Ep. 1. Frozen fury

"Melted Wax!" some Candlemon yelled, sending a bunch of wax at 11 years old Takuya Kanbara, who was in the form of the Warrior of Flame Agunimon. He got half-covered in the wax, sticking him to the ground.

"I c-can't move," he grunted.

"Come on! I w-wanna help," an 8-year-old boy with short-cropped mousy hair mostly covered by his pale orange pumpkin cap cried, looking desperately at a bulky white device that had a green grip – his D-tector. Next to him were a blond 11-year-old girl, Zoe Orimoto, and a chubby almost-13-year-old boy, Junpei 'JP' Shibuyama.

"Give it up, shrimp. There's no way you'll ever get a Spirit. I guess it's up to me," JP said as he began to press buttons on his blue and yellow D-tector.

The younger boy let out a huff, before jumping over the edge of the ice cave mouth they were at and sliding down into the river.

"Tommy!" Zoe cried out.

Tomoki Himi took off his pumpkin cap and filled it up with water from the river, which he threw at the Candlemon. "I will never be a scared little kid ever again! Lights out for you meanies," he growled, throwing more water at the Digimon.

Suddenly, light came from behind Zoe and JP in the ice cave, and a teddy bear shaped something zoomed past them and flew over to Tommy. It stopped in front of him and turned the top of the river into ice.

Tommy just gazed at it before his eyes widened for a moment. He smiled and made a grab for his D-tector, and pointed it at the object.

"SPIRIT!" he screamed as the bear came zooming at his D-Tector, entering it through the little red square on top that was the scanner.

Smiling, Tommy held forward his left hand as a ring of fractal coded data appeared around his hand. He dragged it against the scanner of his D-tector, yelling: "Execute" A strip of data came from his D-tector. "Spirit Evolution!" he yelled as the data looped around him and the bear shape appeared over him, the little boy getting completely covered in a fractal code cocoon. When it disappeared, in his place was a white bear not much bigger than Tommy had been, wearing some green armour-hard gear and carrying a blaster on his back.


"Kumamon, the Warrior of Ice," Bokomon said, looking at his book.

"Nice," Neemon giggled.

Kumamon ran forward and took in a big breath of air before jumping up as high as he could.

"Crystal Breeze!" he yelled and blew an icy gust from his mouth that froze three of the Candlemon.

Suddenly, a huge wave came from the river and covered everyone as the dream/memory abruptly ended and a girl's voice could be heard laughing…

"Aargh!" recently-turned-12-years-old Tommy screamed, sitting up and opening his eyes. He wiped the water off his face and saw that he was in his bed, in a somewhat familiar room. Eventually he remembered – it was his new bedroom! The one he had lived in ever since last Christmas.

Tommy turned and saw his 11-year-old cousin, Sakura Himi, laughing at him. Like Tommy, Sakura had forest green eyes but (unlike her cousin's) her short hair was auburn with some natural red streaks. She was dressed in her usual attire consisting of white wristbands, denim blue shorts that were turned up a little from the bottom, a white bandanna tied around her head like a sweatband that had her bangs hanging over it, and a black T-shirt with a navy blue horizontal stripe and likewise coloured sleeves.

In her hand, Sakura – or Sara as she usually was called – held a glass that had undoubtedly been emptied to her cousin's face. He glared at her.

Sara stopped laughing and smirked playfully as she said: "That was for staying up all night playing those stupid videogames. Mum said I have to wake you up so you won't be late." Her expression softened. "Good luck, what with everything that's happened and the new school."

Tommy nodded, smiling sadly. He knew perfectly well how to look after himself.

Sara marched out of the bedroom, leaving her brother-like cousin to hurry up getting ready. He jumped out of bed and grabbed his old pumpkin cap off the floor, placing it on his head backwards – something his role model Takuya Kanbara had always done with his own cap. Tommy grabbed a dark green backpack and threw in a Gameboy, some empty notebooks and a metallic pencil case.

For a few minutes he hesitated when he slowly took his old D-tector from the top drawer of his desk. The last thing Tommy needed at a new school was something to remind him of his times as the Warrior of Ice – he missed those times so much.

"I'll take it anyway," Tommy said to Sara's pet dog Max, who had come into the room and was looking at what his owner's cousin was doing. The puppy barked in what Tommy considered to be an encouraging little yap. Tommy lifted the device from the cupboard, before looking at his white digital watch and realizing he should hurry.

"Oh crap! I'm gonna be late!" he exclaimed, rushing to his closet.

Unknown to Tommy, Sara was in the kitchen calmly eating breakfast with her parents. They could hear the sounds of the other preteen in the apartment rushing about in his room. "Did you put Tommy's watch ahead again?" Mrs Himi asked.

"What makes you say that?" Sara asked in a seemingly innocent way as her cousin hurried out of his room and through the front door.

"No reason," Mrs Himi replied with a knowing smile, getting back to her breakfast.

Meanwhile, at another apartment complex…

An 11 years old boy with azure eyes and a messy mop of blond hair made his way out of his bedroom, his dark blue backpack loaded with things he would need for school. He wore a green and yellow turtle-neck shirt, a white fisherman hat, and green shorts. A silver rectangle-shaped silver pendant was hanging from a string and only reached just below the collar of his turtle-neck shirt. The blond had a bright smile on his face as he made his way to the front door.

"New neighbourhood, new apartment, same old lumpy oatmeal... Bye, Mom! I'll be leaving now," he shouted over his shoulder, slipping on his green sneakers.

"Bye, honey. Sorry I've been so busy these past few days. This article is more difficult than I perceived," she shouted back from inside of her office.

"Don't worry about it." Her son chuckled and made his way out the door. He walked down the hall to the elevators, and was somewhat surprised to be greeted by two other kids also riding the elevator.

One of them was an inch and a half taller than him. Her naturally lavender hair was held back by the blue bandanna she had on her head. She also was dressed in a light crimson skirt, a matching T-shirt over a red shirt, and knee-length socks with white and pale green sneakers similar in model to the male's. She was carrying a blue backpack and wore round glasses.

Her companion was a small boy with green eyes and short-cropped mousy brown hair that was neatly-combed. He was dressed in a simple violet turtle-neck shirt, grey trousers, and light brown shoes with a bit of white on them. On his back was a black backpack.

"Oh, hello," the blond boy said, stepping inside and pressing the lobby button to make the doors close. "I'm Takeru Takaishi and in 6th grade at Odaiba Elementary School. Call me TK. My mom and I just moved here."

The lavender-haired girl wearing glasses looked at him and smiled. "Hi, I go to 6th grade at Odaiba Elementary too. My name's Yolei Inoue." She pointed to the young boy as she continued: "This is Iori Hida, 3rd grade."

"You can call me Cody, that's what Yolei does. It's very nice to meet you," the brunette responded with a polite bow.

The trio made their way to school, Yolei and Cody chatting along the way.

When they were beside the brick wall that surrounded most of the school premises, Cody looked up at his neighbour/friend and asked: "Hey, Yolei, can you come to my place after school? My computer's broken again."

"Will your mum make those lovely chocolate brownies?" Yolei replied, smiling.

"I'll call her after school and ask."


TK couldn't help smiling after that conversation. Apparently, Yolei must know a lot about computers. This reminded him of Koushiro Izumi, or Izzy as everyone called him, one of his close friends who was a year older than him. If he or his friends had trouble with their computer, they always would ask Izzy to help.

As he entered the school grounds, TK passed by a group of boys and an auburn-haired girl around his and Yolei's age (Sara) playing soccer.

TK walked on and saw someone sitting on a bench before one of the main school building's walls. It was Tommy. He was playing his Gameboy, completely oblivious to the people passing by him.

Smiling in his usual cheerful way, TK decided to go say hi. "Hi, there. My name's TK, short for Takeru Takaishi. I'm new here. Who're you?"

Tommy looked up and grinned. "Tomoki Himi, but call me Tommy. I'm new here too. So you've recently moved here?"

"Yeah. Mum got a job transfer. You?"

Tommy's smile faded. "Parents died four months ago in a car accident. I live at my uncle's," he muttered.

"Oh. Sorry," TK said with an apologetic smile, feeling empathetic. He knew full well how it felt to lose someone, though he had been lucky enough to never experience the death of a family member.

Grinning again, Tommy said: "It's all right; my friends helped me to cope with it. I've got a cousin and she and I are like siblings so it's not so bad. And my friends often come visit from my old home area Shibuya or we go over there."

"Cool. I have close friends too. They live here while I lived away on my own with only one of them who was usually busy, but we all always try to meet up as often as we can."

"Sounds fun. Hey, what class are you in?"

The bell rang at that moment. Tommy shoved his Gameboy into his backpack and ran off, TK right behind him. They arrived at the door of classroom 6-D just in time, and were noticed by their first new teacher.

"Class, we have two new students joining us," the teacher said, gesturing towards the door.

Tommy and TK entered, removing their hats, and at once half the girls in the classroom started giggling and staring at them. In their opinion, the new guys were very cute.

Tommy sweatdropped, not used this kind of attention. He spotted his cousin rolling her eyes and chuckled lightly before bowing and introducing himself: "Hi, I'm Tommy."

"And my name is TK," the blond beside him said, also bowing.

"TK, you can go sit next to the girl with the camera hanging from her neck. Tommy, there's a free place next to your cousin," the teacher said, which made Sara smile gladly.

The new boys took their seats, coincidentally ending next to each other. The brunette with the camera smiled at TK. She wore a half-pink half-white tank top, matching pink fingerless gloves that nearly reached to her shoulders, and yellow shorts with a brown leather belt. Her short mousy brown hair was neatly combed with a red hairclip keeping her bangs out of her chocolate-ruby-red eyes.

"Together again," she said to TK as he sat down.

"Just like old times," the blond replied with a grin.

The lesson was soon in full swing, and Tommy sighed in boredom as he rested his head on his arms that he had crossed atop his desk. Maths was not his best subject.

Glancing at Sara, he saw that she, although just as bored as Tommy, was better at pretending to pay attention. The Warrior of Water was doodling into her notebook, but would glance at the board every now and then to make it seem like she was writing notes.

"So… bored…" Tommy muttered under his breath, half-hoping that his Beast Spirit Korikakumon would suddenly barge in to cause a commotion. He chuckled at the thought, making his cousin look at him oddly.

Tommy glanced at TK happily whispering with that camera-girl, hearing him quietly say: "Our teacher reminds me of Ogremon." In response, the girl laughed a bit.

Ogremon? Is that a Digimon? And if it is, how can TK and his friend know about them? Tommy thought, sitting up. He poked Sara's arm.

"What is it?" she asked, confused.

Knowing TK would probably hear him whisper, Tommy scribbled a note. 'Those two next to us know about Digimon. TK mentioned an Ogremon.'

Sara looked at the note in shock and then at her two classmates. They seemed to be working. "I'll investigate after school," she whispered to Tommy.

So once the last lesson was over, Sara burst in on the brunette and the blond when they were at their lockers before heading home.

"–been on the computer the whole time," TK was saying as he finished his sentence.

"Hey, you two," Sara said with a scowl, not bothering to be polite.

"Oh, hi, Sara," the brunette said with a friendly smile. She had been in Sara's class ever since 1st grade, but the two girls never interacted much. Sara knew her name was Hikari Kamiya, or Kari as she preferred.

"Hey!" another sixth-grader girl called as she ran in.

"Oh, hi, Yolei," TK greeted her.

"You're Hikari Kamiya aren't you?" Yolei inquired as she approached the other girl.

"Yeah, that's right," Kari agreed. "Why do you ask?"

"Well," Yolei paused slightly as she pulled out a folded sheet of paper. "Are you related to Taichi? He sent this e-mail."

Kari took a quick look at the paper, her face pulling downward into a serious frown. "My brother needs us," she stated.

They were all off to the computer lab and on the way they ran into a boy in a green and light grey high school uniform. He had short-cropped red hair and highly intelligent dark eyes.

"Koushiro!" Yolei exclaimed, surprised.

"Hey, Yolei," the high schooler said, "I'm glad I found you. I need to use the computer room right away."

"You mean the legendary former Computer Club President is actually looking for me?" Yolei swooned, "I'm honoured." Sara rolled her eyes, thinking Yolei must be a computer geek.

"What's up, Izzy," TK greeted the redhead.

"Tai sent us an urgent e-mail," Kari stated, stepping forward to show the older boy the paper Yolei had given her.

"Yeah, I know," Izzy said grimly, "I got one too."

Yolei then led them all to the computer room where Izzy set to work at one of the stations. "I was just about to send Tai an answer when the battery ran out on my laptop," Izzy informed them. "I knew I should have recharged it after I played trigonometry trivia on the Internet last night. But boy, talk about fun… I got 'em!"

"What's the Digital World?" Yolei inquired as Izzy sent Tai a return message. "Is that a new amusement park? I bet they have some great rides."

Sara stared at the backs of the other youngsters' heads with wide eyes. This guy knows too?!

"Hey, everyone," Yolei said to gain their attention. "I've got an idea! Let's all go to the Digital World!"

Just as Sara was about to ask how they can go when the Trailmon terminal under Shibuya Station was gone, the door of the computer room slid open with a slam that made the DigiDestineds and Yolei jump by surprise.

Sara turned around to see Tommy with a younger boy Yolei and TK knew to be Cody. They were whirling around to quickly shut the door, then turned their backs to it and slumped their shoulders as they panted heavily as if they had ran a mile.

When Kari looked like she was about to speak, the two arrivals immediately shushed her.

"Sh! You don't want them finding us, do you?" Cody said, albeit slightly calmly.

"Us? Don't ya mean me," Tommy muttered irritably, yet he was pale and glanced behind him at the door fearfully.

Sara frowned. Ever since their adventures in the Digital World, she and Tommy rarely got scared. So what could be the problem?

"What are you talking about?" Yolei asked rather loudly, only to get Tommy hiss at him.

"It's a longish story, and I really don't want to explain now."

"Will you two shut up! They're coming closer!" Cody said, being uncharacteristically rude. He had his head close to the door to hear from outside the door. This immediately had everybody silenced.

Just what is going on? What got those two so scared? These questions kept echoing in the others' heads upon their confusion.

The answer to the questions was soon answered by the rabid footsteps being heard from outside the room. The five youngsters immediately noted the stiffening in Tommy's and Cody's nervous body language.

"Come on! He's got to be this way!" A chorus of girls shouted at one another of getting to 'him' first and that 'he' was hers. Once the sounds of the girls and their footsteps were gone, Cody immediately slightly opened the door and peaked out the classroom.

"They're gone," Cody sighed in relief after sliding the door shut and slumping down. Tommy immediately slumped down with Cody and let out a relieved sigh. Sara, TK, Kari, Yolei and Izzy looked at the frightened duo with confused and amused expressions.

"What was… that all about?" TK asked, looking extremely amused.

When this was asked, the two of them looked at one another until Cody pointed at the now-blushing Tommy with a dead-panned expression.

"Those were–" Tommy shivered. "–fan girls,"

"Who were basically after Tommy," Cody finished.

Sara, TK and Yolei chuckled at this, while Izzy was doing something on the computer and Kari helped the two boys up. Tommy looked at Sara meaningfully, but she shrugged as a sign of not having learnt how TK and Kari knew about the Digital World.

"Back to what we were talking about, I wanna go to the Digital World," Yolei said.

"That's impossible," TK said as he, Kari and Izzy looked at each other. "Not just anyone can go you know. You need a digivice." TK and Kari held out their own digivices, which were identical. Izzy had an alike one attached to his light grey school trousers.

Sara raised an eyebrow, and lightly punched her cousin when he snickered. While Tommy had picked up a lot of little habits from Takuya, Sara had mostly picked up habits from Koji Minamoto, another one of the Warriors. This often led to Takuya joking that Koji was corrupting the formerly shy girl, which was the cause of many arguments, both mock and real, over the three summers the group spent together.

Those aren't like the ones me and the others have, Sara thought, slowly pulling out her turquoise D-tector that had an aquamarine grip. Tommy pulled out his too. The devices were noticed by Cody, but he didn't say anything since he assumed they were some kind of new Gameboys.

Yolei yelped loudly just as two coloured streams of light shot out of the computer screen that Izzy had been working at. The red light went straight to Yolei, the yellow one went to Cody.

Yolei's turned out to be a device the size of a simple-type Nokia cell phone, oval in shape and coloured wood brown with red grips. The screen was inside a spike cornered hexagon. Below the screen was a round toggle that had two buttons in the center. The top of the oval shaped device was flatter, and instead of an antenna it had a small red square in the right "corner" of the device, meaning that it had scanning abilities. Cody's was identical to Yolei's except dark chocolate with yellow grips. To Tommy and Sara, they seemed like smaller versions of D-tectors.

"Wow, what is this?" Yolei asked, showing hers to her role model who looked amazed.

"New digivices," Izzy stated, staring at them in surprise.

"I'm not waiting any longer!" Kari said, turning to the computer and raising her little pale blue digivice to the screen. Tommy, Sara, Yolei and Cody gasped when she suddenly disappeared into the computer monitor.

New way of getting there huh? Well I like the Trailmon a lot better, Tommy thought as TK walked up to the screen.

"I'm with you," the azure-eyed boy declared as he too disappeared into the screen in a flash of bluish white light.

"What the heck, might as well go too," Sara muttered, thrusting her D-tector towards the screen. Catching a glimpse of it, Izzy gasped. But Sara went by so fast he didn't have time to register what exactly he had seen.

"It's your turn, unless you're scared," Izzy said, turning to Yolei who frowned at that.

"I'm there," she stated determinedly and disappeared as well.

"Yolei!" Cody gasped, rushing over to the screen.

"Lets go together, Cody," Tommy suggested as he stood next to the younger boy, who looked up at him and nodded.

"Yeah," Cody said quietly.

"See ya in a moment," Tommy said with a grin, raising his D-tector and taking hold of Cody's hand as he did the same.

"Right, my turn," Izzy said and raised his digivice to follow the others.

It was a weird sensation. At first it felt like all the air had been knocked out of her lungs as a shock ran through Sara's body. It wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't exactly a comfortable feeling either. Then the air suddenly returned to her lungs. After another shock ran through her body, Sara could suddenly feel firm ground beneath her feet and realized that TK and Kari were standing nearby.

Sara frowned, muttering: "It's changed."

"What?" TK asked, turning around. When he saw her, he exclaimed in surprise: "How did you get here?"

"None of your business," Sara said rudely with a scowl as she marched forward. Then she leaned against a tree with her arms crossed and turned her head to see 'that geeky girl', her cousin and the other two boys come through.

They all started walking through the forest. TK, Kari and Izzy were holding their digivices; the palm-fitting objects showing seven dark grey dots together on the screen with an eighth dot about 50 metres away.

Suddenly, a loud scream came from nearby. Spinning around, the three DigiDestineds and 'tag-alongs' saw Yolei on the ground with green Digimon milling about around her. More of the little creatures were spilling from a vending machine.

"Numemon," Tommy muttered. Izzy looked at him from the corner of his eye and frowned.

"What are those things?" Yolei demanded, eyeing them with disgust.

"Digital monsters, Digimon for short. They live in this world like humans and animals do in our world," Izzy explained.

"Are all Digimon like that?" Yolei asked as she ran up to the group after she "escaped" the Numemon.

"Are they?" Cody asked nervously, looking over his shoulder in case another big group of Numemon would come at them.

"There are tons of others, a lot cuter than those," Kari said comfortingly. Sara rolled her eyes.

"And a lot scarier ones too," TK added with a smirk. Tommy snickered.

"Oh, just great," Yolei muttered sarcastically.

"Kari!" someone suddenly called out.

They quickly turned towards the voice as a 14 or 15 years old lightly tanned boy with every-which-way chocolate hair came running over to the group dressed in the same uniform as Izzy (except less neatly and with the blue tie missing). His eyes' chocolate colour matched the untameable hair, and he was wearing a pair of white-rimmed round goggles over a blue headband on his head.

"Tai!" Kari gasped, and ran to hug her older brother.

"What are these guys doing here, Kari?" Taichi Kamiya, or Tai for short, asked. He glanced at the newcomers curiously. Right behind him was a small yellow dinosaur-like creature known as an Agumon.

Just then a voice called out: "KARI!"

It was followed by someone calling: "TK!"

Both of the kids smiled as two Digimon hurried up to them from behind Tai and Agumon. "Patamon!" TK grinned as he hugged the orange and white guinea pig that had bat-wing-shaped ears. "Boy, am I glad to see you!"

"Patamon?" Tommy said in surprise, cocking his head and not noticing that Izzy again heard him. That's not the Patamon I know. Aw man, I kinda hoped it would be him.

"Gatomon!" Kari exclaimed, hugging the white cat Digimon who wore clawed gloves on her front paws. She then noticed something was missing from her Digimon friend and gasped. "Your tail ring! Tell me what happened."

At a cave nearby, Gatomon gave the explanation: "One day this bossy human appeared and began making Digimon into his slaves. He said 'I am the Digimon Emperor!'. I lost my tail ring fighting his minions off. He's got this strange new digivice that makes us unable to digivolve." The memories of the young male human appearing in the Digital World and one of his slaves, a winged unicorn called Unimon, stomping onto Gatomon's tail causing her to lose her tail ring appeared in her mind.

"Show her yours," TK said, turning to Yolei who nodded and took it out of her skirt's pocket.

"Like this one?" she asked.

"That's it! You work for the Digimon Emperor!" Gatomon cried out

Sara rolled her eyes as Yolei glared at the Champion. "What? I don't work for anybody!" the glasses-wearing girl yelled indignantly, "Besides, mine's not dark! I just got this thing when it came out of the computer!"

"So that's what we released," Agumon commented.

"What do you mean, Agumon?" TK asked, turning to the Rookie.

"We found that egg with some sort of new mark on it, and I tried to but couldn't pick it up," Tai explained, frowning and pointing at a small object at the back of the cave.

Everyone walked to it and Tommy thought the white object reminded of his Human Spirit a tiny bit. However, rather than resembling Kumamon, the egg-shaped thing had a white lion's mane on the top half with a tail wrapped around the bottom half. On the top was a single light turquoise kanji-like symbol – which Tommy and Sara recognized as the mark for the Element of Ice.

"Two different lights came out of it when I tried," Tai went on, crossing his arms and oblivious to the Himi cousins staring at the egg, "It weighs a ton."

How can something so small be that heavy? Cody wondered, looking from Tai to the weird egg curiously.

Elsewhere, a boy around Tommy's age sat in a very dark room with the only source of light being computer monitors. "Hmm, lets see. What should I test the intruders with?"

He pulled out a special keyboard from in front of him that had square buttons with red kanji marks on them, moving his fingers over them until he pressed one that released a roaring beast from its cage. "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo."

"Let me try," TK said, walking over the strange egg. He attempted to lift it, but it wouldn't budge.

"Move aside, this is a woman's job," Kari said as TK moved back to stand next to Tai. She tried to pull it out but sadly failed.

"Too bad we don't have a woman here to help," TK joked.

Then, resenting TK's comment, Yolei tried but she too failed. Cody stepped back to partially hide behind his friend, doubting he could lift it when the older kids couldn't. Izzy tried to lift it next, but had the same result as his friends. Smirking sarcastically, Sara tried to pull it joking that it had all to do with the physics. Unsurprisingly, she too failed to pick it up.

Being last, Tommy walked over to the egg and reached down to pick it up. Something in his jeans' pocket started glowing with a light turquoise light.

"Ahh!" Tommy gasped as he fell backward onto his butt with the egg in hand. He hadn't expected it to give way so easily! "That wasn't so hard. You guys need to work out more," the Warrior of Ice laughed.

"There's a problem," Tai yelped as light turquoise light started to stream from the hole.

"Great, now what?" Sara muttered as a bear cub Digimon came out from the light.

"Yahoo! Free at last! Free at last!" the Digimon cried out happily, jumping in circles around Tommy. "You moved the Digimental of Ice! My name's Bearmon, nice to meet ya!"

"Uhh… I'm Tommy," the Warrior of Ice said, blinking before a wide grin spread across his features. He had become friends with a Bearmon during his adventures.

"No offence, but aren't Bearmon supposed to have blue baseball caps?" Sara asked, making the DigiDestineds wonder how she could know that although they had never seen a Bearmon before.

Bearmon put a paw on his furry head and shrugged. "Don' know. Ne'er had one," he said just as rocks suddenly began to fall from the cave's ceiling.

"Come on, guys, that's our cue to get out of here!" Tai yelled.

"Right!" everyone said and followed the oldest boy out.

Everyone gasped at the large triceratops Digimon that came tearing after them, Tai and his group recognising it from their adventures. Tommy and Bearmon stumbled down as they got to the cave's mouth. "Monochromon?" the Warrior of Ice whispered to himself when he heard TK identify the dino, glancing at the Digimon trashing around behind him.

"Tommy, get down from there!" Sara's voice called out. Tommy turned back around and saw that everyone else were already climbing down the small cliff-like rock away from the rampaging Champion level. He grabbed his D-tector – which, to his surprise, had turned into the new model as it was what had glowed the second he was about to touch the Digimental.

But the Spirits of Ice wouldn't answer him!

"Come on! Execute!" Tommy yelled as he shook his D-tector, but it was no use.

"Volcanic Strike!" Monochromon suddenly yelled, firing a large fireball from his mouth at them. When it hit the rocks an explosion was the result, sending Tommy and Bearmon tumbling over the edge.

"Tommy! Tell me what hurts," Bearmon said after they hit the ground with a heavy thump.

"Everything," Tommy groaned, pushing himself up.

"Kari, you can't stay here!" Gatomon's voice suddenly cried out.

Tommy turned to look at the brunette girl some way ahead and saw her on her knees next to a tree, clearly having tripped on a large root. "I-I can't move my ankle," she cried out, trying to stand up on her poor leg but ended up falling back down.

"Tommy, open the Digimental!" Bearmon said frantically, "If you do, I can digivolve! All you have to say to open it is 'Digi-armour-energize!'"

Tommy stood up, refusing to feel scared and feeling the same determination that had allowed him to become the Warrior of Ice in the first place. "Right! Digi-armour-energize!" Tommy yelled, holding up the Digimental. Bearmon suddenly glowed.

"Bearmon armour digivolve to… IceLeomon, Frozen Warrior!"

"Armour digivolve?" Tai gasped while Tommy's eyes widened.

Standing in Bearmon's place was now a large white lion-man hybrid wearing black trousers and carrying a sword. To Tai's group he looked almost identical to their old friend Leomon, while Sara remembered having caught a glimpse of Takuya fighting an IceLeomon during their last trip to the Digital World. This one, however, had the mark of Ice on a large-ish belt he wore around his waist and a bit of armour on his arms and shoulders.

IceLeomon jumped in front of Kari and Gatomon to defend them from another of Monochromon's attacks. Tommy shook his head and quickly ran to his new classmate's side.

"Give me your hand," he told to her. Kari smiled gratefully and nodded. Tommy helped her up and Kari put her arm around his shoulders.

"Fist of Ice!" IceLeomon yelled as he jumped into the air and surrounded his fist with a lion's-head-resembling icy aura, before launching himself at Monochromon.

"Aim for the ring!" Gatomon shouted from where she was walking beside her partner. Immediately, IceLeomon angled himself so that the special attack hit the dark ring around the triceratops' middle. It shattered.

"ARRR!" Monochromon let out a loud roar before turning and running away.

"Hey! What about a thank you?" Yolei yelled at the retreating Digimon. IceLeomon chuckled and glowed, dedigivolving back into Bearmon as a beam of light turquoise light shot from him to Tommy's D-tector.

A light turquoise beam also went from the screen of the D-tector into Tommy's jeans' pocket. He put his hand into the pocket and pulled out something that looked like a PDA.

"That's a D-terminal. My friends and I have those too. A friend of ours gave them to us as parting gifts when we last were in the Digital World," Kari told him. She and the others stared at the new D-terminal, surprised that Tommy received one from his digivice. His Digimental was in a way gone, now inside the D-terminal.

"We did it, Tommy!" Bearmon cheered, running around the group.

"That was really brave, Tommy." Kari smiled as he helped her limp over to her older brother and friends.

"Thanks," the Warrior of Ice said with a grin. Wait 'til the others hear about this!

This kid knows how to act in times of danger, and he's really brave too. I'm sure of it, considering my Crest reacted to him the moment he stood up to Monochromon. Tai pulled his goggles off his headband, saying: "Well, as the new leader of the DigiDestineds, you're going to need a cool pair of goggles." He took Tommy's hand and placed them on the preteen's palm. "As we all know, the leader just wouldn't look right without them, so I want you to have mine."

Tommy looked at the goggles, feeling a little unsure. He then grinned happily, chirping: "Thanks!" Tommy took his pumpkin cap off and put the goggles on.

"They look cute. Actually, so do you," Yolei said, then blushed when she realized what she had just said. Everyone laughed.

Tommy gave his old cap to Bearmon. Strangely, the cap at once shrunk to a pale orange baseball cap.

"Huh. Can I keep it, Tommy?" Bearmon asked, looking up at the cap that was backwards on his head.

Tommy smiled as he crouched slightly down at his new partner, placing his hands on his knees and saying: "Sure."

"Now what do you all say we go home?" Tai suggested. Gatomon reassured them that the Digimon Emperor never showed up at night, so everyone nodded in agreement.

To be continued…

I'm putting the disclaimer here and it applies to every episode: I DON'T OWN DIGIMON! If you think I do, then I'd make the shows have a lot more even amount of boy and girl DigiDestineds. And I would give everyone equal strength rather than just the leader and lonewolf having great power.

Other than that, enjoy this fic. By the way, the DigiDestineds' clothes don't change when they go to the Digital World, since I never really understood that anyway. And Sara's voice is basically Rika's from Tamers, while Tommy's is Takato's.

Here's an important note about Adventure's ending to explain why they would go to Odaiba Elementary's computer room (which is where Tai had gone to the Digital World from in Ep.1. of my AU): When the 01 kids returned home on the carriage, there was a flash of light and they find themselves going through the computer's screen at Odaiba Elementary (Tai, Sora, Matt, Mimi, Izzy and Kari's school at the time) and land into a dog pile. Plus, Mimi still has her cowgirl hat.

I hope this'll be a great fic!