for me. He's just a game to amuse me."

"I know that," Gin replied, twisting in Aizen's arms so that he could kiss the older male. "It's funny watchin' ya break him."

Aizen didn't reply. He instead pushed Gin back towards the bed, ready to play Gin the same way he was playing Ukitake; it was strange how much a little act of 'kindness' could make someone trust their worst enemy.

Several hours later~~

While Aizen could no longer hear Juushiro's screams or cries for help, he knew Grimmjow was still doing whatever it was he was doing to the ill male. He climbed out of Gin's bed and gathered his clothing, dressing himself before he moved towards the location he had dumped Juushiro in.

When the brunet found Ukitake and Grimmjow, Juushiro was laying underneath the blue-haired Espada in submission. Tears ran down his cheeks but he didn't fight back; he just laid there and allowed the other to do what he wanted.

"That's enough, Grimmjow," Aizen said. When Grimmjow moved away from the white-haired Shinigami, the brunet leant down and grabbed Juushiro's hand. The frail Reaper shuddered and pushed himself up, pressing himself against Aizen's chest and wrapping his arms around his tormenter.

"You came back..." Juushiro sobbed, crying helplessly into the uncaring male's shirt. His hands gripped tight the white fabric, aware that he was in this situation because of Aizen, but only acknowledging that said male had put an end to this. "You care..."

Aizen smirked, knowing that Ukitake couldn't see this. He lied through his teeth, happy as could be as he ran a hand through dirty white locks. "Of course I care. We're friends, aren't we, Juushiro? Be a good boy and I won't hurt you as badly, but misbehave or try and run away, and I'll kill you and go after your precious Shunsui."

Juushiro nodded, pressing closer. Aizen wanted to laugh at just how pathetic Juushiro was when he spoke with a quivering voice, knowing that he had broken the older Shinigami. "We're... We're friends, A-aizen-sama... I-I won't run away... I'll be good... We're friends..."

"Good boy." Aizen picked Juushiro up and carried him out of the meeting room, aware of the blood that had pooled on the spot where Juushiro's rape had taken place. He took the sick male to Szayelaporro knowing that the more random acts of kindness he did, the more Juushiro would trust him.

As expected, when Aizen picked Juushiro up from the pink-haired Espada's experiment room an hour later, Juushiro clung to him, thanking him for sparing him kindness and treating his wounds.

Aizen just roughly threw the emaciated male onto the bed before aggressively pinning him down, wanting only one thing. Juushiro gasped and looked away, but he complied with Aizen's wishes – he even allowed himself to become aroused, knowing that it would make the man happy.

Soul Society~~


Shunsui slowly rolled onto his side, glancing at the door to his bedroom. His eyes displayed nothing but exhaustion and his voice lacked any of the happy emotion it usually held.

"Nanao-chan..." Shunsui was lifeless. He laid back down on the futon, his back to his Lieutenant.

Nanao sighed and moved to sit next to the lonely man. He had been so depressed, he left the futon for nothing except to use the toilet. He hadn't so much as sipped at his sake and his usual napping spot on the roof had been abandoned. In the man's arms was Juushiro's blue sleeping yukata, the one Nanao knew Shunsui had bought for him back at the Academy.

"It still smells like him..." Shunsui whispered, his voice cracking.

Nanao nodded and reached out, putting her hand on her Captain's shoulder. "I can't imagine what you're going through, Captain, but I'm always here if you need to talk."

Shunsui nodded. "I know... Nanao-chan... I... I miss him so much... It's... It's not the same... I can't... feel anything, Nanao-chan! Nothing except for the loneliness..."

"...I'm so sorry..." That was the only thing Nanao could think to say. "...I'm... just so sorry..."

Shunsui rolled over and rested his head on the woman's lap. "...Nanao-chan... Stay with me, tonight...?"

"Of course, Captain." Nanao offered a weak smile at the older Shinigami.

When Shunsui decided he was too exhausted to stay awake any longer, he allowed himself to fall asleep, curled protectively around his Lieutenant. While Ise had more trouble slipping into oblivion, she listened to the brunet mumble in his sleep.

Shunsui's cries and begs for Juushiro to come back were heart wrenching and, when Nanao felt the wet tears dampen the back of her nightshirt, she allowed her own tears to fall. All she knew was that something had to be done; Shunsui couldn't continue on in this state. He belonged with the love of his life; Juushiro.